Grow your business with people counting system

For system integrators, IT and retail system providers who are dedicated to delivering a complete product to the end customers.

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Why FootfallCam?


Enhance your market presence to serve local demands

People counting is needed in many businesses. Marketing efforts can help increase your brand exposure and serve the demands of your local market.


Supply of exclusive leads

As part of our marketing efforts, some customers may contact us directly. In such cases, we will share the leads with qualified resellers who can provide local sales and support.


Comprehensive sales, marketing & technical trainings

We've got you covered - establish yourself as the leading people counting reseller, supporting you with the essential trainings to secure more deals.


Attractive profit margins

Increase Revenue Streams by securing more projects - Address diverse project needs through an expanded product portfolio, boosting project acquisition

Who can apply?

What do I need to do?

If you're a retail system provider or IT service company, welcome aboard!

  • Suitable for:
    • IT service companies
    • CCTV and security system providers
    • EAS system providers
    • ePOS system providers
    • Existing people counter resellers
  • Looking to expand your client base and service portfolio? We help our resellers in local market penetration, addressing untapped demands and establishing their reputation as premium and reliable people counting resellers in their respective markets.


  • Relevant Experience: Demonstrated experience in retail technology or related industries, showcasing competence in sales and customer support.
  • Market Presence: Work closely with FootfallCam to establish your brand name and sustain a significant market positioning within the designated geographic region.
  • Commitment: Demonstrate dedication to promoting and meeting local demands for FootfallCam products, in alignment with FootfallCam's go-to-market strategies.
  • Service Portfolio: Desire to expand client base and service offerings by joining FootfallCam's trusted partner network.
  • Support Infrastructure: Capacity to provide comprehensive post-sales support, including installation, training, and ongoing assistance to end-users.
  • Training Completion: Successful completion of FootfallCam's online training program tailored to installer requirements.

Next Steps

What’s Next?

Ready to join us? You're just a few steps away.

Submit your application today, complete our online training, and upon successful completion, you'll be added to the FootfallCam Partner's Network, be part of FootfallCam!

#1: Apply to become a reseller

  • Provide details about your company to help us understand your business and assess suitability as our reseller.
  • Discuss your target market and go-to-market strategies with us.

#2: Enroll in the FootfallCam Certification Program

  • FootfallCam offers a comprehensive training program to familiarise new resellers with our products and offerings, facilitating partner onboarding.
  • Interested partners must demonstrate commitment by completing the training and earning recognition as Certified Authorised Resellers.
  • This ensures that all partners are knowledgeable and capable of handling customer inquiries and projects professionally, allowing them to establish themselves as reputable FootfallCam resellers in every market.

#3: FootfallCam evaluation kit

  • Begin trialing the FootfallCam people counter today! The evaluation kit includes the flagship people counter and all necessary accessories for various usage environments.
  • We encourage partners to utilise this as a demo unit in their showrooms, allowing them to demonstrate the solution to potential customers.

#4: Sales and marketing workshops

  • FootfallCam provides partners with extensive sales support, offering the necessary tools and resources to pitch projects and secure deals effectively.
  • Our partners will receive comprehensive marketing support, including SEO optimisation, website building for enhanced local online presence, and more.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Start your journey as a FootfallCam partner.