Analytics Manager V9: Enterprise Grade Software Platform

Robust, Scalable, Intelligent Software Platform for People Counters and IoT Devices

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9™

FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™ is an enterprise class software platform with web-based control panel to collect and manage data, visualise the data and business metrics with a set of prescriptive dashboard and reports. FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™ provides the full analysis of traffic data for individual stores and across multiple store locations, regions and the entire chain.

Configure, Action and Review

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9™ provides customisable workspace for businesses to plan and set target, real-time dashboard for business actions and KPI reports for management to visualise, measure and review the performance based on the data metrics available.

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Customisable Workspace

With over 20 types of widgets and over 40 data metrics available, the custom report builder helps businesses to customise their own dashboard and report set based on their business use cases. It also provides flexibility in analysing the data where businesses may drill up and down the report into different granularities and time intervals.

Discover the Extra Features

Health Check Monitoring

Automated system alert to ensure data uptime.

Data Integration

Intuitive interface to integrate with any third party data platform.

Support Ticketing

Built in support module to raise issues directly to FootfallCam.

User Access Management

Multiple user access levels, with Single Sign-On and Active Directory.

Report Scheduler

Automate the sending of reports to different stakeholders.


Over 15 different languages available for users from different countries.


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