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FootfallCam 3D Plus™ People Counter

Our people counter is engineered with reliability and efficiency prioritised in every function of the device. Every aspect is designed with attention to detail, to ensure that our counters provide the most accurate, most reliable, and most cost effective solution that the market has to offer. As the manufacturer, we ensure that only top-grade materials are used in order to offer you a high quality and long-lasting people counting system.

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Knowledge Base

FootfallCam provides 4 types of power cable to the international customer:

  • A. UK plug
  • B. US plug
  • C. EU plug
  • D. AU plug
Users that are looking for other type of power cable will need to source from their local country, or they may choose from one of the power cable above that is compatible in their country.

FootfallCam ensures that the accuracy level of our counters are at least 95% with video proof, provided that the user applied for the verification service by FootfallCam.

The height requirement for using FootfallCam is that the ceiling height is between 2.1metres to 4.5metres. If your ceiling is taller than 4.5m, we offer drop poles that can be used to install the counter at the correct height.

The counter does not have artificial intelligence to recognize a person by facial features, nor can it distinguish between customers and staffs by sight. We have developed the exclusion line feature which will nullify the counting of a certain pathway. While the counter cannot distinguish staff from customer by facial feature, it can completely void the counting of staff if they use a specific entrance. Alternatively, we have developed the staff exclusion kit to exclude the counting of staff in a retail environment.

We are compliant with the current privacy regulations and work towards further compliance and upholding of the privacy of individuals. Under the GDPR regulations introduced in 2016 and implemented in May of 2018, there are several exceptions that apply to the manner of handling data responsibly, such as anonymisation.

  • Recital 26 of the GDRP dictates that the regulation applies to information concerning an identifiable person. Information that is rendered anonymous and untraceable through irreversible pseudonymisation and unidentifiable to the person are not covered by this regulation. Furthermore, anonymous information processing such as for statistical purpose are too not liable for regulation by GDPR, which is the usage of FootfallCam.
  • In Chapter 2, Article 6, Clause 4-e; Chapter 4, Article 25; and Chapter 4, Article 32, Clause 1-a highlights the compliance with the regulation through irreversible pseudonymisation and encryption of the data, such as through data minimisation.

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