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A. No. of Counters Required per Entrance

Number of counter required per entrance is depend on the entrance's width and the ceiling height of where the counter is going to be mounted.

Calculate Entrance Width Sample 1 Calculate Entrance Width Sample 2

Some entrances are partially blocked by permanent unmovable obstructions, this should not be included when measuring the entrance width. Instead, the maximum potential pathway width should be measured.

*Note: If the counter that you have is not suitable for this ceiling height, please use a wall bracket or drop pole to ensure it is installed at the suitable ceiling height for this model. Please refer to FootfallCam Coverage Table.


B. Live View Clearance Calculator

Calculate the min. clearance distance required between counter and the drop down obstacle (e.g. decorations, exit signage, bulk head, wall. etc.) to prevent the counter live view being blocked and not able to count accurately.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Live View Clearance

Counter live view is blocked partially by the drop down obstacle. This may result to the counter not able to count accurately due to the limited tracking zone.

*Note: In most circumstances less than 20% of view being blocked shouldn't affect the counter accuracy.


FootfallCam People Counting System - Calculator Graphic

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