By Role

An unified software analytics platform designed for multiple stakeholders with different business needs.


People counting analytics enable CEOs to have a data-driven approach in managing their business operations, reviewing the overall performance from a macro view, making informed decisions, and maximising business performance and profitability.

  • CEO dashboard with real-time metrics
  • Company-wide footfall trend
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Setting company-wide sales target
  • Overview of store performance and KPI review
FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9 System Integration - CEO


Managerial personnel are able to leverage footfall data to optimise staffing levels, allocate resources effectively, and streamline store operations. Managers can also use the analytics to evaluate the impact of marketing initiatives, assess the performance of different store areas, and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Automated reports
  • Staffing optimisation and allocation
  • Regional and store KPI settings
  • Marketing campaign planning and ROI review
  • Evaluate sales performance and sales potential of individual stores
FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9 System Integration - Managers

IT Directors

IT Directors prioritise a people counting software platform that ensures data security, scalability, integration capabilities, reliability, customisation, data accuracy, advanced analytics, ease of use, technical support, and compliance. This enables efficient management of footfall analytics, seamless system integration, and strategic decision-making based on reliable insights.

  • Security and privacy compliance
  • Service-level-agreement (SLA) - System and data uptime guarantee
  • No vendor lock-in, future-proof with possible extension to other features
  • Integration to third party systems
  • Complimentary engineering hours
FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9 System Integration - IT Directors

IT Professionals

Efficiently manage and maintain systems with minimal effort. Complete visibility into the overall system health and ensure data availability. Proactively monitor and address any potential issues, ensuring smooth operations and minimising downtime to enhance reliability.

  • Proactive system health check
  • Data availability and data integrity
  • Automated alerts
  • User access control and management
  • Helpdesk arrangement
FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9 System Integration - IT Professionals

Data Scientist

Data scientists require a people counting software platform that allows for slicing and dicing of data, enabling them to explore and analyse footfall data from various perspectives and dimensions. This capability empowers data scientists to gain deeper insights, identify patterns, and uncover meaningful correlations within the data.

  • Detailed analysis of people counting data
  • Slice-and-dice
  • Data visualisation tools - Pivot tables, widgets, graphs, charts and etc.
  • Flexible data manipulation
  • Drill up and down with different data granularity
FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9 System Integration - Data Scientist

System Analysts

A system analyst seeks a people counting software platform that streamlines operation workflows, enables flexible business rules configuration, provides customised alerts and thresholds, offers AI-powered recommendations to improve resource planning, increased operational effectiveness, cost savings, and the ability to align strategic planning with business needs.

  • Workspace to automate operation workflow
  • Business rules settings
  • Customised thresholds and alerts
  • AI recommendations to optimise workflow efficiency
  • Maximise business potential with minimal costs
FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9 System Integration - System Analysts