Flexible workplace screen on every desk

FootfallCam Desk Tag™

  • Easy to Install, Integrate and Maintain
  • Advanced battery saving chipset and display
  • Allow visual feedback on shared desk space and hot desks
  • Wireless 2-way communication for Booking and Check-In
  • Customizable layout and content

About this item

FootfallCam DeskTag™ is equipped with an electronic paper display, the image holds without single power consumption. The extremely low power consumption technology design on Desk Tag™ is an environmentally friendly product that not only offers the lowest maintenance cost, it also provides an effective workspace for users by showing the live availability of the current occupancy. As part of the smart office management solution, Desk Tag™ shows booking status on the 2.9inch display.

FootfallCam Desk Tag - Benefit of Hot Desking

Benefit of Hot Desking

As part of a long-term real estate strategy for flexible office space, desk booking gives employees the ability maximise the time they have in the office by reducing the need to find an empty workspace.

Allow employees to manually check-in by scanning the QR code on the Desk Tag™. Ensure that the facilities on offer are being used, where in the event of a “no-show,” there is also the option of reassigning the space to other workers.

The FootfallCam Desk Booking System saves time for businesses and employees alike, helping to improve staff satisfaction and promote an agile working environment.

Cost Effective Wireless Display Tag

No cabling is required, no technical skills required. The Desk Tag™ can be placed, peel-and-stick, or mounted on a desk. The Desk Tag™ is specifically designed to be used in the workplace with highest quality with reliable components for power saving optimization, and thus reducing the maintenance cost of having to change the battery frequently. By integrating with FootfallCam Desk Booking App, users can scan the QR code for booking and check-in any places. This is designed with sturdy protection and mounting to suit any public and shared occasion.

FootfallCam Desk Tag - Cost Effective Wireless Display Tag

Why Desk Tag?

FootfallCam Desk Tag™ is specially designed to display live status for Desk Booking. It is important to know whether a workspace is available by viewing from a distance. Our tri-color electronic paper display shows the status of the desk to support flexible workplaces effectively.

FootfallCam Space Sense - Peel And Stick

Ultra wide viewing angle

175 degree

FootfallCam Space Sense - Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensor

RF up to 50m radius

FootfallCam Space Sense - 4+ years battery life

4+ years battery life

Low Maintenance

FootfallCam Space Sense - Anonymous Data

Durability Design

FootfallCam Space Sense - Lightweight

Splash & Dust Resistance

Suitable for Office and Library

Office Area
Office Area
Library Area

Product Specification

Technical Details

Screen Size

2.9 inch (Diagonal)


White casing (By Default)


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Operation Temperature

0°C - 50°C

Battery Life Time

Up to 4 years*


2 x CR2450 (Replaceable Batteries)

Display Area

67mm x 29mm

Display Colour

Red, Black & White

Display Mode

Dot Matrix Display


400 (H) x 300 (W)

Pixel Pitch

0.212mm x 0.212mm


Multi-Language Available