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People Counting in South Korea

우리의 한국 파트너들은 소매점, 쇼핑몰, 공공 장소, 지역 의회, 공장 및 사무실에서 인원 계수 시스템을 사용하여 운영 효율성과 수익을 향상시킬 수 있도록 돕기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다. 우리의 파트너는 서울, 부산, 인천, 대구, 대전, 광주에 지사를 두고 있으며 가장 경쟁력 있는 가격과 최고 수준의 서비스를 갖춘 교통 집계 솔루션을 맞춤화하기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Foundry, a contemporary art gallery in Hannam-dong, Seoul, has been equipped with FootfallCam sensors. The solution provides the decision-makers with comprehensive view of visitor traffic trends, offering critical insights for optimising the operation and layout of the gallery.


    Frisbee, the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Korea, has equipped its branches with people counting sensors. It supports business's growth by offering insights into customer behaviour and shopping patterns, enabling management to develop informed strategies for enhanced customer experience.


    Sangsaeng Market, an exchange platform for medium and small farmers backed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, has implemented people counters. It monitors the visitor number attending the events, providing valuable insights into the impact and reach of the events.


    Panerai, the luxury watch brand, has installed a people counting system in its outlet at Hyundai Park One, Seoul. This system offers insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling management to acquire a more nuanced understanding of their clientele.


    Golden Goose, the Italian luxury lifestyle fashion brand celebrated for its iconic sneakers, has installed footfall counters in its outlets. This system conducts a comprehensive analysis using the collected footfall data, providing valuable insights to management for enhancing business operations and overall performance.


    Musinsa, a domestic apparel retailer, has deployed people counters in its offline space, Musinsa Terrace, to track visitor numbers. This solution delivers insights about the impact and reach of the initiative, aiding in evaluating its effectiveness and guiding future strategies.


    New Balance, a prominent sports footwear brand, has installed footfall counters in its outlets across Seoul, Incheon, and Busan. The deployment monitors customer traffic in the stores, particularly during promotional events, to better understand customer response and engagement.

  • ROEM

    Roem has utilised the FootfallCam people counter to gain a better understanding of its customers, including customer preferences and spending patterns. It enables the brand to tailor its strategies more effectively to meet customer preferences and increase customer satisfaction.


    Leica, the esteemed German manufacturer of cameras and lenses, has installed people counters in its experience centers across South Korea. It offers insights into customer shopping patterns, shedding light on how different products and store layouts resonate with customers.


    By gaining comprehensive insights into workspace occupancy and utilization rates, it enables the optimization of resource allocation for better workplace efficiency. Hence, Dains has chosen FootfallCam 3D Pro2 for its reliability and advanced capabilities.

  • RNR

    RNR, the largest multiplex cinema operator in Korea, has chosen FootfallCam to acquire additional insights into customer behaviour. It delivers data on customer trends and preferences, which is invaluable for planning staffing levels, movie scheduling, and service operations.


    Cartier, the esteemed French luxury jewelry and watch brand, has implemented FootfallCam in its stores in Gangnam-gu and Jung-gu. It offers insights into customer traffic, enabling management to devise informed strategies aimed at providing exceptional customer service.


    Hangso, a premier retailer of high-end writing instruments in Korea, has equipped its Moleskine store at Starfield Goyang with people counters. It tracks customer traffic and engagement with the products, enables management to develop strategies to cater to customer preference.


    Triple Street, a bustling shopping complex in Incheon, utilises our device’s features like visitor tracking, dwell time analysis, and crowd flow monitoring to optimise its tenant mix and create a vibrant shopping environment tailored to visitor preferences.


    MCM Worldwide, a luxury fashion brand, has installed people counters in its stores. It offers analysis of footfall variations during marketing initiatives, aiding in informed decision-making for future marketing references.


    ACE Hardware, a global leading home improvement brand, has implemented people counting system in its outlets across South Korea. This system provides insights into the customer shopping patterns, serving as a strategic tool to support the brand's expansion strategy.


    Columbia, a well-known brand in lifestyle apparel and sportswear, has deployed footfall counting sensors in its outlets. By incorporating marketing initiatives into the analytic software, the system offers a comprehensive overview of how effective these marketing strategies are in driving footfalls to the stores.


    Piaget, the renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker and jeweller, has equipped its outlet in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, with people counters. This technology provides an in-depth analysis with the collected footfall data, offering management key metrics for assessing the store's performance.


    Amway Korea has integrated FootfallCam in its experience centres to measure occupancy levels across retail spaces and consultation areas. It ensures an excellent customer experience by effectively managing space and resources.


    Suit Supply, a Dutch brand known for men's suits, has installed people counters at its flagship store in Hannam. The system provides additional insights into customer traffic and in-store interactions, assisting the brand in upholding high standards of customer experience.


    E-Land Group, one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, has deployed people counters in its Eblin stores across major cities, including Seoul, Gyeongnam, and Busan. This technology provides the management with valuable insights to optimise the store layout and business operations.


    Innisfree, a South Korean cosmetics brand, has installed footfall sensors at its experience center on Jeju Island. This system tracks the visitor flow across various areas, including the cafeteria, retail spaces, and entrances, providing visitor movement and engagement data.


    Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese sports fashion brand under Asics, has deployed footfall counters in its outlets. It monitors customer traffic trends before and after promotional events, thereby providing a metric to measure the effectiveness of these marketing strategies.


    Lotte Cinema has implemented people counters in its cinemas. By integrating the system with the movie schedule, it enables management to better understand their customers, which can inform decisions about film selections, scheduling, and overall customer service strategies.


    A leading homegrown footwear brand in South Korea has installed a people counter sensor in its Hongdae, Seoul store. The system allows a holistic assessment of the store's performance by providing key metrics, including sales conversion rates and returning customer numbers.


    The Korea-based fashion and lifestyle company, LF Corp, has deployed people counters for its Maxmara stores across the region. The deployment provides critical metrics for store performance evaluation such as the conversion rate, turn-in rate and customer traffic trend,

  • SPAO

    SPAO, one of Korea's leading fashion brands, has installed people counters in its Gangnam outlet. It tracks visitor trends at various entrances, providing insights into customer behaviour, which is crucial for strategic planning and enhancing the customer experience.


    Holland & Barrett, a British supplement retailer, has installed people counters in its outlet at Mecenatpolis. These devices measure the customer traffic, enabling management to align business resources with customer trends. facilitating improvements in the customer experience.


    iblank, a Korean eyewear brand, has opted for the FootfallCam people counter for its outlet. The system tracks the customer trends on different days of the week, allowing for planning staffing and marketing initiatives to better align with customer visitation patterns.


    MIXXO, a fashion apparel brand under the E-Land Group, has installed people counting sensors in its stores throughout the region. This technology provides a comprehensive analysis of customer traffic trends, enabling management to gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour.

  • LAB 101

    Lab 101, a denim fashion brand in South Korea, has installed people counters in its staff-less store in Hongdae. The system monitors customer trends within the store, providing management with insights into how customers respond and engage with the concept of a no-staff store.


    The Hwaseong Rest Area has been outfitted with a footfall counting system to monitor the number of visitors to the rest station. It offers valuable insights to decision-makers to facilitate informed decisions regarding rental adjustments and the optimisation of operations.


    Snow Peak, an international outdoor gear and apparel company, has installed FootfallCam people counters in its outlets in Daegu. By integrating footfall data with sales data, the system provides management with key metrics to comprehensively assess store performance.


    Comme des Garçons, a distinguished Japanese fashion brand, has installed footfall sensors in its flagship store located in Hannam-dong, Seoul. This system tracks the customer flow, enabling management to gather data that is crucial for formulating informed strategies.


    The largest home product brand in South Korea, Hanssem, has implemented people counting system in its showrooms. The technology offers footfall analysis using the collected data, offering the management with comprehensive insights into store conversion and performance.

  • SK Telecom (SKT)

    SK Telecom has chosen FootfallCam as part of its 5G office setup in the Centropolis building in Seoul. It offers a holistic view of the occupancy and the utilisation rates of various workspaces, providing critical insights for optimising and enhancing workplace efficiency.


    Busan Infrastructure Corporation, a public entity under the Busan Metropolitan City Hall, has installed footfall counters at the Busan Bus Terminal. This system measures the terminal's busyness, offering insights to management for the optimisation of operations and processes.

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