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People Counting in Spain

España es uno de los mercados clave de los sensores de conteo de personas FootfallCam. Nuestro precio competitivo, precisión y confiabilidad ayudan a que Pro2 se implemente en centros comerciales, tiendas minoristas, atracciones turísticas, cafeterías, oficinas y autobuses. Nuestros socios españoles en Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza y Málaga están ayudando a las empresas en España a optimizar sus operaciones y seguir siendo competitivas.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Jersey Pearl, the leading jewellery chains across Europe, utilises FootfallCam's marketing effectiveness reports as an integral tool for strategic planning in marketing channels. The technology has given the management a competitive edge, reinforcing their leading position in the jewellery sector.


    Honda has deployed FootfallCam systems in its European showrooms, covering Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Spain, and extending to Nepal. These solutions track visitor metrics like dwell time, heat maps, and space utilisation, enhancing the showroom experience.


    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.


    Cadenzza, a brand specialising in handpicked luxury fashion jewellery, has deployed FootfallCam people counting technology in its stores to monitor visitor numbers. This solution offers insights into the store's traffic trends, providing essential metrics such as visitor numbers, turn-in rate, dwell time, and conversion rate.


    Clara Vision Optical, an eyewear and optics chain, has implemented people counters in its stores. This technology provides detailed insights into customer behaviour and interactions with products, enabling management to improve service quality for clients effectively and seamlessly.


    In partnership with FootfallCam, Whitehole Data has implemented the FootfallCam Centroid solution at its client's shopping centre. This innovative approach utilises existing CCTV systems to perform people and vehicle counting, offering valuable insights into the traffic trends at the shopping centre.


    Druni, the homegrown beauty and personal care retail chain, has chosen FootfallCam solution out of a selection of other vendors. The solution accurately tracks the traffic flow within the stores, providing critical insihts into customer behaviour, allowing Druni to improve business strategies for driving sales growth.


    The software development company, 480, has implemented FootfallCam 3D Mini and Space Sense in its offices. This solution monitors the utilisation rates of various workspaces and desks, offering valuable insights to decision-makers for optimising operations.


    Corendon Hotels & Resorts, part of the Corendon Group, has installed a footfall counting system in its hotels. This technology monitors the number of visitors within the hotel premises, enabling management to ensure an optimal staff-to-customer ratio, which contributes to enhancing overall customer experience.


    Misako, a leading fast fashion accessories retailer, has implemented footfall counters in its stores. The FootfallCam Analytic Manager offers crucial insights into the customer journey and shopping patterns, facilitating the optimisation of store layouts and the fine-tuning of business strategies.


    The multinational consumer goods company, Unilever, has implemented the FootfallCam solution across its Spanish ice cream chain, Gelateria Carte D'Or. This strategic deployment is integral to its business strategy, aimed at evaluating consumer preferences and behaviours to enhance customer experience.


    The Spanish footwear company, Pikolinos, has implemented 3D people counters in its stores to monitor the occupancy levels. This technology enables the management to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviours, thus aiding in the enhancement of their business strategies for sustainable revenue growth.


    TMEIC, a specialist in industrial automation systems, has implemented the LabelNest solution in its office meeting rooms. This solution displays various details of the meeting rooms, streamlines the process of managing meeting room availability and bookings, enhancing overall efficiency in the office.


    Civitatis, a leading company in the online distribution of guided tours and excursions in Spanish, has installed four people counters in its stores. This provides a comprehensive overview of traffic trends, enabling management to determine the stores' peak hours and optimise staff allocation accordingly.


    York Ltd, the official franchisor of Marks & Spencer, has installed a traffic counting system in its stores across Gibraltar and Spain. This enables management to monitor traffic trends and assess the performance of regional stores effectively.


    The homegrown French perfumes and beauty retail giant, Marionnaud, has implemented FootfallCam for effective queue management. This strategic deployment grants the management team insights into in-store traffic, enabling them to fine-tune operations and minimise the lost sales opportunities.


    Erreka, the automatic doors specialist, has installed footfall counters in its office. This sophisticated system offers insights into the office utilisation rate, enable Erreka to ensure a more productive and comfortable working environment.


    Workshop, a consumer experience agency, has installed a footfall sensor for the Shein x Klarna Summer Oasis Pop-up store. By analysing footfall data, the team can understand which part of the event attracts the most visitos, providing insights for guiding future strategies.


    The homegrown maternity store, Bebeplanet, has installed people counters on its store entrance. By understanding the footfall traffic trend, the store can align its staffing level to the actual customer footfall, allowing for timely and responsive customer services to customer.

  • EGLO

    The prominent decorative lighting store, Eglo, has installed people counters for its stores across Colombia, Portugal, and Spain. The system grants the management insights into in-store traffic, enabling them to fine-tune operations and minimise the lost sales opportunities.


    Exponav, a shipbuilding museum in Ferrol, Spain, has installed a footfall sensor at its entrance. Utilising sophisticated AI analytics, Exponav can evaluate the effectiveness of its events and exhibitions, helping to tailor future offerings to visitor interests and preferences


    GlassMatic Doors, an automatic door distributor, has implemented a footfall counting sensor in its office. This innovative system reveals the pattern of space usage, enabling management to optimise resource allocation and streamline office operations.


    Inditex has introduced the FootfallCam system to its Zara store in Spain. Featuring anonymous counting with Time of Flight (ToF) technology, the system enables Zara to gain valuable insights into shopper patterns without compromising individual privacy.


    Libelium, an IT and IoT enabler, has deployed a people counter in its company office. By understanding the office space utilisation rate, the system provides valuable insights to optimise office operation, enabling for space allocation, work arrangements,


    Tecnalia, a leading research centre in Europe, has introduced FootfallCam Centroid in its laboratories. The solution conducts footfall analysis by reusing existing CCTVs, allowing the centre to benefit from AI analytics without making a significant investment in new hardware.


    TQ Technol has deployed footfall counters in its office entrance. It allows the management to gain real-time occupancy level of working spaces, ensuring the office complies with safety regulations to maintain a safe working environment for all employees and visitors.

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