Enhance Washroom Efficiency and Experience using Footfall Data

A usage based washroom cleaning management system helps to improve washroom user experience and overall operational efficiency, whilst leading to better resources planning.


Smart Washroom Management

FootfallCam's Smart Washroom solution offers an efficient and cost-effective approach to maintaining clean and well-stocked washrooms while avoiding unnecessary over-cleaning. By combining people counting and utilization sensors, the solution enables a smooth transition to demand-based cleaning. Utilizing historical data and predictive analysis, it optimizes staff and resource planning for improved operational efficiency. The solution also includes alert systems to notify cleaners and management when custom thresholds are reached, ensuring effective utilization of staff and resources. With access to detailed reports, management gains valuable insights into internal services and cleaning staff performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making and enhancing workplace efficiency.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Smart Washroom Management

Key Features

Usage-Based Washroom Cleaning System

FootfallCam 3D Mini™ detects the number of people entering and exiting the washroom. Cleaning requests will be sent wirelessly to cleaners via FootfallCam Smart Washroom App™ when usage reaches a certain threshold.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Usage-Based Washroom Cleaning System

Supervisor’s Planner for Cleaning Schedule

Based on the predicted usage of washroom, cleaning supervisors can have better planning on the cleaning schedule in terms of washroom coverage and cleaners’ resources allocation.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Supervisor’s Planner for Cleaning Schedule

Management Report for KPI Review

With the readily available reports for washrooms, it allows management to capitalise the usage data as part of the resources and cost audit process, and helps management to make informed business decisions backed by hard data.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Management Report for KPI Review

Cleaner App for Task Alerts

When a cleaning threshold has reached, a task alert will be sent to the cleaning staffs via FootfallCam Smart Washroom Apps, this can ensure that all the washrooms are cleaned appropriately to enhance user experience.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Cleaner App for Task Alerts

Visitor Signage- Washroom Cubicle Availability

FootfallCam Space Sense™ can be installed at each of the washroom cubicles to detect the occupancy and the availability of the washroom can be displayed on the Visitor Signage.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Visitor Signage- Washroom Cubicle Availability

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How it Works?

Washroom On Demand
Washroom Experience

Washroom On Demand

Washroom Experience

Smart Washroom Floorplan

Improve User Experience with a Smarter Washroom Solution

Capturing environment insights with FootfallCam IoT devices, Empower users and improve washroom experience with FootfallCam Smart Washroom Solutions:

Smart Washroom Solution for Any Environment

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Individual Washrooms

Individual washrooms located at different locations.

Multi-Storey Buildings

Multiple washrooms located across different floors of a building.

Public Venues

Large compound with dispersed public toilets for example theme park, zoo, airport and etc.

System Specification

System Connectivity

System Connectivity

FootfallCam People Counting System - System Connectivity

System Connectivity

People counting offers valuable insights into employee utilization of different areas within an office space, providing the data needed to inform effective space planning and workspace design. As companies continue to shift towards a hybrid working model, they are leveraging this insight to redesign their workspaces to better accommodate the evolving needs of their workforce.

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FootfallCam People Counting System - Integration


Data from FootfallCam devices can be integrated via API into existing software platforms, from our Analytics Manager or from the counter itself.

Local Case Studies

Washrooms around the world are using FootfallCam

See all Case Studies in United States

    Langara College has introduced Smart Washroom Solutions to address the high demand for washroom due to its substantial student population. This system ensures demand-based cleaning by alerting staff when facilities require attention, enhancing efficiency and cleanliness on campus.


    Cleaning company maintains the toilets of a large retail chain. They have chosen Footfallcam, which measures the number of visits to the available toilets. As soon as a predetermined number of visits has been achieved, the cleaner receives a push message to clean the toilets.

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    UEM Edgenta collaborated with FootfallCam to offer Smart Washroom solutions to its clients. This includes a demand-based cleaning schedule, measuring the usage of facilities and ensuring the cleaners are meeting their cleaning SLA.


    Mi Terminal Cali, an important transport hub in Cali, Colombia, has equipped its washrooms with people counter. This system monitors the traffic flow of washrooms, offering a comprehensive view of facility usage and aiding in maintaining the cleanliness of washroom.


    Ingeneo, a software solutions firm, has introduced the Smart Washroom Solution in its office. The system features demand-based cleaning which triggers notifications to cleaners when washroom usage reaches a specified threshold, thus enabling them to meet the cleanliness KPIs.


    The Dunedin City Council has introduced a smart washroom solution at the Dunedin Bus Hub. The system monitors the usage of the public washrooms, offering insights into its utilisation rate on different days, assisting decision-makers in planning an efficient cleaning schedule.


    MM BVBA, a specialist in sanitary facility services, has adopted FootfallCam's smart washroom services to enable demand-based cleaning. This solution offers valuable insights into washroom usage, aiding the company in efficiently scheduling cleaning tasks to ensure the clealiness of washrooms.


    The CN Tower, a famous tourist attraction in Ontario, Canada, has been equipped with the FootfallCam smart washroom solution. This installation is designed to offer real-time occupancy data for the washrooms, enabling the management to control and limit capacity as needed.


    ESA has partnered with FootfallCam to implement smart washroom solutions. Leveraging this technology, ESA gains crucial insights into washroom usage, facilitating efficient cleaning task scheduling to maintain optimal hygiene standards.


    The leading tech distributor, Ingram Micro, has installed a Smart Washroom Solution in its UK office. By monitoring washroom usage, the system aids the company in efficiently scheduling cleaning tasks to ensure the cleanliness of the washrooms.


    Bank of America has introduced a smart washroom solution for its London office. This innovative solution enables demand-based cleaning by monitoring washroom usage, allowing the cleaning staff to respond when usage reaches a certain threshold.


    Dundee City Council has installed a people counting system in the bus hub washroom at the Edgar Center. By monitoring washroom usage, the management can implement demand-based cleaning, ensuring the washrooms are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness.