PITS - Professional IT Solutions

PITS GmbH is an innovative IT service provider with a focus on digitalization and IT consulting. We emphasize innovation by combining traditional ways with technology, striving to recognize and exploit potential improvements in the clients industry.

Pieberschlag 36, 4263 bei Freistadt, Austria

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We Offer

software customisation

Software Customisation

software integration

Software Integration with existing ERP System

hardware installation

Hardware Installation Service

customer support

Customer Support

We Specialised in


Retail Stores

shopping mall

Shopping Malls


Fast Serving Restaurants

Why Choose Us

With our collective expertise in data analysis and process analysis pits GmbH offers exceptional services including;

On-site field service support, ensuring efficient solutions at your location,

A dedicated support team providing immediate assistance and guidance,

The above points underline pits GmbH´s commitment to delivering top-notch customer service in the people counting domain.