Case Studies

Case study #1 Managing Multinational Rollout


Managing Multinational Rollout

A.S Watsons is the largest pharmaceutical retailer in the APAC region, with 5 different brands and 15,000+ stores globally.

Global rollout with multi geo-region server

Work with different business units to deliver centralised solution

Supporting all countries

End-to-end project management

Work with their preferred installers or FootfallCam partners

Integrate with their BI system

Multi-language UI and supports

Case study #2 People Counting for Independent Retail Stores


People Counting for Independent Retail Stores

Finisterre is an outdoor apparel company with 9x retail stores in the United Kingdom.

Easy to install

FootfallCam remote support

Easy to use

Analytics platform with 60+ readily available reports

Easy to maintain

Automated health check and monitoring tools

No software subscription fees

Case study #3 Insurance Company, Switzerland


Luxury Retail Store

Cartier has more than 200 stores world-wide and each of the deployment are carefully designed to suit the store

Discreet and Accurate

Flush Mounted Device on the ceiling

Aligns with the aesthetics of the store

Accurate under strong lighting/ reflection environment

Sales Conversion

Lower Footfall; store services and sales conversion is crucial

Staff exclusion tags to keep sales conversion accurate

Group counting feature to accurately count potential visitors

Case study #4 Managing Retail Chains


Managing Retail Chains

Joules is a fashion apparel store in the United Kingdom

High Accuracy Footfall Data

Consistently accurate in all environments with video proof

Enterprise Grade Software

Integration with BI System

Multi-user management

Visibility chain-wide performance

Provide workspace for sales managers

Roll-out Management

Managing installation schedule

Case study #5 Replacing Incumbent System


Replacing Incumbent System

Pandora with more than 6,700 point of sale in more than 100 countries has replaced legacy Prism™ people counters with FootfallCam people counters.

Complete Business Solution

Hardware + Enterprise class software - Combining 3D counting, AI analytics and WiFi metrics

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Competitive pricing - 30% lower than our competitors’ price

Reduced number of devices

Host Incumbent Data

Integration with existing devices

Case study #6 Store-In-Store/ Brand Concession


Store-In-Store/ Brand Concession

15x Concession Stores in the Departmental Store

Comprehensive Solution for Retail Chain

Caters even for store-in-store setup

Metrics Collected for In-store Analytics

Product-level Engagement

Store and product-level sales conversion

Area Traffic Performance

Turn in rate (Departmental store visitors that entered concession stores)

Marketing Effectiveness

Case study #7 Covid-19 Occupancy Control


Covid-19 Occupancy Control

Coop integrates FootfallCam with their automated door to control the access of visitors

Live Occupancy Control

Measures and manage occupancy limit

Integrated with Electronic Sliding Door

Automatically controls the access

Replaced security guard at entrance

Quick Deployment and Setup

Helps re-opening stores to be compliance with local government policy on the occupancy limit per store

Case study #8 Telecommunication Shops


Telecommunication Shops

Wind installed 950x devices installed in 2 months of deployments

Product Engagement

Measure the engagement of visitors with the products in terms of dwell time, heat map, touch point analysis

Returning Customers

Gauge the effectiveness of loyalty programs on store level

Visitors to service subscription conversion

Measure KPI of employees service level

Set target for employees

Case study #9 Large Format / Departmental Store


Large Format / Departmental Store

Metrojaya has 4 department stores and 70 specialty stores that occupy over one million square feet of floor space

Door Counting

Footfall-to-staff ratio

Marketing effectiveness

Staff planning

Zone Analytics

Reduced Number of Devices using Wi-Fi Counting

Flow Statistic

Service Desk Counting

Queue Counting

Cashier/till opening prediction based on footfall changes

Case study #10 Showroom & Experience Centre


Showroom & Experience Centre

Amway experience centre is fully equipped with FootfallCam for comprehensive in-store analytics

Comprehensive in-store analytics

People Counting + WiFi Analytics

Queue Counting

Meeting Room Utilisation

Tracking Customer Journey within Centre

Traffic Flow across multiple areas and floors

Product touch-point analytics

Heat Map

Business Insights and Workspace

Consultation tables utilisation and its conversion

Product-level sales conversion

Visit duration of “hot” and “cold” areas

Case study #11 Car Showroom


Car Showroom

Toyota Showroom equipped with FootfallCam.

Track Visitor Behaviour

Real-time People Counting

Staff Exclusion

Customer Arrival Alerts

Group Counting

Product Engagement Workspace

Overview of Store Performance

Set Store Targets and Measure Progress

Measure Product Engagement

Past vs New Car Model Comparison

Dwell Time

Heat Maps

Consultation tables utilisation and conversion rates