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People Counting in South Africa

FootfallCam het vennootskappe regoor Suid-Afrika gevestig, wat gesamentlik mensetelstelsels op verskeie plekke ontplooi, insluitend winkelsentrums, kleinhandelwinkels, kantoorgeboue, busse en museums. Hierdie stelsels is in groot stede soos Johannesburg, Kaapstad, Durban en Pretoria geïmplementeer. Die FootfallCam Pro2 is die topverkoper-teltoestel wêreldwyd vir die afgelope 3 jaar, met sy betroubaarheid en akkuraatheid wat deurslaggewende faktore is vir die wydverspreide gebruik daarvan in Suid-Afrika.

FootfallCam has established partnerships across South Africa, jointly deploying people counting systems in various locations, including shopping malls, retail shops, office buildings, buses, and museums. These systems have been implemented in major cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Pretoria. The FootfallCam Pro2 has been the best-selling counting device globally for the past 3 years, with its reliability and accuracy being crucial factors for its widespread adoption in South Africa.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    After installing FootfallCam people counters in its retail store in Paarl, Bidvest Waltons has collected valuable data on visitor counts and behaviour. This data enables them to understand which products sell the most and adjust product placement and pricing accordingly.


    A renowned high-quality makeup retailer, NARS Cosmetics, has integrated our retail solutions into its stores worldwide. With insights into customer traffic and behaviour, it empowers the management to tailor its services and product placements to meet their customer needs.


    Nestled within Durban, St. George’s Arcade stands as a vibrant shopping hub under the Mosaic Group. The implementation of FootfallCam technology enhances its operational insights, optimising tenant strategies and enriching the overall shopping experience for visitors.


    To justify tenant rental rates, Pine Crest Centre requires a comprehensive understanding of customer movements and patterns. Therefore, the management has selected FootfallCam people counters for its accuracy and rich feature set, including crowd counting and path tracking.

  • ARC

    ARC, a foremost retailer in fashion and beauty, has implemented traffic counters in its stores across major cities, including Cape Town, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. This technology offers detailed analytics, enabling decision-makers to effectively monitor and evaluate store performance.


    The South African Reserve Bank has installed the FootfallCam people counting solution in its premises. This technology tracks the number of visitors entering and leaving the building, providing a detailed overview of its busyness, thus aiding in the optimal management of operation.


    The premier retailer of high-quality tiles and bathroom wares, Italtile, has installed traffic counters in its showrooms across major cities, including Gaborone, Western Cape, Gauteng, and Limpopo. The solutions offer crucial retail insights to management, facilitating optimisation of layout and operations.


    The West Acres Shopping Centre, a leading mall in Potchefstroom, has implemented people counters at its entrances. By comparing foot traffic trends before and after marketing events held in the mall, it allows the management to assess the effectiveness of the events in attracting visitors.


    The prominent retail conglomerate, JD Group, has adopted FootfallCam system for its outlets, encompassing HiFiCorp and Incredible Connection. It provides management with complete transparency regarding the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, enabling them to maximise the ROI from marketing events.


    Healthchem innovatively employs FootfallCam's 3D Pro2 people counters, revolutionising healthcare analytics in major cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town for enhanced operational insight and customer care.


    Boys Toys from Pretoria has enhanced its customer service with FootfallCam's technology. By efficiently managing queues and monitoring foot traffic, they can ensure a seamless shopping experience for its customers, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • ALDO

    Integrating FootfallCam people counters at Aldo's shoe retail outlets enables accurate monitoring of customer traffic, customer movement, and peak times. This facilitates staffing optimisation and improves the overall shopping experience.

  • LEGO

    Great Yellow Brick Co uses advanced People counting tech to enhance Lego store experiences in South Africa, tracking foot traffic and staffing for improved customer satisfaction and toy sales.


    Bash Africa, the official distributor of Birkenstock in South Africa, has installed FootfallCam throughout its stores. The deployment grants the management team insights into in-store traffic, enabling them to fine-tune operations and minimise the lost sales opportunities.


    Fair Price optimises retail strategies with advanced foot traffic statistics in major cities, enhancing customer insights and store efficiencies across more than 300 locations.


    As it expands in South Africa, International Brands Outlet aims to improve its operational efficiency and customer experience. Installing its first FootfallCam people counters in its store in Woodmead has enhanced customers understanding through customer traffic analysis.


    The native sportswear and fitness brand, JB Active, has equipped its outlets with traffic counters. This technology analyses footfall trends in the stores, offering insights into peak hours, which aids decision-makers in allocating staff efficiently to ensure an optimal shopping experience.


    Varsity College Benmore is a brand under the Insitute of Education, the largest registered private provier of higher education in South Africa. It has been equipped with FootfallCam people counter to count the visitor numbers, allowing the management to understand the occupancy level of the campus.


    With 60+ stores located across South Africa, Fashion Fusion enhances its retail operations with the FootfallCam people counting system. Real-time retail insights and customer traffic analysis enable for staffing optimisation and store layout improvements.

  • PNA

    PNA, the leading stationery retail chain, has been outfitted with FootfallCam. The technology, by monitoring customer numbers and shopping patterns within the stores, acts as an essential tool for optimising store layouts, thereby supporting its strategy for nationwide expansion.


    Estee Lauder, a renowned cosmetics brand with a store-in-store presence in ARC store at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, has implemented FootfallCam people counting technology. This enables evaluation of product placement and sales strategies through visitor traffic analysis.


    Leopard Communications Ltd boosts project success with FootfallCam's technology, including a major project for Bosch in The Oval. Footfall data analytics help to optimise spaces, enhance customer experiences, and drive returns for clients across Kenya, South Africa, and the UK.


    As a global leader in the cycling industry, understanding customer preferences and behaviour is vital. Trek Bicycle Corporation can tailor its product offerings, improve marketing strategies, and enhance overall customer satisfaction by using FootfallCam people counters.

  • F I E L D S

    To optimise store layout and service delivery, F I E L D S, a distinctive men's clothing boutique in V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, integrates our systems to track visitor traffic and behaviour. Their goal is to ensure a tailored and seamless shopping experience for every customer.


    The renowned furniture brand, True Wood, has deployed footfall counters in its showrooms. The technology includes entrance counting and a staff exclusion feature, which ensures that the staff movements are not counted, thereby providing accurate visitor numbers devoid of any distortions.


    Chanel SA advances luxury retail in South Africa by deploying FootfallCam's advanced people counting technology in key cities, enriching customer insights and optimising store experiences.


    Tshwane Regional Mall, an intermodal shopping destination in Pretoria, has adopted the footfall counter. The system measures customer shopping patterns and behaviours, allowing the management to make adjustments to the rental costs of tenant spaces based on the actual foot traffics.


    The public research university situated in Stellenbosch, the University of Stellenbosch, has installed footfall counter in various lecture rooms. The technology offers insights into room occupancy and facility usage, aiding in the resources allocation to bolster the university's research activities.


    Topshop Topman, a trendy apparel retailer, utilises FootfallCam 3D Pro2 to gather data on visitor traffic, dwell times, and popular areas within the store, enabling the management to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and promotions in attracting customers.


    A unique liquor store, Bespoke Bootleggers, utilises our people counters for visitor tracking, area monitoring, outside traffic, and conversion tracking. This enables accurate evaluation of store performance and optimised inventory management for enhanced customer satisfaction.


    FrontierCo, the authorised distributor of fashion brands, has installed footfall sensors for its Aldo stores across South Africa and Namibia. The installation offers real-time occupancy data, enabling them to assess whether increased footfall contributes to sales growth.


    One of Pretoria’s leading casinos has installed FootfallCam people counters across various zones to track customer traffic and analyse popular areas through our high-tech heatmaps. With this, Time Square Casino can optimise staff allocation to enhance customer experience.


    FootfallCam's local partner, Summit Solutions, has installed people counter for Cash Converters. It measures occupancy levels in various areas of the pawnshops, enabling management to understand customer preferences and enhance the accessibility and customer-friendliness of the shopping experience.


    By partnering with FootfallCam, Spitfire has enabled its client, Kyalami Grand Prix, to monitor foot traffic and visitor patterns at the convention centre. This enables client to optimise its operations and make adjustments to opening hours.


    Setting up in one of the most visited destinations in Africa, Patagonia aims to better understand customer behaviour and elevate their shopping experience. FootfallCam people counters have allowed for accurate foot traffic tracking and visitor patterns analysis.


    The esteemed Austrian luxury jewelry company, Swarovski, has deployed the FootfallCam solution in its stores in Ivory Coast, Latvia and South Africa. These solutions provide extensive business insights, enabling management to strategically plan staff ratios based on traffic patterns.


    Full House, leveraging FootfallCam's people counting solutions in South Africa, enhances retail analytics within the home furnishings sector, optimising customer flow and store layout strategies.


    A bustling supermarket, Hypercheck, located within Checkstar Durban, has deployed 3D people counters across various areas to gain insights into customer traffic patterns. This facilitates better store layout and product placement.


    With a large supermarket like Take N Pay, tracking customer foot traffic and patterns is challenging. Hence, they have chosen our people counters for accurate monitoring and analysis of customer behaviours, aiding in optimising staffing and enhancing store management.


    Leveraging FootfallCam's people counting technology, CTM improves home improvement retail operations and customer service by analysing foot traffic to improve store layout and shopping experience.


    By tactically employing FootfallCam's people counters, Hillbrow Inn monitors traffic flow patterns across peak and off-peak seasons. This helps to smoothen event planning and maintain seamless hotel operations, enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.


    Moving Tactics has installed FootfallCam 3D Pro2 at its office entrance. With the aim of enhancing office security measures, the people counter provides data on people entering and exiting, enabling monitoring for any unauthorised access to their office.


    Utilising FootfallCam's people counting technology, U-Light revolutionises lighting retail analysis. This collaboration enhances insights into the customer journey, optimises store layout, and improves energy efficiency.


    Absolute Pets, South Africa’s leading specialist pet care retailer, has implemented FootfallCam people counters in its store in Constantia. This aims to accurately track customer foot traffic and dwell time, gaining insights into customer purchasing patterns.


    Tim Build, a hardware store in Somerset West, enhances operational efficiency with FootfallCam people counting technology. This system offers insights into visitor traffic, informing decisions on staffing, inventory, and promotions for a seamless shopping experience.


    Implementing FootfallCam people counters in its flagship stores, Hey Dude, a trendy footwear brand known for its comfort and style, has enhanced its customer insights monitoring, enabling them to optimise its store and product layouts for an exceptional shopping experience.


    Planet Fitness, a prominent fitness centre chain with locations across the globe, has implemented FootfallCam 3D Pro2 across its centre to measure its facility utilisation rate, aiding in decision-making to optimise the gym environment and enhance member satisfaction.


    With stores across South Africa and Namibia, Steve Madden, a renowned footwear and accessories brand, enhances its retail insights with FootfallCam 3D Pro2. This enables the brand to optimise marketing strategies and customer engagement initiatives for a better experience.


    Partnering with renowned luxury brands, Surtee Group enhances Hugo Boss's retail experience with FootfallCam people counting technology. By analysing customer traffic, Surtee Group optimises staffing, enhances customer engagement, and sets new standards in luxury retail.


    With over 25+ stores across South Africa, Forever New aims to improve its customer experiences by using the FootfallCam 3D Pro2 to accurately monitor foot traffic and analyse customer behaviour in real time for a better store layout and staff allocation.


    More Corp, a leading retailer specialising in golf and cycling, has adopted the FootfallCam across its outlets, including The Pro Shop, CWCycles, and Cycle Lab. The solutions deliver retail insights, reinforcing its status as the foremost retailer in the golf and cycling sectors.


    As a renowned retailer of natural products, Faith to Nature aims to enhance its store layout and overall customer shopping experience with FootfallCam people counters. This technology ensures accurate customer traffic analysis, even with a wide store entrance.


    The internationally acclaimed sports brand, Under Armour, has employed the FootfallCam Analytics Manager to analyse traffic trends in its outlets on different days of the week. The system aids in the staff scheduling optimisation to enhance customer experience.


    The globally renowned footwear brand, Crocs, has installed FootfallCam in its regional stores. This system provides management with valuable insights into in-store customer traffic, serving as an essential tool for strategic decision-making and supporting sustainable business growth.


    Union Tiles, a leading provider of premium tiles and bathroom solutions, has implemented FootfallCam people counters in its showroom entrances for analysing visitor traffic and patterns. This data is crucial for optimising showroom layouts to enhance customer experiences.


    Jade SA in South Africa utilises FootfallCam's People Counting technology, refining the retail experience by accurately analysing customer traffic patterns for deeper insights into shopper behaviour in major cities.


    Being one of the most popular malls in the country, Fourways Mall in Johannesburg, experiences high footfall traffic every day. Hence, they have integrated FootfallCam people counters due to its accurate crowd tracking abilities, enabling informed operational decisions.


    New Atteridgeville Library under the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality integrates FootfallCam technology to understand traffic flow and popular sections. This enables more efficient resource allocation, enriching the library experience for the community.

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