Customer Stories

Since 2002, FootfallCam has manufactured and supplied people counting solutions to more than 500 global clients, installing tens of thousands of counters worldwide. Our clients range from small independent retailers to large global retail stores, from shopping malls to public venues and institutions. We have selected a few of them from different industries and countries, to show you as references here.

If you would like to get further insights into how a specific client type utilises our people counting solution, or if the industry or the type of client you’re interested in is not represented here, please contact us to find out more.

L’Occitane, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


L’Occitane have a requirement of standardising the data gathering process across their many bureau located throughout the world. FootfallCam is able to comply with this requirement through our specially optimised selection process. The process enables L’Occitane to extract and submit their sales data from their ePoS systems and integrate the data with the Analytic Manager provided by FootfallCam. L’Occitane is given a holistic over the performance of each individual store with FootfallCam.

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Bonmarche, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Bonmarché was compelled to seek a people counting solutions, to provide it the analysis and insight of consumers data for data driven decision making process. Bonmarché chosen to roll out FootfallCam as part of their business programs overhaul due to the unfavorably high costs of competing people counter solutions. The various reports generated by the FootfallCam, and the automated checks in maintenance gave Bonmarché the assurance they require in a functional and reliable system.

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T.H Baker, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

T.H Baker

As a jewellery store that is constantly affected by the market cost of raw materials such as diamond and gold, T.H. Baker is in need of a method to identify consumer behavior when prices of their offerings fluctuate. Knowing full well that the jewellery retail industry is highly competitive in terms of price and affordability, it is crucial for T.H. Baker to implement Footfallcam as their means of observing consumer behavioral trends.

Retail Stores
Talarius, Quiksilver, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Prior to the inception of Footfallcam, Talarius had no substantial method of receiving business insights. Talarius was unable to quantify the number of passer-by and potential opportunities they could have earned. Talarius was also unable to evaluate the usage of their gaming machines. Talarius had no method to review whether the store is offering the right mix of gaming machines that is attractive to the local demographics. With the increase in cost of operation, Talarius considered various people counter solutions in order to ensure that no resources are wasted, and no opportunities are lost.

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Fred Perry, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a high end clothing chain that experiences high volume of traffic at irregular interval. FootfallCam highly flexible and accurate counting algorithm allows Fred Perry to measure the incoming and outgoing traffic of visitors in many different circumstances. FootfallCam uses various video processing algorithm to count people moving in different groups, randomised directions, and baby carriages or other inanimate objects. Due to the variances in the store environment, FootfallCam dedicated engineers to fully support Fred Perry in optimising the configurations of the device to adapt to the current store environment and to maximise the counting accuracy.

Retail Stores
Gant, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Gant is a retail clothing chain operating globally. One of the many challenges Gant had prior to the installation of FootfallCam was quantifying their sales figure and determining which of their sites are performing well or under-performing. Gant was able to utilise the sales conversion rate to effectively justify whether their abnormally high visitor count is reflective on their sales. This enable Gant to review their pricing strategies that they offer to their customers. With visibility on the pricing strategy, Gant was able to determine and adjust their pricing solution to effectively attract more customers.

Retail Stores
Lacoste, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


As one of the larger retail clothing chain situated around the world, Lacoste needs macro view of all data in order to determine the effectiveness of their campaign, and their products. The main feature Lacoste used was marketing effectiveness to evaluate their distribution channel to determine how effective promotional advertisements are disseminated, in addition to evaluating how effective their promotions was, and whether the promotions justified the cost of advertisements with significant return on investments.

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Charles Clinkard, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Charles Clinkard

Charles Clinkard was independent and did not require support from FootfallCam. Charles Clinkard used their own installation practitioner with minimal support from FootfallCam. After the installation of the counter, the FootfallCam automatically recognised the environment and optimised its calibration to achieve the highest accuracy. The only form of support FootfallCam had conducted for Charles Clinkard during the installation process remotely by guiding them on the positioning of the counters only. The installation work of FootfallCam is minimalistic and simple that anyone whether they have technical expertise or not will be able to install the counter with ease.

Retail Stores
Chandler Library, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Chandler Library

Chandler Library had no method of determining the number of visitors that visit their library and was unable to quantify the usage of their facilities. This made requests for additional funding from the government difficult as Chandler Library did not have any method to justify their funding are wisely used by the community. With the inception of FootfallCam in their facility, Chandler Library had a measurable mean to calculate the popularity of their facilities and was able to present it to government bodies when requesting for additional fundings.

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Levis, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Levis is a retail stores operated throughout the entire world, in shopping malls, outlets, or as individual stores. Levis most prominently use FootfallCam to quantify the number of visitors that are entering their stores. With the capability to quantify the number of visitors that are visiting their store on a daily basis, with the additional option to import their own sales data from their ePoS to determine sales conversion rate.

Retail Stores
Jersey Pearl, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Jersey Pearl

Jersey Pearl is one of the largest jewelry chain through Europe. Jersey Pearl had used the marketing effectiveness report provided by FootfallCam to determine their channel of distribution for advertisements and promotional events. Jersey Pearl is highly competitive in the pricing they offer to their customers and rely on campaigns for a large portion of their revenue. With the insight to their marketing effectiveness which isolates three different time frame to allow A/B testing, Jersey Pearl can determine how well perceive their advertising efforts are.

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Reebok, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Reebok is an international brand known for its footwear. The feature that Reebok most prominently used is the outside traffic metric. With the outside traffic metric, Reebok was able to adjust their operational hour to better suit the potential outside of the stores based on the total number of passers-by. After the installation of FootfallCam, Reebok had realised that the shopping mall of one of their flagship stores experience an even higher number of visitors in the mall after closing hours, thus generating a high value in outside traffic. Reebok extended its store operational hour and subsequently increase sales conversion by 4%.

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Hamra Shopping & Tradding Co., people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Hamra Shopping & Trading Co.

HST utilised the traffic flow analysis report produced by FootfallCam to determine the movement pattern of shoppers. The other report that was utilised by HST is the zone analytic report which allowed HST to have a macro view of the engagement of shoppers inside the mall. With this knowledge in hand, HST could leased rental units accordingly based on preferred industries. With the inclusion of traffic flow analysis, HST could determine the common behaviour of shoppers and where they are most likely to travel to next after visiting one department.

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Forever 21, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Forever 21

Forever 21 was able to use FootfallCam to string all data back to their centralised server or GIT hub in their main headquarter for further analysis of the performance of all of their stores. Being a highly valued retail stores that are competitive globally, Forever 21 relied on centralised data reporting from all their countries to determine their current holdings and market positioning throughout the different countries. With this insight, Forever 21 was able to determine their failing points and how they should allocate their limited resources to penetrate competitive markets.

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Adidas, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Adidas used FootfallCam to determine the footfall traffic through their many stores at different locations, and different times of day. With the dwell time and visitor count data provided by FootfallCam, Adidas was able to ensure that staff schedules accurately reflect the demand by customers. By reducing the time staffs spend when they are not required in the store, and by deploying them when they are, FootfallCam provided Adidas with a cost efficient solution that allowed them to create a better experience for both the customer and the staff.

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Movie Animation Park Studio, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Movie Animation Park Studio

MAPS was sourcing for many footfall solutions. There were searching for the all-in-one solutions, where they could get a comprehensive all-rounded solution which comprises of collection of footfall data, analyzing of data, software with dashboard to showcase of information and convenience in accessing them. In search of the best one, MAPS approached us FootfallCam to know more of what we can offer. Several rounds of discussions and meetings was conducted in order for MAPS to better understand FootfallCam capabilities. MAPS undergone very careful considerations with their higher management on this project.

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Forus, people counting, people counter, footfall counter


Forus is a brands outlet that stocks many different brands under their name. For an outlet with multiple brands, it is imperative for them to have sales conversion figure to have insight into which brands which more popular. With the ability to determine how attractive each brands are per customers, Forus is able to allocate their resources on marketing efforts for brands that are underperforming. Additionally, Forus was able to view the flow of traffic with the inclusion of the Zone Analytic feature developed by FootfallCam. With the Zone Analytic feature, Forus was able to track the total number of engagement of customers per brand store in different time periods of daily, weekly, and monthly.

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