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VSDirect are a Brand and Marketing Solutions provider, specialising in the Retail sector we provide a full turn key solution. From Design, print management, storage and warehousing, Social media and online, Construction and bespoke fit outs, Digital screens large format and small including supply, installation and maintenance, Digital Out of Home Advertising, big data from facial analytics and targeted advertising to footfall and parametric sound campaigns and solutions.

2 Elmfield Industrial Estate ,Ninth lock road, Clondalkin ,Dublin 22

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We Specialised in

VSDirect - Retail


Shopping centres, stores, pop up shops

VSDirect - Telecoms


VSDirect - Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage

We Offer

VSDirect - Tech Hardware Supply

Tech hardware supply

VSDirect - Installation


VSDirect - Data Reporting Management & Marketing Support

Data reporting Management and Marketing supports based on data

VSDirect - Design


VSDirect - Print



Why Choose Us

Award winning Brand and marketing innovative awards, 2 years in a row. Passionate about what we do with a win win attitude, nothing is impossible !!!

Full turn key end to end solutions.

Nationwide coverage 24/7.

Dedicated team of customer centric professionals.

Proven history of partnership approach with large brands.

Site consultancy audits and independently verified testing and reporting.