Discover a comprehensive solution that allows you to visualise and manage people counting data. Check out the pricing plans to find the one that suits your needs.

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V9 Free

This is suitable for companies that would require basic people counting data management, visualisation requirements


Complimentary software access for each purchase

Features you’ll love:

Visitor Count (In/Out)

Visitor Count (Kids/Adult)

Outside Traffic

Turn in rate

V9 Professional

Unlock premium content, extend your V9 system with more powerful analytics tools, and AI features.


/year for one account

Everything in Free, plus:

AI Models - Prescriptive models for operational optimisation

Big Data - Demographic Map, Weather, Retail Index

Predictive Analysis and Recommendations

Business Best-Practice Workflow Templates

*All users are entitled to one year of access to the Professional edition upon purchasing the system. If you choose not to continue the subscription at the end of the first year, you will still enjoy access to the Free edition, which provides the basic people counting metrics needed to maintain the system.

Features Highlight

All people counting and data analytics features, at a glance

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People Counting Metrics

V9 Professional

V9 Free

In/Out Counting

Measuring the number of visitors entering or existing a premise’s entrance

Staff Exclusion

5 exclusion methods to detect and differentiate staffs from in/out counting

Group Counting

Identify the number of “buying groups” to reflect the actual sales conversion

Multiple Line Counting

Determine the specific areas your visitors would navigate upon entering the premises

Child Filter

Differentiate between adults and children, with options to enable or disable the counting of children

Live Occupancy

Measure the occupancy of a premise at real-time

Facial Demographic Analysis

Capture facial attributes, for e.g.: Gender, Age group, Emotions and so on

Queue Counting

Queue wating time, queue length and serving time monitoring

Key Features of V9 (Free Edition)

V9 (Free edition) allows you to fully utilise the data insights of your FootfallCam devices

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FootfallCam V9 - Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards & Reports

V9 offers 60+ dashboards, each designed for specific use cases and instilling the best industry practices. They are also customisable to suit your needs.

V9 (Free Edition) provides a basic set of dashboards to help you utilise people counting data to fulfil your business requirements.

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FootfallCam V9 - PowerBI Integration

PowerBI Integration

All the metrics can be exported automatically to PowerBI, where you can combine them with other data sources such as sales and staff numbers.

V9 (Free edition) allows you to export key metrics, saving you a lot of time without having to define the aggregation formula.

Learn more about PowerBI integration
FootfallCam V9 - Data Management

Data Management

Device management, data aggregation, and data preparation are essential for ensuring that data is ready for business use.

The V9 (Free edition) provides all the necessary tools to ensure that your devices generate meaningful metrics for your business.

Learn more about Data Prepration