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Bringing “Values” to Your Customers Together

Partnering with FootfallCam offers many benefits, including access to our knowledgeable support team and comprehensive marketing strategies. Committed to being your region's sole people counting technology provider, we prioritise customer success through customer-centric solutions that add values to businesses. Join us for access to expert insights, tailored technology, effective marketing, enhanced incentives, and comprehensive support. Together, we aim to unlock your business's full potential for mutual success.

Just Exploring?

If you are a Business Consultant

If you are a Business Consultant,

You may be in the initial stages of exploration; why not have a quick chat with our friendly sales consultant?

If you are a Technical Consultant

If you are a Technical Consultant,

You may have some technical questions in mind, let's have a brief chat to draft a budget-friendly system solution. No sales calls, just answers.

FootfallCam’s Partner Benefits

Why Partner with FootfallCam



We offer extensive sales support, equip our partners with the necessary tools and resources to effectively pitch projects and secure deals.

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We offer comprehensive marketing support, including SEO optimisation, website building for local online presence, and more.

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We offer dedicated technical support for effective implementation, troubleshooting, and maintaining FootfallCam solutions.

  • Go-To-Market plan
    Collaborate with FootfallCam to define targets and access resources for success.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Win more bids with a partner profile, AdWords campaign, outbound email strategy, and elevator pitch.
  • Initial Enquiries
    Explore materials and tools like market planning, document sharing, and support resources through our partner portal.
  • Proposals
    Utilise FootfallCam's proposal template and receive support for system design, deployment, and technical helpdesk.
  • Project Deployment
    Manage customer and installation projects, receive technical support, and optimise device performance with our support portal.
  • Support & Maintenance
    Access recurring revenue streams through support contracts and receive technical helpdesk, field services, RMA handling and customer training.

What Our Partners Say

Partner Voices: What Our Partners Have to Say

Enhanced Our Product Offering With FootfallCams Diverse Counting Technologies

New Zealand

“Enhanced our product offerings with FootfallCam's diverse counting technologies.”

Boosted Our Revenue As Weve Managed To Secure More Projects

Hong Kong

“Boosted our revenue as we’ve managed to secure more projects.”


Explore sales opportunities like reselling our products or becoming a Channel Partner? Our consultant is available for a chat.

Legacy System Support

Legacy System Support: Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing Infrastructure

The FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9™ software platform offers an open architecture, allowing seamless integration with your legacy system and existing data from various third-party people counting vendors. Whether you're using Brickstream, Irisys, Xovis, V-Count, or other people counting providers, our software effortlessly supports and integrates data from multiple sources, providing you with a comprehensive and unified view of footfall data.

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FootfallCam Partner Program for Installers

“Discover the benefits of partnering with FootfallCam to generate an extra revenue stream, fully backed by FootfallCam’s support for all your projects.”

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