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People Counting in Qatar

نظرًا لكونه اقتصادًا غنيًا بالنفط مع استثمارات كبيرة في صناعاته السياحية والمالية والبنية التحتية، تستخدم الشركات القطرية تقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي وإنترنت الأشياء لترقية عملياتها وتصبح مؤسسات عالمية المستوى. أثبت شركاء FootfallCam في الدوحة والريان وأم صلال محمد والوكرة أنهم يساعدون متاجر البيع بالتجزئة ومراكز التسوق والمكاتب ومناطق الجذب السياحي على أتمتة عملياتهم وضمان تجربة خدمة عملاء إيجابية.

Being an oil-rich economy with substantial investments in its tourism, financial, and infrastructure industries, Qatari businesses are using AI and IoT technologies to upgrade their operations and become world-class enterprises. FootfallCam partners in Doha, Al Rayyan, Umm Şalāl Muḩammad, and Al Wakrah have proven to help retail stores, shopping malls, offices, and tourist attractions automate their operations and ensure a positive customer service experience.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    FootfallCam 3D Pro2 has been installed at the Tarsheed Carnival 2024. This system has provided insights into customer count and crowd density, enabling the organisers to evaluate their marketing effectiveness in attracting customers and plan for future events accordingly


    The Qatar Foundation has installed footfall counters at Awsaj Academy to provide insights into the usage rates of various campus spaces. It enables the management to understand the student preferences, thereby transforming the academy into an even more engaging and exciting place for learning.


    Jacadi Paris has selected the FootfallCam system for visitor counting, owing to its accuracy and reliability. The project features a customised dashboard with multiple dimensions, enabling management to monitor business performance comprehensively, both at the store level and company-wide.


    The renowned luxury watches and jewellery retailer, Trafalgar, has implemented people counting system for its Qatar outlets. The technology serves as a critical tool in providing retail insights, allowing the management to obtain key metrics such as conversion rate and turn-in-rate.


    The premier eyewear boutique in the kingdom, Optica, has been outfitted with footfall counters. These counters provide insights into the footfall trends across various stores, enabling decision-makers to optimise the staff-to-customer ratio. This supports the company's dedication to offering an exceptional in-store experience.


    Leisure, the prominent player in the entertainment industry, has installed people counter in the entertainment hub, Angry Birds World, located in Doha. This technology provides insights into the facility's usage, allowing management to understand visitor preferences and deliver an exceptional entertainment experience.


    The Qatar Foundation has implemented a people counting system at the Recreation Centre in Ar-Rayyan, Qatar. This system is designed to monitor the number of visitors in various areas within the centre, enabling management to better understand facility usage and improve the visitor experience.


    The prominent electronic retail chain, iSport has equipped its stores with traffic counters across Doha, including Villaggio Mall, Doha Festival City, and City Center Doha. The system provides real-time occupancy, enabling the management to optimise staff allocation when the occupancy is high.


    The prominent Qatari business conglomerate, AL Majed Group, has equipped its Tag Heuer store with FootfallCam. This installation allows management to closely observe the correlation between foot traffic and store sales, empowering them to formulate tailored strategies to bolster revenue growth.


    The premier luxury retail distributor in Qatar, Ever Fashion, has implement traffic counting system in its Gianvito Rossi store located at Vendome Mall. Leveraging on the FootfallCam Analytic Manager, the management gain insights into the traffic trend of the storem, enabling for optimised staff allocation.


    MULTAQA, or known as the Education City Student Center, has installed people counting solution on its premises. The system accurately tracks the visitors entering and leaving the students, provides a comprehensive view of the real-time occupancy of the buildings, thereby allowing the management to understand the student;s preferences.


    Dolce Milk, renowned for its luxury self-care products, integrates FootfallCam technology at its new store in City Center Doha Mall. The management uses data regarding visitor traffic, peak hours, and popular products to adjust its store operations for better efficiency.


    One of Qatar's leading business enterprises, Quality Group, has deployed people counters in its Quality Hypermarkets. This technology enables the company to closely monitor store performance and offers valuable insights into staff allocation planning.


    Orange Business has deployed FootfallCam people counter in its Qatar office. The sophiscated system tracks the people flow in real-time, offering the management with insights into workspaces usage pattern, allowing for office layout and process optimisation for improved productivity.


    Midas Furniture, a leading furniture retailer in the Middle East, has implemented people counters throughout its stores in Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. This initiative is in line with the company's dedication to providing an outstanding in-store shopping experience for furniture, further bolstering its strategy for regional growth.


    Al Majed Jewellery has installed a people counter for its Hublot boutique located in Vendome Mall. This serves as a critical tool to provide comprehensive insights into customer preferences, enabling management to devise appropriate strategies to cater to evolving customer needs.


    The leading business enterprises, Al Mana Group has installed people counting system for Lush stores across Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. The devices offer valuable metrics like conversion rate, visitor count and turn-in-rate, supporting the stores’ expansion strategy.


    Al Jaroodi, the luxury women accessories and shoes distributor, has installed a people counter for its Nicoli store. The system grants the management with access to comprehensive business insights, solidifying its leading position in the luxury accessories and shoes industry.


    The prominent supplier of consumer electronics and charging solutions, Anker, has implemented a people counting solution for its store in City Centre Mirdif. The installation is intended to monitor the number of customers, offering comprehensive insight into the store's performance.


    Almana Fashion, a premier fashion distributor in Qatar, utilises FootfallCam people counters to inform strategic decision-making. By elucidating foot traffic trends, this technology enables management to gauge the effectiveness of marketing and promotional endeavours in stimulating sales expansion.


    The Middle East Retail Group (MERG) has installed people counters in its stores across Kuwait and Qatar, including Hamleys and Nous. By gaining insights into visitor trends, management can devise appropriate promotional and marketing activities to support sustainable revenue growth.

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