For store staff to wear on chest area

FootfallCam Pattern Staff Tag™

  • Unique pattern designed recognizable by FootfallCam counters
  • Privacy and Security: Identification Anonymize
  • No wireless emission and battery maintenance
  • No training and disturbance of staff routine
  • Safe and easy to use: PII compliant
  • FootfallCam in-house Manufactured: Made in the UK

About this item

FootfallCam Pattern Staff Tag™ comes with a unique pattern which is only recognizable to FootfallCam 5D Pro, 3D Max2, 3D Max and 3D Plus2 counters. Using the latest in image processing technology, the counter will exclude any person wearing the tag from being counted.

To promote privacy and security, the counter anonymizes the staff exclusion tag’s identification so that it is not traceable.

FootfallCam Pattern Staff Tag - Staff Exclusion Using AI Video Analytics

Staff Exclusion Using AI Video Analytics

FootfallCam Pattern Staff Tag™ contains a unique pattern for staff members to be excluded automatically from counting using the latest image processing technology of our People Counters.

Product Specification

FootfallCam Pattern Staff Tag Specification

Technical Details


FootfallCam 5D Pro™

FootfallCam 3D Pro2™

FootfallCam 3D MAX 2™

FootfallCam 3D MAX™

FootfallCam 3D Plus 2™


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70mm (W) x 100mm (L) x 3mm (H)