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סיסקאונט ספירת קהל וניתוח העדפות לקוח

SysCount is a company that specializes in people counting and analyzing customer preferences, SysCount It is a subsidiary of Sysmarter Technologies L.T.D specializing in information security and IT services. Our personalised team of experts provide bespoke end-to-end support from counter implementation to data visualisation to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible and that you maximise the value of the data provided by the counters.

Our partnership with FootfallCam ensures that you receive the leading products in the people counting market combined with local knowledge, expertise and support.

We Specialised in

SysCount L.T.D - People Counter Implementation and Local Support

People Counter Implementation and Local Support

SysCount L.T.D - Consultancy & Services

Consultancy & Services

SysCount L.T.D - Cloud & Platform Support

Cloud & Platform Support for Counter Analytics and Data Visualisation

We Offer

SysCount L.T.D - Local support

Local Support During the Operation of the Counters

SysCount L.T.D - Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

SysCount L.T.D - Retail Stores Formats

Retail Stores Formats

SysCount L.T.D - Customer Service Centres

Customer Service Centres


SysCount L.T.D - Zaga Kitchen

Zaga Kitchen

SysCount L.T.D - Caesar's Stone

Caesar's Stone

SysCount L.T.D - Delek Motors: BMW/Mazda/Ford/Lincoln

Delek Motors: BMW/Mazda/Ford/Lincoln

Why Choose Us

Syscount has the extensive knowledge and experience in computer and communication systems and security systems, the company has technical support and full nationwide deployment.