FootfallCam Care

Maximise the full value of your system and get the most out of your investment by ensuring it is properly set up and maintained at all times.

Icon - System Installation

System Installation

Ensuring your people counters are properly configured and setup

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Proactive Monitoring

Tools to help you with your device and data health monitoring

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Data Integration

Ready-to-use plugins available to integrate data into your BI system

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Data Training

Comprehensive training for all stakeholders tailored to their needs

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Stay Connected

Peace of mind with the access to FootfallCam Support Team

What is FootfallCam Care?

A comprehensive system maintenance and support service that ensures the upkeep of your FootfallCam products throughout their lifetime, designed to provide you with peace of mind.

FootfallCam Care

We’ve Got You Covered

Provides assurance that your system will be maintained in prime condition at all times.

FootfallCam - Installation and Support

Installation and Support

Installing our people counter is simple. We offer installation services through local partners. For customers with their own contractors, we provide training and remote support to their installers during site visits. Additionally, customers can use the FootfallCam Support Chat App for additional assistance during installation.

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FootfallCam - Proactive System Monitoring

Proactive System Monitoring

The people counting system must maintain 100% availability, offering business-ready metrics, while demanding minimal maintenance from IT personnel. It should be user-friendly for all stakeholders, requiring minimal training. FootfallCam offers proactive monitoring tools and established workflows to ensure system management and reliability for the next 15 years.

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FootfallCam - Integrating Data to BI System

Integrating Data to BI System

Integrating footfall and other data metrics into third-party BI systems like PowerBI is essential for businesses today to create a centralised view of analytics. We offer this system flexibility through API and other integration methods.

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FootfallCam - Data Analytics Trainings

Data Analytics Trainings

Each stakeholder may have specific uses for the data. We offer webinars and training to ensure all customers can fully utilise data from their people counting system. This includes understanding each data metric and extracting necessary business value from our provided software platform.

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FootfallCam - Support Helpdesk

Support Helpdesk

Support services and communications are managed through the Support Portal module within FootfallCam V9. Users access the portal to report issues with their people counting devices. FootfallCam support personnel diagnose and respond to reported issues directly through the portal, facilitating communication between users and support staff.

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“Maintaining my system's top condition is essential for my business, and FootfallCam Care makes it easy.”

A Retailer from United Kingdom
Start using FootfallCam since 2020

“Maintain your system in optimal condition”

Safeguarding Data Integrity in Retail - Alerts, KPIs, and defined workflows uphold the continuity of business operations.

Enterprise Graded System: Keeping Your Data in Prime Condition
FootfallCam - Maintain your system in optimal condition

Site Visit and Installation Services

Flexible deployment, choose your option.

Working with Your Preferred Contractors

Some businesses may choose to engage their own appointed contractors to handle the deployment, including the people counting system. FootfallCam offers support for your chosen contractors.

Pre-installation briefing and training

Remote support during installation or site visit

Post-installation onfiguration and setup audit

Complimentary service

Installed by FootfallCam’s Local Partners

Alternatively, FootfallCam provides installation services through our global installer network, available in almost all countries. This service is chargeable but hassle-free.

Installation planning and arrangement

Installation service with full support

Post-installation configuration and setup audit

Chargeable service

We offer a standardised FootfallCam Care template, which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.