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Enhance Your Product Offerings with the FootfallCam People Counting System

Some of FootfallCam’s appointed Technology Distributors

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For Established Retail Service and IoT Distributors

Welcome to FootfallCam's Partner Program for Technology Distributors.

If you're an established company reselling industry-related products, such as EPOS and EAS for Retail System Providers, or IoT sensors and LoRa gateways for IoT System distributors, partner with us to enrich your product portfolio and seize new opportunities. By collaborating globally with a network of technology partners, FootfallCam delivers exceptional software and maximises business value for new, existing, and mutual customers.

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Why Partner with FootfallCam?

By becoming a part of FootfallCam's Partner Program as a Technology Distributor, you will gain significant advantages:

  • Our comprehensive product range features distinct counting technologies tailored for various business use cases, ensuring solutions meet specific needs.
  • This equips you to increase revenue streams and secure a broader range of projects by effectively addressing project requirements through an extended product portfolio.
  • You will have cross-selling opportunities at your disposal, enabling you to expand your client base for sustained growth.
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Partner’s Responsibilities

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Deliver the Best Solutions to Your Clients Together

Local Order Fulfilments

Local warehousing with ready stocks, able to handle local delivery to clients.

Local Sales Supports

Experienced and proficient in presenting to potential clients with the right value proposition.

Local Maintenance

Looking after the system maintenance, site visits, RMA request handling and so on.

FootfallCam‘s Supports

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Deliver the Best Solutions to Your Clients Together


FootfallCam offers extensive sales support to its partners, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to effectively pitch projects and secure successful deals.

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Comprehensive marketing support will be provided to our partners, encompassing various aspects such as SEO optimisation for digital marketing, website building to enhance local online presence, and more.

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Dedicated technical support will be offered to our partners, ensuring our partners are receiving prompt assistance, guidance, and expertise to effectively implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the FootfallCam solution.

What’s Next?

Get in touch with us for more information about becoming a FootfallCam partner.

Success Stories

Partners thrive with our mutually beneficial collaboration

New Zealand

“Enhanced our product offerings with FootfallCam's diverse counting technologies.”

Hong Kong

“Boosted our revenue as we’ve managed to secure more projects.”


“We’ve expanded clientele through effective cross-selling opportunities.”

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