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People Counting in Netherlands

De FootfallCam 3D Pro2-mensenteller is de afgelopen drie jaar het best verkochte telapparaat ter wereld. Geïnstalleerd in winkelcentra, winkels, musea, kantoorgebouwen en bussen, heeft het bewezen zeer nauwkeurig en betrouwbaar te zijn. In combinatie met de FootfallCam V9-software levert het op maat gemaakte zakelijke functies voor elk marktsegment. Onze oplossing is ingezet in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag en Utrecht. Wij zetten ons in om Nederland te ondersteunen met onze toegewijde service en uitstekende producten.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    The esteemed British outdoor and leisure clothing brand, Regatta, has employed the FootfallCam system to monitor its store performance and operations throughout America and Europe, encompassing Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy.


    The leading retailer of baby products and accessories, Baby-Dump, has obtained consumer insights from FootfallCam technology. The deployment aligning seamlessly with its dedication to providing a comfortable and convenient one-stop shopping experience for parents and children.


    The leading European bedding and bedroom furniture company, Swiss Sense, has deployed FootfallCam solutions across Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria, to analyse store traffic trends across regions, facilitating data-driven decisions and store optimisation.


    The prominent retail chain specializing in baby and children's products, Babypark, has implemented footfall counters in its stores. This sophisticated system monitors shopper traffic patterns, offering the management crucial insights into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and store performance.


    The renowned Dutch kitchenware retailer, Bruynzeel Keukens, has installed FootfallCam traffic counters in its showrooms. The system offers valuable insights into customer traffic, enabling management to determine the impact of marketing initiatives on store footfall.


    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.


    The distinguished business centre, WTC The Hague, situated in The Hague, has installed footfall counters throughout of its premises. This technology tracks occupancy levels and facility utilisation, enabling management to create an optimal environment for global trade and business networking.


    The Dutch ice rink located in Leeuwarden, Friesland, 11stedenhal, has installed people counters throughout the facility. These counters provide a comprehensive view of facilities utilization rate, allowing decision-makers to facilitate optimal operational management and enhances the overall visitor experience.


    The Dutch wholesale brand, Makro Nederland, has equipped its wholesale centres with the FootfallCam system. The technology offers insights into the inflow and outflow of customer in the centers, enabling management to optimise store operations and enhance customer value.


    The homegrown fashion brand, De Koopman, has chosen FootfallCam owing to its data analytical capabilities. It provides insights into customer footfall, assisting the management in comprehending consumer preferences and acting as a critical tool for keeping pace with changing fashion trends.


    In partnership with Eastbridge, FootfallCam has installed footfall counting systems in various libraries across major cities such as Zeist, Utrecht, Amstelveen, and Borculo. This deployment reinforces the libraries' roles as centres for reading, enhancing the visitor experience for local communities.


    The renowned garden centre chain in the Netherlands, Tuinland, has equipped its stores with traffic counters. This technology delivers essential insights into customer traffic and shopping patterns, enabling management to offer a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience to the customers..


    High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the smartest square kilometre in Europe, is a prominent technology hub situated in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It has equipped various key areas, including laboratories, office spaces, and conference rooms, with FootfallCam to monitor their utilisation rates effectively.

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    Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), or Utrecht School of the Arts, has implemented footfall counters. The technology offers insights into facility usage, enabling management to identify the most frequently used studios and optimise the utilisation of available space.

  • ROOM108

    Room108, a renowned furniture brand in the Netherlands, has installed footfall counters in its showrooms in key cities including Amsterdam, Bonheiden, and Eindhoven. This implementation provides the management with complete clarity on the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.


    Sijben-Wooncenter, a distinguished furniture company based in Limburg, Netherlands, has implemented people counters in its store. The technology provides critical retail insights for making informed business decisions aimed at sustainable revenue growth and enhancing the customer experience.


    Bike Totaal, a prominent cycling retail chain, has selected FootfallCam people counters for installation in its bike shops. This initiative is designed to track the number of visitors within the stores, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of store performance and customer footfall.


    The Bibliotheek Katwijk has deployed people counters across its branches in Katwijk aan Zee, Rijnsburg, and Valkenburg aan de Geul. The system provides critical insights which enables the authorities to allocate the appropriate number of staff members, thereby ensuring an improved visitor experience.


    PureLust, a family-owned chain of erotic shops, has implemented a people counting system in its Amsterdam outlets. This technology provides decision-makers with crucial metrics such as conversion rates, turn-in rates, customer numbers, and outside store traffic, aiding in more informed business strategies.


    Woon & Slaap, a well-known furniture retail brand, has adopted the FootfallCam people counting system for its showrooms in Almelo and Enschede. This technology is used to monitor real-time occupancy in various areas of the showrooms, providing essential insights into consumer shopping behaviors and patterns.


    Studio Henk, a furniture design brand based in Amsterdam, has implemented people counting systems in its showrooms to monitor visitor numbers. This system provides insights into visitor trends, assisting decision-makers in optimising staff allocation to ensure an enhanced visitor experience.


    The luxury fashion brand, Vanilia, has adopted the FootfallCam people counting system for its outlets to gain comprehensive insights into visitor numbers. This system enables management to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and overall store performance.


    Kunstwerk Liemers, a cultural and knowledge center located in the Liemers region, has installed people counting systems in its facilities in Zevenaar and Duiven. This technology offers a detailed overview of traffic trends within the buildings, simplifying the process of staff allocation to improve the visitor experience.


    Drinxx, an independent liquor distributor, has implemented a people counting system in its stores located in Noordwijk, Den Haag, and Voorhout. This solution supports management in strategic decision-making by supplying essential metrics like turn-in rate, conversion rate, and occupancy levels.


    Cookinglife, a domestic retailer of cooking appliances, has outfitted its stores with FootfallCam people counters. This technology enables the management to compare traffic trends before and during promotional events, providing full visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.


    The bedroom and accessories specialist, Slaapsfeer, has implemented people counting solutions across its showrooms situated in Beers, Beuningen, and Groesbeek. By comparing the traffic trends during the promotional events, the decision-makers is able to understand the effectiveness of marketing events in driving customer footfalls.


    The premium furniture specialist, Mister Design, has installed people counters for its showrooms located in 's-Hertogenbosch. The system tracks the occupancy level within the different areas of thr showroom, providing insights into the consumer preferences.


    Crème Fresh, an independent fashion retail store in Haarlem, has installed a FootfallCam people counter at its entrance. This enables access to a comprehensive range of data analytics, assisting in making informed decisions that support sustainable revenue growth.


    Brokken & Zo, a trendy pet store situated in the heart of Gouda, has equipped its outlet with a people counting system. This solution tracks occupancy in various areas of the store, offering valuable insights to decision-makers for the optimization of store layout and customer flow.


    Woonwinkel Entrée, a unique combination of a home furnishing store and a cozy coffee house, has installed people counters within its premises. This installation is invaluable for facilitating effective staff allocation, ensuring that customers receive an exceptional experience during their visit.


    Juwelier Stoopman, an independent jewellery retailer, has implemented the FootfallCam people counter in its stores situated in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and Zwijndrecht. This system provides an in-depth view of the stores' traffic trends, enabling management to optimise their store operations for greater efficiency.


    The distinguished eyewear retail brand, Polette, has installed people counting systems in its stores across the Netherlands's major cities, including Utrecht and Amsterdam. This technology delivers crucial metrics such as conversion rate, turn-in rate, and outside traffic, all of which are pivotal in fostering sustainable revenue growth.


    Royal Queen Seeds, a leading producer of premium cannabis seeds, has installed people counting systems in its stores in Amsterdam, including those on Damstraat and Haarlemmerstraat. This technology serves as a vital tool, offering key insights that support sustainable business growth.


    Intertoys, the largest toy store chains in the Netherlands, has deployed people counting systems in its outlets located in Uden and Venray. This deployment offers real-time data on store occupancy, enabling the management to maintain an optimal staff-to-customer ratio, crucial for providing an excellent in-store experience.

    Read the case study

    The home furnishing retail store in Opende, IJtsma, has outfitted its premises with the FootfallCam people counter. By monitoring occupancy levels in various areas of the showroom, management can gain insights into customer preferences and shopping patterns, facilitating more informed strategic decisions.


    Fit for Free, also known as Sportcity, has equipped its fitness centers in Karspeldreef and Buikslotermeerplein with people counters. This technology provides an overview of the busyness of the fitness centers, enabling management to allocate the appropriate number of staffs for an enhanced customer experience.


    Whoon Oisterwijk, a home furnishing store in Oisterwijk, has implemented the FootfallCam 3D people counter to aid in making informed decisions. This technology tracks customer interactions with products, offering management critical insights into customer preferences and behaviors.


    The prominent gaming hub, The Game Box, has installed people counters for its outlet in Apeldoorn. The systems reveals insights into the customer preferences, aligning with the company's objective to create a fun and engaging environment for enhanced customer experience.


    De Bibliotheek Hengelo has installed a footfall counting system in its libraries to gather insights into visitor trends and preferences. This aids management in strategic decision-making, thereby strengthening the libraries' role in providing information and knowledge access to the local community.

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