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People Counting in Saudi Arabia

المملكة العربية السعودية لديها أكبر اقتصاد في الشرق الأوسط. باعتبارها "القوة العظمى في مجال الطاقة"، تتبنى الشركات السعودية على نطاق واسع استخدام تقنيات إنترنت الأشياء والذكاء الاصطناعي للمساعدة في أتمتة عملياتها وتحسينها. من خلال شركائنا الموثوقين في دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي، انتشرت FootfallCam في مراكز التسوق ومحلات البيع بالتجزئة والمتنزهات والمؤسسات الدينية ومباني المكاتب. تبحث الشركات السعودية عن القدرات المتقدمة والموثوقية من FootfallCam، وتُستخدم الأجهزة على نطاق واسع في مدن مثل الرياض وجدة ومكة والمدينة المنورة والهفوف والطائف

Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the Middle East. Being the “energy superpower”, Saudi Arabian businesses are widely adopting the use of IoT and AI technologies to help the automation and optimisation of their operations. Through our trusted partners in GCC, FootfallCam has deployed in shopping malls, retail shops, amusement parks, religious establishments and office buildings. Saudi Arabian businesses are looking for advanced capabilities and reliability from FootfallCam and the devices are widely used in cities including Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Hofuf and Ta'if.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Day N Day aims for sales potential by strategically placing products in high-traffic areas within the store. Utilising FootfallCam people counters and heatmap analytics, management can identify these key zones and optimise supermarket layout for enhanced customer engagement.


    Ibraheem Al Qurashi utilises FootfallCam technology in its stores across Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Al Khobar, Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah, to optimise performance and enhance customer satisfaction through foot traffic and visitor patterns analysis.


    Primo in Jeddah steps up its game by integrating FootfallCam technology in its outlet. This enables the leading convenience store chain to gain insights into customer traffic to craft the perfect shopping environment, from optimising store layout to fine-tuning staffing.


    Sahara Mall in Riyadh's King Fahd Quarter, with 180 shops and diverse amenities, strategically deploys FootfallCam people counters to monitor entrance counting and traffic flow across different zones.


    FootfallCam has revolutionised operations for Jazeera Paints, the Middle East's leading paints company. By providing precise insights into customer foot traffic, Jazeera Paints can optimise store layouts, refine marketing strategies, and enhance overall customer experience.


    Sayyar revolutionises the retail experience with FootfallCam 3D Pro2, strategically positioned throughout its store. By capturing customer movements and trends, Sayyar harnesses actionable insights to curate immersive shopping experiences by optimising product displays.


    Lals Group, a retail powerhouse in the GCC region. Utilising FootfallCam's people counting solution across 40+ sites, it helps to measure the footfall in real-time and review the footfall potential for each of their store location.

  • WECRE8

    Selling a wide variety of fashion and beauty products, it is crucial to understand which products sell the most. WeCre8 utilises the FootfallCam people counters to analyse customer preferences and optimise inventory management, ensuring popular items are always in stock.


    Sheta and Saif, a leading electronics appliances retail chain in Saudi Arabia, utilise people counting technology to gain insights into customer foot traffic and peak hours. This enables optimisation of staffing levels so that it will not understaff and overcrowd.


    Al Haram Plaza has installed a people counting system in its shopping mall in Riyadh to monitor footfall trends. This installation provides the company with insights into the customer journey and visiting patterns, enabling them to optimise layout planning and processes.


    Eyewa effectively employed FootfallCam people counters in its 80+ physical stores across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE, refining operations and enhancing customer experience, contributing to success in the competitive eyewear retail sector.


    By implementing FootfallCam 3D people counters in its store entrance, they can gain insights into customer foot traffic and behaviour. Enhancing operational efficiency and customer service can be achieved from this deployment.


    Simple City aims to improve customer experience by implementing the FootfallCam 3D people counters across its stores in Jeddah and Riyadh. Real-time data provides accurate customer traffic patterns, enabling the staff and store layout optimisation for enhanced service delivery.


    By installing FootfallCam people counting system across major cities, Five Seasaon Optical, a premier eyewear retailer, gains foot traffic and customer behaviour insights in real-time. This aids in optimising store operations for an enhanced shopping experience.


    SNB has installed a people counter in its VIP lounge located at Boulevard World, Riyadh. By monitoring the flow of visitors, SNB can allocate the right number of staff to maintain a high standard of service, ensuring that VIP clients receive the attention and care they expect.


    Banta Furniture, a prominent furniture retailer operating in the Middle East, has implemented footfall counting sensors in its showrooms in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This technology tracks the customer shopping patterns within the stores, providing management with valuable insights to optimise showroom layouts.

  • AMAQ

    The interior design specialist, AMAQ, has installed a people counter in its office to obtain live occupancy data. This deployment demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a safe environment for its staff and visitors, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

  • LEEM

    FootfallCam has collaborated with its local partner, Leem, and supplied high-tech people counters across the Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, Manama, and London stores, enhancing visitor tracking and analytics capabilities to optimise operational efficiency and customer experiences.


    FootfallCam people counting technology has been strategically deployed at Al Hazm Industrial Equipment showroom entrances to monitor visitor foot traffic and occupancy patterns, allowing for more informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency within the showroom.


    Anwar Almadinah Mall in Bada'ah, Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, optimises visitor experience with FootfallCam's people counters. Using precise footfall data, the mall enhances operational efficiency and gains valuable customer insights.


    With over 60 years in the pizza industry and outlets worldwide, Domino’s has adapted the advanced FootfallCam people counting technology across its stores for accurate foot traffic tracking and better customer behaviour understanding, aiding in optimising store operations.


    A prominent automotive company, Taajeer, accurately monitors foot traffic and customer engagement at its showrooms in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam using FootfallCam people counting technology, facilitating informed decisions to optimise showroom operations.


    NMR Retail has transformed its Papillon and Nora Garden projects shopping experience with FootfallCam 3D people counters. By analysing visitor traffic and behaviour, NMR Retail can understand consumer preferences, thus creating a remarkable shopping journey for its customers.


    Since it has diverse range of car brands and limited showroom space, Babgi has implemented FootfallCam people counters across its showroom. This aims to understand customer preferences, facilitating the optimisation of the showroom layout to better cater to customer needs.


    One of the largest Arabian homegrown makeup and fragrance brands has chosen FootfallCam 3D Pro2 for people counting solutions, customer understanding, and queue management. This underscores MIKYAJY’s commitment to ensuring a seamless shopping experience for its customers.


    Through our local reseller in Saudi Arabia, FootfallCam has partnered with IPSOS to deploy people counters across Al Roudaf Park, King Faisal Park, and Souq Okaz at their main entrance for occupancy control, which is to limit the number of visitors within the location.


    Cavaraty, a leading electronics retailer in Riyadh, has deployed people counters at its store entrances. With real-time insights into customer traffic and behaviour, it allows for informed decisions regarding store layout optimisation and operational efficiency enhancements.


    Melkior has partnered with FootfallCam to elevate the shopping experience at its cosmetics stores. By analysing and understanding customer patterns and behaviour, it can optimise store layout, product placement, and overall operational efficiency.


    Haval has implemented FootfallCam people counting technology in its car showrooms in Riyadh. This initiative aims to gain insights into visitor traffic patterns and behaviours, facilitating strategic decisions to enhance customer engagement and optimise showroom operations.


    Retail Partners Co, which comprises brands, such as Toni Pons, USAFLEX, Cheta, and Nashi Argan, utilises FootfallCam technology for stores and brands performance evaluation through foot traffic analysis and customer behaviour tracking.


    By collaborating with FootfallCam, Cheil provides people counting solutions to its clients in Saudi Arabia. Being a authorised reseller for Samsung, FMP utilises this technology for precise visitor tracking analytics, enabling informed decision-making and operational optimisation.


    As a top sports nutrition provider like Extreme Nutrition, ensuring efficient store operations and an exceptional shopping experience is vital. Hence, FootfallCam people counters are integrated into the retail outlets for accurate foot traffic monitoring to inform decisions.


    Al Mazro Group, Nolte's partner in Saudi Arabia, intstalled over 50 FootfallCam people counters across their kitchen showrooms to analyse the footfall pattern and monitor products engagement rate. With precise data, they make data-driven decisions on products sourcing.


    Doghmal Co. Ltd., an authorised Toyota reseller and maintenance service provider, aims to elevate the customer experience through people counters. With real time customer traffic and behaviour data, the management can and optimise the showroom operation hours.


    Thakaa Center, an innovation hub for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Saudi Arabia, has installed a people counter at its Riyadh location. This technology monitors the occupancy level of the innovation lab, supplying decision-makers with data on the utilisation rate of the facilities.


    To optimise facility utilisation rates, Nolutec integrated FootfallCam 3D people counters at Mataf, the circumambulation area around the Kaaba in Masjid al-Haram mosque. This allows for visitor traffic analysis, efficient crowd management, and an enhanced worshipper experience.


    Elite Vision, a leading eyewear retailer from Jeddah, deploys the FootfallCam 3D people counters to monitor customer foot traffic for different times of the day and week. This can help to optimise staffing levels and make adjustments to operation days.


    Sodas Group has teamed up with FootfallCam to optimise operations for its client, Rockport. This includes tracking foot traffic and occupancy within Rockport's retail spaces, empowering management for informed decisions to enhance customer experience and resource allocation.


    With stores located across Saudi Arabia, Al Sorayai Group has chosen FootfallCam for retail solutions, enabling accurate visitor traffic and patterns tracking. This allows them to tailor their services to meet customer needs, enhancing the overall customer experience.


    Monitoring visitor behaviour and peak hour patterns through the FootfallCam 3D Pro2 has helped Dimos to improve their furniture store layout, adjust their operation hours, and optimise staff allocation for enhanced customer service.


    FootfallCam people counters has been deployed in Al-Essa kitchen showrooms across the middle east to provide a unified data source. It helps in analysing footfall traffic, identifying crowd areas, and optimising staffing and layout decisions for improved operational efficiency.


    The Clock Towers Shopping Centre has introduced a footfall counting sensor at its entrance to tracks visitor flow. It provides invaluable data in enhancing the operations of the centre, enabling the management to make informed decisions to optimise the overall shopping experience for its visitors.


    For Optique Optics, a prestigious eyewear retailer, FootfallCam counters have been deployed to precisely monitor foot traffic at store entrances. By obtaining vital insights into visitor trends, it enables staffing optimisation to enhance overall customer shopping experience.


    Aura Living from the UAE and Saudi Arabia has installed the FootfallCam people counter to track visitor traffic and patterns. The solution provides essential insights to management, helping in improving the strategies for store layout and product placement.


    With 30+ years of experience in selling famous home appliance brands like Samsung and Panasonic, Tamkeen installed the FootfallCam people counters in their stores across Saudi Arabia to accurately monitor customer traffic and adjust staffing levels accordingly.


    By installing FootfallCam 3D Pro2 at its cafe entrance, Al Fishawi gains precise insights into visitor traffic and behaviour. Hence, they can optimise seating arrangements and service efficiency, aligning with the store’s commitment to enhancing customer cafe experience.


    A leading organic shop in Riyadh, Rootura monitors customer traffic and shopping patterns with our people counting technology. This allows for staffing and store layout optimisation, leading to an enhanced customer shopping experience, and aligning with their overall goals.


    Giftat gifts shop installed the FootfallCam people counters at its entrances to track the visitor traffic at various days of the week. This helps determine peak footfall days, enabling better staffing and inventory management to enhance customer service and satisfaction.


    Al Jomaih Automotive, a prominent Saudi Arabian automotive dealership, aims to optimise showroom layout and improve customer buying experience through the installing our people counting technology into its showroom to track and analyse customer traffic patterns.


    Gaining insights into visitor engagement through FootfallCam systems, Anotah, with stores across several countries, gains a deeper understanding of its customers. This empowers strategic adjustments to product displays and store layout for an enhanced shopping experience.


    Pandora, a renowned jewellery brand, has upgraded its store systems by replacing old people counters with FootfallCam technology worldwide. This enhancement allows for accurate foot traffic analysis, essential for improving customer experiences and optimising operations.


    To enhance customer service and resource allocation, KarazLinen, a premium provider of luxury linens, recognises the importance of understanding customer behaviour. Utilising people counters enables the company to gain insights into customer trends and behaviour.


    Enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, Blooming Wear strategically employed people counters in its 30+ stores to refine operations. The brand's success in the lingerie retail sector is attributed to data-driven insights from foot traffic.

  • EMAC

    FootfallCam 3D Pro2 has been integrated into Emac, a leading furniture and home decor retailer, to accurately track customer dwell time within the store. This data can help to understand customers’ preferences, as longer dwell times indicate customer preferences.


    A prominent automotive showroom, Asar Auto, has embraced FootfallCam’s people counting system to track and analyse customer traffic patterns and peak hours. This initiative aims to adjust opening and closing hours and maximise operational efficiency.


    Offering premium chocolates, cakes, and macarons, AANI & DANI sweetens success with FootfallCam people counters. By analysing customer traffic, they optimise staffing, enhance the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions, redefining luxury confectionery retail.


    Abdul Samad AlQurashi, a renowned perfume brand, has implemented FootfallCam people counters at its flagship stores. This allows for precise monitoring of customer foot traffic and enhances operational efficiency for an improved shopping experience.

  • LOFT

    A prominent furniture retailer has integrated FootfallCam people counting technology at its store entrances across Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Khobar, for visitor counting. With this, Loft can optimise store layouts and enhance operations accordingly.


    AREIC has partnered with FootfallCam to enhance visitor tracking and analytics at The Roof Shopping Mall in Riyadh. This implementation aims to analyse visitor flow from different entrances, helping to justify rental rates for the tenants.


    By installing a people counter in its Riyadh outlet, Mugla Optical has been able to gain retail insights. The system delivers metrics such as store conversion rate and traffic trend, enabling management to identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhance the overall customer experience.


    Al Bonian Group optimises resource management in their furniture showrooms—Elegant Home, Bo Concept, Lexington, and Roche Bobois—with FootfallCam's people counters. Analysing footfall data helps gauge product engagement and strategically allocate resources during industry peak and off-peak seasons.


    Mahdi Amin Bukhari has partnered with FootfallCam to deploy people counters into Toyota showrooms across major cities in Saudi Arabia, including, Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah and Damman, aiming to track and analyse customer traffic patterns.


    University of Hail, a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence, has installed people counters in key areas across its campus. This helps to gain insights into facility utilisation rate and optimising resource allocation for efficient campus management.


    Givenchy enhances its store management and layout by integrating FootfallCam's advanced wide area people tracking technology. Despite Givenchy's wide entrance, this technology can still effectively monitor foot traffic, outside traffic, and dwell time throughout entire store.

  • IKEA

    For Ikea, the iconic furniture giant, understanding customer flow is crucial for optimising store operations. By partnering with FootfallCam, they unlock the power to fine-tune operations and enhance the shopping journey for every visitor.


    Reefi's success in offering various styles of bathrobes lies in FootfallCam people counters. By analysing customer traffic and behaviour, Reefi optimises staffing, enhances the customer experience, and makes data-driven decisions, thereby redefining bathrobe retail.


    By deploying FootfallCam 3D Pro2 at the store entrance, Beauti aims to enhance customer experience and solidify its position as a leading cosmetics retailer in Saudi Arabia, by optimising resource allocation and store layout through customer foot traffic analysis.


    Galimard, a cosmetics and perfume retailer in Riyadh, now has the ability to monitor visitor traffic at various days and weeks. Thanks to FootfallCam people counters, the management can optimise staffing and store layout based on the visitor data.


    Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia has integrated FootfallCam people counting technology in its office to gain valuable insights into visitor counts and peak hours. This enables staffing optimisation to streamline operation, leading to improved customer and employee experience.


    As an accessories shop offering many products, ranging from household goods to bags, there will be many customer types. Hence, to better understand customer behaviour and preferences, HiDeer has installed FootfallCam people counters at the entrance of their stores.


    PATTERN, a coffee shop renowned for its artisanal brews, now measures daily customer counts and behaviours with precision thanks to FootfallCam’s cutting-edge technology. With this, the management can enhance its operations to provide a satisfying experience for its customers.


    Nespresso, the coffee machine specialist, has deployed a people counter in its outlet in Jeddah. This sophisticated technology equips the manager with insights into consumer preferences and behavior, playing a critical role in Nespresso's expansion strategy in the region.


    Al Qarat Mall, a huge shopping centre in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, has implemented the FootfallCam people counting sensor at its entrance. This technology accurately gauges the number of visitors, offering management crucial insights into shopping patterns and traffic trends of the visitors.


    Al Homaidhi has installed a people counter in its outlet located in Panorama Mall, Riyadh. By analysing both the outside and in-store traffic, Al Homaidhi can optimise its exterior window displays to attract more visitors into the store, enhancing the store's visibility and appeal to potential customers.


    Jarir Books has installed FootfallCam 3D Plus in their UAE and Saudi Arabia stores to track visitor counts, footfall patterns, and engagement rates, aiming to understand customer interest in specific areas of the store and optimise their layout accordingly.


    Saudi Ceramics in Saudi Arabia transforms showroom experience with FootfallCam's people counters, optimising layouts, staff allocation, and marketing strategies. Real-time data enhances operational efficiency and elevates customer engagement.


    A homegrown coffee shop in Saudi Arabia, Dawzan Café, deploys FootfallCam people counting system into their stores. By monitoring customer traffic and peak times, Dawzan Café can optimise staffing levels, streamline operations, and improve customer service during busy periods.


    Office Hub has installed a people counter in its Riyadh showroom. By observing customer visit patterns and dwell times across different showroom areas, Office Hub can identify which products or sections attract more interest, helping them to understand what appeals to their customers


    FootfallCam people counters have been implemented at the Prophet's Mosque Building Exhibition. This allows the management to analyse the effectiveness of its marketing efforts in attracting visitors using the foot traffic data collected from the counters.


    FootfallCam transformed Jashanmal Group's retail strategy across stores in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman with people counters. These devices offer precise footfall analytics, enabling Jashanmal to optimise operations and elevate customer experience.


    Madina Arts Centre transforms its visitor experience by integrating FootfallCam technology. Analysing visitor traffic and peak hours allows for strategic adjustments in layout and operations, enhancing the overall journey for art enthusiasts.


    Hadir, a specialist in event registration solutions in Saudi Arabia, incorporates FootfallCam people counters into clients' exhibitions. This integration aims to accurately measure visitor traffic, enabling the estimation of service/product distribution needs for their clients.


    CityFlower, a prominent hypermarket chain, has implemented FootfallCam people counting technology in its stores. The management can allocate resources and enhance operations effectively with the foot traffic patterns data obtained from the counters.


    By leveraging FootfallCam's technology, Kinan ensures accurate data collection and analysis, enabling informed decisions on tenant rental rates based on real-time visitor trends at Al Jamea Plaza, enhancing tenant management efficiency and optimising revenue for the property.


    By deploying people counters at Drs Lounge, a specialty clothing store catering to medical professionals, foot traffic data gained from the counters are used as a guidance for the management to optimises store operations.


    Zoni Bakery and Pastry has integrated FootfallCam people counters into its store to measure visitor counts throughout various times of the day and week. This data enables them to adjust their pastry production accordingly, minimising spoilage and waste.


    The first modern shopping centre in Al Quwaieyah City, Quwaieyah Mall, has been equipped with people counting sensors. This strategic deployment is intended to track the flow of visitors at the entrances, providing the management with real-time information on the shopping centre's occupancy rates.


    A renowned luxury automotive brand, Lexus installs 3D people counting technology into its showrooms in various locations globally, providing insightful heatmaps on customer traffic patterns to improve layout and enhance customer engagement.


    Ibraheem Keden International has partnered with FootfallCam to implement people counting solution at Al Andalus Mall. This offers valuable insights into foot traffic patterns within the mall, facilitating operational planning and justifying tenant rental rates.


    Qormuz, an esteemed fashion brand, enhances shopping journey by integrating FootfallCam technology for precise visitor traffic analysis. This enables store layout optimisation, ensuring each shopper experiences unparalleled sophistication while exploring their signature style.


    Having an expansive store size and a wide range of product offerings can make tracking customer foot traffic and patterns challenging. Therefore, ElectroStore chose FootfallCam technology for its ability to accurately track crowds, thereby streamlining operations.


    Midas Furniture, Kuwait's premier furniture retailer in Rai and Al-Dajeej, enhances operations with FootfallCam's 16 deployed people counters. Optimising entrance counting, traffic flow, and product engagement, elevating the customer experience.


    The captivating allure of Thee Ain Village attracts a lot of visitors every day. Therefore, the management decides to monitor visitor traffic and obtain peak hours data through FootfallCam people counters. This allows for strategic planning to elevate visitor experience.


    The leading business enterprises, Al Mana Group has installed people counting system for Lush stores across Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. The devices offer valuable metrics like conversion rate, visitor count and turn-in-rate, supporting the stores’ expansion strategy.


    Cardial, a leader in Saudi Arabia's luxury retail industry, enhances operations, boosts sales, and improves customer experience with real-time foot traffic insights, showcasing the transformative impact of people counting technology.


    Expand Expo has collaborated with FootfallCam to implement a people counting system for its client in Saudi Arabia. Cityscape Global Exhibition has utilised this technology for their exhibition to measure the traffic flow and assess the effectiveness of the exhibition.


    The menswear retail giant, Alshiaka owns and operates more than 50 showrooms in 17 Saudi cities including Taif, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Makkah, and Madinah. They tailored success by monitoring and utilising footfall data with FootfallCam's people counters.


    By integrating FootfallCam people counters in various locations in Al-Hudaithi Mall to measure foot traffic, Zawaya Real Estate provides exceptional customer service to its clients and offers a means for clients to justify the rental rates of the mall's tenants.


    As an experienced company in body comfort products, Back Comfort's smart use of people counters fine-tuned their operations, boosting satisfaction and sales. Practical insights revamped store dynamics, driving industry success.


    Mantech Co. Toy Town, a leading indoor playground centre, has integrated the 3D Pro2 and Centroid system. This advanced setup integrates AI analytics with existing surveillance cameras to monitor crowd movements and engagement throughout the facility.


    Saudi Furniture, a luxury furniture retailer, has equipped its Lazado showroom in Riyadh with people counters to analyses footfall trends and product engagement rates. It allows the retailer to tailor its showroom layout and offerings more effectively.


    In Riyadh, Hakeem Oyoun has taken a step towards operational excellence by integrating FootfallCam technology at its entrances. This innovative move allows to gain insights into visitor traffic patterns, facilitating optimal resource allocation and operational planning.


    One of the top public universities in Riyadh, King Saud University, has installed footfall counting sensors in its main entrance. The technology measures the number of visitors entering the premises, allowing the decision-makers to understand the occupancy level of the building.


    Motors Gate Company, the exclusive agent of BAIC Motors, has deployed 3D people counters across its showrooms in Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Jazan, and Dammam. This initiative assists in evaluating the performance of each showroom effectively.


    In response to rising competition, Sonbol, a leading vintage clothing store in Saudi Arabia, has integrated FootfallCam people counters to track customer behaviours and patterns. This allows them to tailor products to customer preferences and enhance customer experience.


    Al Jamil Optics has seamlessly integrated FootfallCam people counters into their stores. With precision tracking of customer foot traffic, they now orchestrate an immersive shopping experience, adjusting store layout and staffing to delight every visitor's visual journey.


    Al Saggaf Co. has implemented the FootfallCam people counting system in its home improvements retail stores across Saudi Arabia. With this, Al Saggaf can enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by leveraging data-driven insights into visitor traffic.

  • LG

    LG, a multinational electronics company, leverages FootfallCam people counters to analyse footfall trend and product engagement rates. With our precise 3d people counting technology, LG continues their reigning streak in the electronics industry.


    Almanea Co., one of the largest electrical home appliance retailers in Saudi Arabia, has installed the FootfallCam 3D Pro2 in its stores to track customer foot traffic and peak hours, enabling adjustments to staffing levels and store hours.


    Al Hijaz Mall, a historic shopping landmark in Mecca on Makkah - Jeddah Expy, employs FootfallCam people counters throughout the mall for real-time occupancy data and improved crowd control management.


    Balubaid Group of Companies has implemented people counters for its FunLand entertainment centers across Riyadh and Makkah. By analysing the people traffic, management can optimise the operation of these centers, ensuring a seamless customer experience.


    Tera Mall in lively Ta'if, Saudi Arabia, deployed FootfallCam 3D people counters for occupancy monitoring and staff allocation, enhancing operational efficiency throughout the mall.


    Unified Asset & Property Management has introduced FootfallCam people counters to its clients. This enables Vox Cinemas to gain insights into visitor traffic patterns, aiding in optimising movie scheduling and operational planning for an exceptional customer experience.


    Despite having a large electronics store in Saudi Arabia, Black Box utilises FootfallCam technology to identify peak hours and popular areas in-store. This enables them to tailor its offerings and promotions accordingly, enhancing the shopping experience for its customers.


    Al Basateen Mall enhances its customer shopping experience and justifies its tenant rental rates through accurate foot traffic analysis from different areas and entrances of the mall, provided by the FootfallCam people counting technology.


    Imtiaz Al Arabia with over 100 stores, is a leader in fashion retail franchise in Saudi Arabia. They implemented FootfallCam's people counters to optimise store layout, improve staffing efficiency, and enhance customer experience, resulting in increased sales and operational excellence.


    A luxury and prestige retailer, Trafalgar has deployed people counters across stores in Saudi Arabia, including Aigner 360, TAG Heuer, and Fendi. This assists in optimising store layouts and staffing levels by accurately track customer foot traffic and behaviour.


    aDawliah has integrated FootfallCam’s retail solutions into its music appliances stores in Saudi Arabia and South Africa to gain valuable insights into customer foot traffic and shopping patterns, enabling better resource allocation and adjustments to opening hours.

  • 360 LIVE

    360 Live, an entertainment agency in Saudi Arabia, has implemented a people counting solution for the Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition (SFHE). By understanding visitor flow, the organisers can assess the exhibition's reach and effectiveness, aiding in the planning and improvement of future events.


    By installing FootfallCam people counters at the entrances of Al Janadriyah festival in Saudi Arabia, it enables management to gain valuable insights into visitor traffic. This empowers them to evaluate the efficiency of their marketing strategies in attracting foot traffic.


    Zohoor aims to attract more visitors and increase sales potential. To achieve this, the store strategically positions products at the front, monitors outside foot traffic, evaluates conversion rates, and accurately identifies popular products using FootfallCam people counters.


    With 35+ stores across Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, Makkah, and Riyadh, Overdose aims to enhance the customer experience. FootfallCam people counters not only track customer traffic patterns but also facilitate efficient queue management, enabling staffing optimisation.


    Gautier, a renowned global furniture retailer, has implemented people counting technology in its store entrance. This provides insights into visitor traffic patterns, enabling the management to optimise store layout for a better customer experience.


    With over 800 stores across Saudi Arabia, Deraah recognises the importance of monitoring foot traffic and occupancy within its retail spaces. Hence, the company has chosen to implement FootfallCam’s accurate and dependable people counting technology for all stores.


    Dr. Hamid Suliman Al Ahmadi Hospital uses FootfallCam people counters to monitor foot traffic and occupancy. This technology helps to gain insights into visitor trends, aiding in operational planning and staff optimisation, enhancing patient and visitor experience.


    Multiple FootfallCam 3D Pro2 have been installed inside the Riyadh Park shopping mall to track visitor traffic and behaviour. This data aids in understanding customer shopping journeys, allowing management to optimise tenant rental rates and enhancing overall mall operations.


    KOJamjoom Group LLC elevates The Body Shop's Saudi Arabia stores using FootfallCam people counters. By optimising staffing and understanding customer behavior, they make informed decisions, ensuring a tailored and efficient in-store environment.


    Machinestalk has integrated FootfallCam’s solutions into the world’s largest mirrored structure, Maraya Building. Our occupancy tracking system offers real-time insights into foot traffic within the building, aiding space utilization and enhancing operational efficiency.


    Qoyod, a cloud accounting solution provider, utilized the FootfallCam people counter during its exhibition at Gitex Africa 2023. This technology provided solid data on the number of visitors to its booth, enabling management to gauge the impact of attending the exhibition.

  • SACO

    Based in Saudi Arabia, SACO's savvy use of FootfallCam people counters boosted sales and streamlined operations. Smart staffing, strategic layouts, and improved customer experience led to retail success in electronics and home appliances.


    Eddy Home & Electronics in Riyadh has incorporated people counters across various areas within its store. With FootfallCam technology, they can track customer traffic and identify popular areas through heat maps, enabling adjustments to store layout and product placement.


    The Al-Midra Tower in Dhahran, owned by Saudi Aramco, has been outfitted with footfall counting sensors. This system is designed to monitor the number of visitors, supplying valuable insights for optimising building operations, ensuring efficient use of resources.


    Mugla Optical tracks visitor movements and patterns through the FootfallCam 3D people counters. This data enables them to optimise their store layout and staffing, aligning with their commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience.


    At Sleep Line, a leading mattress retailer in Saudi Arabia, our people counting technology enables them to monitor customer traffic and shopping patterns. With this, they can optimise product placement and store layout to deliver a better customer experience.


    In collaboration with our local partner, FootfallCam has installed 48 people counting devices at Red Sea Mall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This initial phase aims to monitor shopper traffic and assess event effectiveness.

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Pencoed Technology Centre,
Pencoed, Bridgend CF35 5HZ,
United Kingdom

+44-(0) 1344 937275

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United Kingdom

46 Abbotswood,
Guildford, GU1 1UY,
United Kingdom

+44-(0) 1344 937275

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United States

7101 TPC DR.,
Suite 130, Orlando, FL 32822,
United States

+1 (0) 321 320 8043

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Asia Pacific

45-47 Man Yiu Bldg, G/F,
Man Wai Street, Ferry Point,
Hong Kong

+852 (0) 279 43188

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South East Asia

51-2 Jalan SL 1/4,
Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang,
Selangor, Malaysia

+60-(3) 9011 2413

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