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For CCTV and Security System Contractors

Welcome to FootfallCam's Partner Program for Field Service Contractors.

Whether you're an experienced electrician, a well-established company providing CCTV and security systems, or even a field service contractor looking to expand your client base and service portfolio, partnering with us means supporting FootfallCam's customers in their project deployments and becoming part of our trusted rollout network. Through a strong collaboration with our global installer network, FootfallCam empowers partners to offer an extended array of services to our clients, unlocking revenue growth opportunities and solidifying their status as preferred FootfallCam installers.

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Why Partner with FootfallCam?

By becoming a part of FootfallCam's Partner Program as an Installer, you will gain significant advantages:

  • Expand Your Client Base - Access new leads and potential customers through FootfallCam's network, collaborating on installations and support for people counting projects.
  • Boost Revenue Streams - Address diverse project needs with an expanded service portfolio, enhancing your project deployment management.
  • Deliver Localised Service Portfolio - Apply your implementation skills to significant rollouts, establishing your reputation as a dependable installer for substantial projects.
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Partner’s Responsibilities

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Deliver the Best Solutions to Your Clients Together

Local Installation

Local Installation

Physical setup, wiring, device configuration, and ensuring proper system installation.

Local Mantainance

Local Maintenance

Looking after the system maintenance, site visits, RMA request handling and so on.

Local Sales Supports

Local Support

Offer technical support to clients for device installation and operation concerns.

FootfallCam‘s Supports

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FootfallCam Partner Program Advantage


Project Opportunities

FootfallCam offers partners project deployment opportunities, involving them in projects of various sizes, from small to large scale, including potential rollouts.



Comprehensive installation support is provided to partners, including product knowledge, deployment guidelines, onsite setup procedures, and more.



Dedicated technical support will be offered to our partners, ensuring our partners are receiving prompt assistance, guidance, and expertise to effectively implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the FootfallCam solution.

What’s Next?

Get in touch with us for more information about becoming a FootfallCam partner.

What Our Partners Say

Partner Voices: What Our Partners Have to Say

Partnering With FootfallCam

United Kingdom

“Partnering with FootfallCam expanded my reach, connecting me with fresh and exciting projects.”

Expanded Services & Diversifying Market

United States

“FootfallCam has expanded my services and diversifying my market reach from retail and malls to libraries.”

Joining FootfallCam


“Joining FootfallCam let me showcase my expertise, earning trust as a reliable installer for major ventures.”

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