FootfallCam Depth Sense

Time-of-flight Utilisation Detector

Real-time Data Processing

Water and dust resistance

4+ Years Battery Life

Wireless Configuration with Bluetooth

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FootfallCam Depth Sense™

FootfallCam Depth Sense™ is an electronic device which is mounted to the inner lid of bins to monitor the bin fill-level in real-time. Each device is connected to the FootfallCam people counter receivers through Bluetooth (BLE) wireless network. The data received is transmitted to the FootfallCam Analytic Manager V9™ software for usage computation. The analytic results are displayed on a dashboard allowing users to monitor bin fill-level remotely. The receiver can communicate up to 50 FootfallCam Depth Sense™ within a 20 metres unobstructed radius.

Engineering Excellence

FootfallCam Depth Sense - Measure Bin Fill-Level in Real-time

Measure Bin Fill-Level in Real-time

FootfallCam Depth Sense™ use Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle to detect the fill-level of each waste container. This allows staff to perform remote monitoring and trigger task alerts whenever the bin container is full or reaches the threshold, improving labour efficiency while ensuring the SLA to keep premises clean.

FootfallCam Depth Sense - Cost Effective Wireless Sensor

Cost Effective Wireless Sensor

No cabling is required. The Depth Sense can be mount under a lid of bin by any facility staff using secure, damage-free peel-and-stick adhesive strips, no technical skills required. The sensor is specifically designed to be used in the enviroment with highest quality and reliable components for power saving optimisation, and thus reducing the maintenance cost of having to change the battery frequently.


FootfallCam Depth Sense - Peel-and-stick


No cabling is required. Using secure, damage-free peel-and-stick adhesive strips

FootfallCam Depth Sense - 4+ years battery life

4+ years battery life

Advanced battery saving design for lower power consumption

FootfallCam Depth Sense - Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensor

Wireless sensor with up to 20m radius Bluetooth (BLE) range

FootfallCam Depth Sense - Lightweight


Extreme lightweight design, can be easily applied onto any surface

FootfallCam Depth Sense - Splash & dust resistance

Splash & dust resistance

Resistance of moisture environments



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