Professional Services

A portfolio of system maintenance and optimisation services, to unlock the full potential of FootfallCam system for a data-driven, optimised workflow.

Why FootfallCam

Helping Businesses with Value-Added Functions and Services

Every business possesses unique needs and operational intricacies. FootfallCam addresses this diversity by providing a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the distinct requirements of each customer. To achieve this, specific functions play a crucial role. Our partners play a pivotal role in maintaining the utmost data integrity for their local customers. This commitment sets them apart from competitors, who frequently lag due to the absence of comparable services. By prioritising these critical functions and emphasising data integrity, FootfallCam and its partners stand out in delivering an end-to-end solution that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

The Importance of Safeguarding Data Integrity

Professional Services Sought by Most Businesses

Ensure your system stays well-maintained with minimal effort

Professional Services - Proactive Monitoring with Automated Alerts

Proactive Monitoring with Automated Alerts

Automated status monitoring and system health checks utilise a built-in AI model to detect abnormalities. Issues are automatically tagged and categorised with suggested actions, serving as proactive alerts for efficient problem resolution.

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Professional Services - Accuracy Tunings

Accuracy Tunings

“Devils are in the details”. Details like "the art of drawing counting lines" and adjusting parameters significantly impact counting data accuracy. This specialised service demands as a specialist’s touch; it's not a task for a PC. Attention to these intricacies ensures optimal performance, underscoring the importance of precision in handling details for accurate counting data.

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Professional Services - Customisation for Your Operations

Customisation for Your Operations

Tailor the workflow to your business needs, customise with rules, automated alerts, and an operational dashboard. This minimises uncertainties in system maintenance, ensuring it stays in prime condition.

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