Supporting Our Partners

Gain Benefits Across All Project Aspects with FootfallCam's Comprehensive Tools

Helping Partners to Save Time and Reduce Risks

Time is a critical factor for system integrators, directly impacting project profitability. At FootfallCam, we understand this challenge and are dedicated to supporting our partners in delivering projects on time and within budget. Drawing from our extensive experience in people counting projects, we offer the following tools to our partners, free of charge. These tools include a proven workflow that streamlines the onboarding process, reducing the learning curve, and allowing for the efficient management of multiple projects from a single view.

What’s Next?

If you’ve onboarded as FootfallCam Partner

If you’ve onboarded as FootfallCam Partner,

You may want to explore the tools that FootfallCam has provided exclusively to our partners, helping them in every aspect of their projects.

If you are deploying FootfallCam devices

If you are deploying FootfallCam devices,

Install our Installation App, which includes guided steps for setting up devices and conducting post-installation testing.

Partner Portal

"Lacking support often caused delays and confusion. We had to figure everything out on our own, leading to unnecessary stress and time. FootfallCam's tools have been a game-changer, streamlined our workflow for more efficient deployments."

- A satisfied FootfallCam Partner.

Site Planning
Device Management
Billing System

Site Planning

Site Planning

For System Design and Project Planning

Our detailed preplanned floor plan designs with precise device and area configurations aid system design and project planning, ensuring a straightforward implementation process.

Device Management

Device Management

Device Management Hub

Efficiently oversee your devices across multiple projects, ensuring smooth operations with proactive monitoring. Remotely monitor their status for timely issue responses.

Billing System

Billing System

Systematic Billing Management

Efficiently manage billing by centralising customer accounts and maintaining detailed ordering and service activation records, including individual business units. Streamline your billing processes with FootfallCam.

Key Highlighted Tools

Empowering our Partners: FootfallCam Tools

  • Site Planning
    Detailed preplanned floor plan designs with device and area configurations.
  • Device Management
    Remotely monitor the status of all of your devices across multiple projects.
  • System Configurations
    Conduct remote reviews and implement configuration changes across all your projects.
  • Billing System
    Maintaining ordering and service activation records, while centralising customer billing, including their individual business units.
  • Leads Registration
    Safeguard your leads against competition from other channel partners.
  • Document Archive
    Knowledge base library archive containing marketing, sales, and technical resources exclusively accessible to our partners.
  • Support Ticketing System
    Issues tracking, diagnosis and resolution with FootfallCam Support, within SLA.

Installation App

Exclusively for our deployment partners. Contact our team member to obtain the latest copy of the Installation App.

Empowering our Partners: FootfallCam Tools

Installation App
  • Onsite Installation
    Connect to the device via BLE or WiFi, then directly tune and perform a walk test while walking under the device.
  • Live Support Chat
    Time limited access to only certain non-critical sections of the system configurations.  
  • Installer Access Control
    Time limited access to only certain non-critical sections of the system configurations.  
  • Installation Logbook
    Record the work that has been done to enable clear, error-free billing.