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FootfallCam uses advanced people counting technology that is proven to be accurate in any condition. Utilising 3D Depth map technology, capture by dual lens, FootfallCam people counter able to determine the height and size of moving objects, giving a more accurate depiction of the actual number of customer visits.

FootfallCam - People counting at entrances

People Counting at Entrances

FootfallCam 3D people counters installed at the entrances can detect the number of people entering and exiting the premise. Retailers can gain valuable business insights from the people counting data provided by FootfallCam’s system.

Understand the store traffic with footfall data collected

Identify the peak hours and non peak hours of store traffic

Measure the sales conversion rate by comparing sales data against footfall data collected

Determine the height and size of moving objects, distinguish objects from people and differentiate kids from adults.

Data Analytics for Retailers

FootfallCam offers the most complete set of business metrics and the wide range of ready made reports generated from the data made available by the FootfallCam devices, allowing retailers to perform deep analysis and be able to have better visibility on their store performance level. Present the sales conversion rate with confidence to store managers.

Store traffic profile

Sales conversion optimiser

Determine the success rate of a marketing campaign

Measure store performance based on data-driven KPI

  • FootfallCam Retail Chain - Data Analytics
  • FootfallCam Retail Chain - Data Analytics
  • FootfallCam Retail Chain - Data Analytics
FootfallCam - People counting at entrances

Excluding Staff from Footfall Counting

Combining Footfallcam 5D Pro™ and 5 different staff exclusion methods, the store staff can be identified and excluded from the traffic counting to provide a more realistic and accurate people counting data.

Anonymous identification of staffs

Plug-and-play, no configuration required for hardware

Cost effective and ease of deployment

Tailored for different use cases, including store staff, security personnels and delivery man


Up to 99.9% Accuracy

Combining 3D stereoscopic image processing and AI video analytics together with advanced tracking algorithms, FootfallCam 5D Pro™ People Counter is optimised to achieve up to 99.5% accuracy, even in environmentally challenging conditions.

Overcome strong shadowing effect;

Count accurately with a swinging door at the entrance

Work well in low and high ceiling height

Allows accurate people tracking and maintaining high accuracy even in high traffic stores

Cover wide entrance with minimal number of counters

FootfallCam - Wi-Fi Analytics

Wi-Fi Analytics

Combining 3D Counting together with the Wi-Fi capturing technology, the people counter is able to detect the number of smart devices within the range of Wi-Fi detection, allow Wi-Fi data to be normalized with the large sample size statically neutral video counting data to have an accurate picture of the overall customer shopping behavior.With this, the people counter is capable of providing in depth Wi-Fi analytics and business metrics

Dwell Time, Turn In Rate, Outside Traffic

Dealing with MAC randomisation

FootfallCam - 60+ Report Templates Available

60+ Report Templates Available

With access to over 60+ different reports that helps to answer specific business questions, data gets turned into meaningful analyses so you can make data driven decisions to improve your business.You may request for custom reporting options by configuring your own metrics via the Custom Report builder feature. We can provide both live data, as well as historical data.

Reports for Targeted Functions

Dashboards for Operation Review

Reports for Management KPI

Custom Report Builder

FootfallCam - Centrally managed in platform

Centrally Managed in Platform

An enterprise web-based control panel is designed for customers who are managing a large number of counters. It is a free service and retailers will be able to access the data via the control panel. FootfallCam is hosting the most powerful functions on behalf of the retailer, making it available even for 1 counter installation. Users' data are stored in the cloud by default without any limits on the amount of data stored and the duration stored on the cloud will be lifetime or until end of business.

Centrally Managed System

API: Data Integration

Health Check Monitoring

Provide the full analysis of traffic data for individual stores and across multiple store locations, region and the entire chain

Exclude Kids and Objects from Counting

Utilising 3D Depth map technology, captured by dual lens, FootfallCam 5D Pro™ can determine the height and size of the moving objects, and distinguish the objects from the people using AI algorithms. This helps to exclude the object, such as wheelchairs, trolleys, carts and strollers from the counting. In addition to the above, the technology can also differentiate kids from adults by height differentiation, providing kids counting solution.

FootfallCam - Sales Conversion

Comparing Sales with Footfall Data - Sales Conversion

Sales Conversion is defined as the number of visitors that turns into a customer, reflects the more accurate method to determine the performance level of a store in comparison with looking at the number of transactions per store. Businesses will be able to analyse the unique profiling of each store and make customised responses, to improve the sales conversion.

Customise strategies based on store profiling

Configure sales target for each individual store

Track sales progress

Drive store staff by comparable achievement with other stores with same attributes

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