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Elbosoft Consulting, a leading provider of modern business solutions, is built upon three core pillars: management consulting, ERP software sales, and custom integrations. Our expertise in these areas enables us to empower businesses to navigate challenges, optimize operations, and drive growth effectively. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring their success in today's dynamic marketplace.

We specialise in People Counters for retail shops with data such as counter analytics, data visualisation and we also provide local support both on-site and online.

Kiril Manchev 208a, 1000 Skopje - North Macedonia

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We Offer

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Software Customisation

Software Customisation

Software Integration

Software Integration

Express Hardware Installation  Service

Hardware Installation Service

Reporting Consulting

Reporting Consulting

Reliable Best in Class On-site and Online Support

On-site and Online Support

Why Choose Us

Elbosoft Consulting has over 10 years extensive experience in retail business and data analysis. We can help you make the right decision using people counters based on facts and data and steer the company in the right direction using the right tools in the right time.

We guarantee:

Reliable best in class on-site and online support for various fields of expertise.

Competitive pricing and no hidden fees.

Expert technical advice to ensure the counters are used optimally in all use cases

Bundle Pricing

Special Offer!!!

Retail Package - 750 per store with ERP Integration*

*Three stores minimum