FootfallCam Mesh Hub

Networking Gateway for IoT Devices

Connect Up to 50x FootfallCam IoT Devices

Facilitate Mesh Topology with Daisy-Chaining

Secured BLE, Ethernet, LoRa and 4G connections

Provide Data connectivity and power to IoT devices


FootfallCam Mesh Hub™

With the FootfallCam Mesh Hub™, a Network Gateway for IoT Devices, you can effortlessly connect up to 50 IoT devices and establish seamless connectivity to our cloud solution. Designed primarily as a Network Gateway for FootfallCam IoT Devices, it also has the flexibility to work with third-party sensors, with multiple network connectivity options, including Bluetooth, RS485, Ethernet, 4G, LoRa and BACnet. This ensures compatibility and easy integration with a wide range of IoT devices, allowing you to create a robust and efficient network ecosystem.

FootfallCam People Counting System - FootfallCam MeshHub
FootfallCam Mesh Hub - One Mesh Hub, for All Communication Distances

One Mesh Hub, for All Communication Distances

Supporting various network connectivity options across all distances, from local to global, to collect data from IoT sensors and send it to a central server.

Icon - Mesh Hub Essential (RS485 + BLE)

Mesh Hub Essential (RS485 + BLE)

Mesh Hub Essential is ideal for projects with IoT sensors that require continuous sensing data, RS485 series connection is a reliable and cost effective option to fulfil this requirement.

Suitable for: Offices and Washrooms

Icon - Mesh Hub Ethernet (LAN)

Mesh Hub Ethernet (LAN)

It is the go-to choice for office and building deployments. Its reliable and high-speed Ethernet connectivity ensures seamless data transmission between IoT devices and the central server, catering to the needs of diverse applications.

Suitable for: Offices and Buildings

Icon - Mesh Hub LoRa

Mesh Hub LoRa

Designed to support estate-wide connectivity across multiple buildings in the same vicinity and public washrooms scattered around various locations, all captured data can be uploaded to a central server via a LoRa gateway.

Suitable for: City, Universities and Washrooms

Icon - Mesh Hub 4G

Mesh Hub 4G

Provides the flexibility to maintain an independent network layer without the need to navigate through corporate network layers or install dedicated network points at each application location.

Suitable for: Buses and any applications that requires standalone network

Key Features

Can be daisy-chained

Supports a series connection via RS485 connectivity

Multiple Network Variants Available

Bluetooth, LoRa, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and 4G connectivity

One gateway, Supports 50 devices

Can connect up to 50x FootfallCam IoT Devices to the cloud solution

Extra Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption, support stable voltage supply for daisy chain 50 units of IoT devices

LED indicator

User-centric LED indication device status, which facilitates the diagnosis of gateway status

FootfallCam Mesh Network

A standalone network layer, doesn’t compromise your corporate security

Network Topology

Mesh Hub and IoT Devices Network Topology

An IoT gateway, serving as a central hub, seamlessly connects IoT devices, enabling communication and data processing, facilitating device-to-device and cloud interactions for a wide range of applications.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Mesh Hub Cable and Network Topology

Network Communications Supported

One Gateway, Multiple Connectivity

The Mesh Hub™ supports downstream connectivity options such as Bluetooth, RS485, and BACnet, while offering upstream connectivity options including 4G, Ethernet (PoE), and LoRa.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Mesh Hub Cable and Network Topology

Use Cases

Designed to accommodate diverse business scenarios

IoT Gateway for All Projects

Mesh Hub™ serves as a centralised network gateway for IoT devices, demonstrating its effectiveness in various settings such as city areas, offices, universities, buses, and washrooms.

Smart City
Smart Campus
Smart Building
Smart Bus
Smart Washroom

Smart City

FootfallCam Mesh Hub - Smart City

Smart City

The Mesh Hub™ functions as a crucial IoT gateway in Smart City projects. It efficiently connects diverse IoT devices, such as sensors and people counters, across various locations within the city.

Supporting a wide array of connectivity options like LoRa and Ethernet, it ensures seamless data transmission to the cloud, enabling comprehensive data analysis and management for improved urban planning and services.

Smart Campus

FootfallCam Mesh Hub Smart Campus

Smart Campus

Mesh Hub™ provides a vital solution for universities and colleges seeking to connect people counters and IoT devices across multiple floors and buildings within their campus.

Mesh Hub LoRa™ enables seamless data transmission to the cloud via a LoRa gateway.

Smart Building

FootfallCam Mesh Hub Smart Buildiing

Smart Building

Mesh Hub™ unifies all IoT devices (such as FootfallCam 3D Mini, FootfallCam Space Sense, DeskTag, and RoomTag) in a standalone network layer through Bluetooth and RS485 connectivity. This eliminates the need to piggyback on the corporate LAN or WiFi network.

The Mesh Hub uploads the collected data to the cloud solution using an Ethernet connection.

Smart Bus

FootfallCam Mesh Hub - Smart Bus

Smart Bus

The Mesh Hub™ is designed to connect FootfallCam 3D Mini devices on buses using RS485 series connections.

Mesh Hub supports 4G connectivity, enabling the direct upload of data from the devices to the cloud solution via the 4G connection, eliminating the need for an on-board router. This streamlined setup ensures efficient data transfer from buses to the cloud solution.

Smart Washroom

FootfallCam Mesh Hub - Smart Washroom

Smart Washroom

The Mesh Hub™ is ideal for washrooms across buildings, connecting FootfallCam 3D Mini devices via RS485 daisy-chained links for effortless cloud data upload.

The Mesh Hub LoRa™ also provides a practical solution for managing data from scattered washrooms. This upload is made possible using a LoRa gateway with LoRa connectivity, ensuring efficient data transfer.

Works with FootfallCam People Counters and other IoT Devices