Accurate, Reliable, Useful

Unmatched accuracy, reliable performance, and comprehensive insights that empower data-driven decision making for optimising store operations and maximising sales potential.

Why FootfallCam

Some of the essential selection criteria for large retailers when choosing a people counting system for their business.

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Competitive Pricing

FootfallCam offers a unique advantage as both hardware and software manufacturer, eliminating middlemen and extra margins. Being the largest supplier allows cost reduction. With a superior price-performance ratio, FootfallCam outperforms in price-performance ratio, offering an end-to-end solution, eliminating the need for multiple systems from different vendors. Customisable workflows cater to specific business requirements, making it a competitive choice in terms of pricing and comprehensive services.

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Smarter Analytics

FootfallCam AI provides intelligent recommendations based on a comprehensive range of data sources, including sales, staff, and store analytics. Our goal is seamless integration into your retail DNA, empowering you to optimise operational efficiency, automate workflows, and unleash your business's full potential. With our platform, streamline processes, set defined KPIs, and conduct SLA reviews, ensuring maximum efficiency and success.

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FootfallCam People Counting System - Smarter Analytics
FootfallCam People Counting System - Versatile and Tailorable Workflow

Versatile and Tailorable Workflow

Retailers seek a system that aligns with their workflow and business needs. FootfallCam offers a comprehensive solution with a rule engine, custom dashboard designers, and an app development platform. Businesses can easily and cost-effectively customise settings to match their unique requirements.

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Easy to Maintain

IT admins should dedicate a maximum of 2 hours per week to system management. The system must be 100% available, providing business-ready metrics. It should be user-friendly for all stakeholders with minimal training required.

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FootfallCam People Counting System - Easy to Maintain
FootfallCam People Counting System - Scalable for Future Requirement

Scalable for Future Requirement

Retailers often struggle to integrate multiple subsystems like ERP and ePOS into a unified data management system. FootfallCam's open architecture provides a comprehensive solution, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate their data and devices into the platform. They can also incorporate FootfallCam's people counting data into their existing system, achieving unified management.

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Counting accuracy that matters

Accurate counting is a "must-have" for all people counting systems. Here are some common counting scenarios.

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A visitor makes a U-turn but it’s not counted

Identify the number of purchasing groups

Filtering kids who may not be part of the purchasing group

Heavily congested area with high traffic

Strong sunlight or inconsistent lighting condition

Narrow entrances with limited space