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People Counting for Retail Stores

“80% of retailers who implemented people counting systems experienced an average increase in footfall by 20%, resulting in a 15% increase in sales revenue.”

FootfallCam helps retailers to track the footfall traffics across multiple stores, evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail stores by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industry average, utilise the business metrics to identify top and least performing stores and use this as a base point to improve your business as well as optimise the staff allocation.

Key essential metrics measured:

  • In/Out Counting
  • Outside Traffic
  • Staffs Counting
  • Group Counting
  • Turn in Rate
  • Visit Duration
Retail People Counting Analytics Report
FootfallCam People Counting System for Retail Stores

Popular Retail Packages for Your Business

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FootfallCam People Counting Solutions

Entrance Counting
Product Engagement
Queue Counting (Retail)
Demographic Analytics

Entrance Counting

One People Counter at the Entrance

  • Measuring the number of visitors entering and exiting your store at all time.
  • Monitoring the footfall trend and identify the peak and non-peak hours.
  • Comparing sales data with footfall data or purchasing group.

Product Engagement

One People Counting Device at Each Area of Interest

  • Helps to measure the number of passerby, the number that stopped and browsed.
  • And for those who browsed, how long did they stand and engage with the products.

Queue Counting (Retail)

One People Counting Device at the Checkout Area

  • Measuring the average waiting time and % of visitors having to wait for longer than SLA.
  • Real time dashboard at HQ and at store to ensure timely adjustments of staff assignment.

Demographic Analytics

One Facial Recognition Sensor at the Key Area

  • Measures the age, gender and mood of those visiting the stores.
  • Facial recognition can help to exclude staff from the visitor count. And also measure the returning rate of visitors.

Enterprise Grade Software Platform

FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9

Leveraging Footfall Data for Insights into Traffic Patterns and Operation Optimisation

Our enterprise-grade platform provides diverse analytics, dashboards, and reports addressing user challenges, such as footfall insights, peak hours, marketing ROI, sales conversion, and store impact. Offering comprehensive footfall data and intuitive visualisation, it empowers Sales Directors, Marketing Managers, and Operations leaders to make informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and optimise operations for increased sales.

Store Performance Dashboard

Comprehensive statistics are provided for each store's footfall, demographics, staffing levels, and sales conversion. These insights can be used to make informed and actionable decisions.

Retail Stores

Large Retailers

Live Footfall and Occupancy Dashboard

Real-time monitoring of store footfall and occupancy, occupancy management, and on-the-spot staff allocation based on real-time data.

Retail Stores

Large Retailers

FootfallCam Sales Tracker - Video Thumbnail

Sales Tracker

FootfallCam Sales Tracker App empowers sales managers to intelligently set sales targets, pushing their stores to the maximum sales potential by implementing suggested initiatives in a more scientific way.

Unified Workspace for Multiple Stakeholders

Live Demo

Your Workflow Automation. One Software Platform.

Managing multiple stores requires critical operational execution. People counting data is essential for any retail store with more than 10 outlets. The key is to effectively utilise this data, combining it with a wealth of information such as sales, weather, and location, to build an AI model that accurately predicts and recommends actions. Seeing is believing; let's demonstrate how FootfallCam has helped thousands of retailers increase sales and lower operational costs.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Your Workflow Automation. One Software Platform.
Location Analysis Icon

New Store Location Simulator

Help Operation Managers to determine the ideal location for opening a new store with maximum sales potential.

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FootfallCam - New Store Location Simulator
Sales Tracker Icon

Sales Target Estimator

Help Regional Managers to define achievable sales targets that will drive the store to its maximum sales potential.

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FootfallCam - Sales Target Estimator
Marketing ROI Icon

Event Uplift Calculator

Help Marketing Managers to identify the most effective allocation of marketing spending to achieve the highest possible ROI.

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FootfallCam - Event Uplift Calculator
Staff Roster Planner Icon

Staff Scheduling Effectiveness

Help Operation Managers to maintain the current staff salary expenditure while increasing productivity and sales conversions

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FootfallCam - Staff Scheduling Effectiveness

FootfallCam 3D Pro2:

Accurate, Reliable, Useful

3D Pro2: Essential People Counting Features

The 3D Pro2™ is designed to be installed at the entrance of a retail store, capturing proprietary IN/OUT counting and other business metrics, which help retailers optimise their operations while maximising their sales conversions.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Video Thumbnail

Top Product Packages Preferred by Retailers


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“Single Entrance Counting”

Install a 3D Pro2 at the entrance to measure visitor traffic, identify peak hours, track sales conversions for enhanced store performance.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Retail Essentials Package


Starting at


“Multiple Entrances Counting”

Install a 3D Pro2 at both entrances to measure total visitor traffic, identify peak hours, track sales conversions for enhanced store performance.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Retail Standard Package


Starting at


“Entrance and In-Store Activity”

One 3D Pro2 at the entrance to measure visitor traffic and sales conversion, reuse existing CCTV with AI Analytics to measure customers’ in-store shopping journey.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Retail Enterprise Package

We Cover All Store Types, Stores of All Sizes

People Counter Demonstrates A Better Way to Track Your Business’ Performance

FootfallCam Functions

Icon - Counting Devices

AI Powered 3D Stereo Vision People Counter

Superior processing power to run complex counting algorithms, up to 99.5% accuracy

Icon - Wifi and Bluetooth

WiFi and BLE Counting

Provides metrics such as Outside Traffic, Turn-in Rate, Visit Duration and Returning Customers.

Icon - Dashboard & ReportTemplates

20+ Dashboard & Report Templates

Visualise the footfall pattern in live dashboards and management reports for KPI review.

Icon - Customised Apps

4x Customised Apps

Automate the workflow and optimise operations across multiple business functions

Icon - Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

With intelligent business rules and machine learning to provide smart recommendations

Icon - Data Modelling

Data Modelling

Combining footfall data and other datasets allows retailer to have deeper business insights.

Icon - Counting Functions

10+ Counting Functions

Group counting, multiple line counting, staff exclusion, kids filter, queue counting and more.

Icon - Integration


No vendor lock-in. Supports manual or API data import/export to third-party systems.

Icon - GDPR Compliance

No personal identifiable data collected, 3 privacy modes to choose from.

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