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People Counting in Italy

Essendo la terza economia più grande dell'Eurozona e avendo un gran numero di piccole e medie imprese dinamiche, i dispositivi FootfallCam sono ampiamente utilizzati nei negozi al dettaglio, nelle fabbriche, nelle caffetterie, negli edifici per uffici, nei treni e nelle attrazioni turistiche. FootfallCam ha una serie di partner fidati in città tra cui Roma, Milano, Napoli, Torino, Palermo e Genova che si dedicano ad aiutare le aziende italiane ad automatizzare e ottimizzare le proprie operazioni aziendali e rimanere competitive.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    De Giglio Ottici, a locally established eyewear store in Italy, has equipped its stores across Bari with people counters. The technology offers insights into customer shopping patterns, enabling the manager to ensure the stores are optimally aligned with customer needs.


    Gianni Lupo, the men's fashion and apparel brand, has deployed people counters to measure the inflow and outflow of customers. This enhances shopper traffic visibility for higher management, facilitating improved planning and operational optimisation.


    Honda has deployed FootfallCam systems in its European showrooms, covering Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Spain, and extending to Nepal. These solutions track visitor metrics like dwell time, heat maps, and space utilisation, enhancing the showroom experience.


    The luxury eyewear retailer Star, a homegrown brand, has implemented a people counting system in its stores to predict customer traffic and optimise store performance.


    The American luxury eyewear brand, Moscot, has installed footfall counters for its stores across Europe, including Italy, the UK and the Netherlands. The system serves as a critical tool to monitor regional business performance, aiding in supporting business expansion strategy.


    With the installation of FootfallCam people counting technology at the main entrance of Biblioteca Comunale, the management can optimise the operation hours and staffing levels based on visitor traffic patterns, enabling better operational efficiency and visitor satisfaction.


    Antonio Capaldo SpA, the premier distributor of equipment, tools, and gardening hardware in the region, has adopted the FootfallCam system for its stores. This technology delivers crucial insights into customer engagement and store performance.


    Packaging and party accessories retailer, De Petro Carta, has utilised footfall counter for its commercial premise in Novi Ligure. By tracking customer traffic, they dynamically adjust staff levels for efficient service during busy periods to ensure a seamless customer experience.


    Centro Commerciale La Nose, located in Rome, Italy, installs FootfallCam people counters across the mall entrances. With this accurate and reliable system, the management can understand which entrance is the most popular, allowing for justification in tenant rental rates.


    TIM, Italy's premier telecommunications company, has deployed people counters in its stores across Milan, Sicily, and Naples. The system aids in gauging the effectiveness of marketing initiatives in drawing customer traffic, allowing for fine-tuning the marketing strategies.


    Rimep, an Italian retailer of electrical and electronic equipment, has installed footfall counters in its stores to monitor customer traffic. The system conducts footfall analysis, enabling management to adjust store operations and staffing levels to peak and non-peak hours.


    Celltek, a mobile phone repair shop in Torino, has installed a people counting system. It monitors the footfall trend, enabling the store to adjust its operations and staffing levels accordingly to ensure seamless customer service especially during busy periods.


    Footwear and accessories brand Contigo has incorporate people counting tech into its outlet. By monitoring customer traffic trends, they gauge customer response to marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights to guide future marketing strategies.


    MaxiSport, the Italian sportswear and accessories retailer, has installed the FootfallCam people counting system at store entrances. This enables them to analyse footfall trends across regional stores and identify peak and non-peak hours for improved operational planning.


    Optikrom, a domestically established eyewear retailer, has implemented a people counting system in its optical store located in Mestre, Italy. This critical deployment enables the manager to identify the store's peak hours, allowing for more effective planning of staffing levels.


    Salvatori, an Italian home design specialist, has equipped its showrooms in London and Milan with people counters.It tracks the number of customers visiting the showrooms, allowing management to tailor the store layout and staffing levels in accordance with customer traffic trends.


    The prominent telecommunications service provider, WindTre, has installed FootfallCam for over 1100+ of its stores across the region. By integrating footfall data with other datasets like sales and marketing, it provides deeper insights into the effectiveness of each campaign.


    Bruno, a domestically established electronic appliances store, has equipped its stores with people counting system. The technology offers an overview of the traffic trends within the stores, enabling the manager to align store resources with these trends, including staffing levels and business operations.


    Technogym, the Milan-based fitness powerhouse, has revolutionised its showrooms by partnering with FootfallCam. With this cutting-edge technology, Technogym can optimise equipment placement for an immersive fitness experience through seamless visitor traffic tracking.


    Calé, a perfume distributor in Italy, has installed a footfall counter at its Creed Boutique in Rome. It offers an overview of customer traffic across various time periods, the boutique can respond dynamically to changes in customer traffics to enhance the shopping experience.


    ACS Data Systems has incorporated our visitor counting system into its event centre to monitor foot traffic and occupancy levels. This allows for precise data collection, enabling them to evaluate marketing effectiveness and optimise event planning for future conferences.


    The orthopaedic specialist, Ortopedia Cittadellese, has installed a people counting system at its branches across the region. This strategic deployment underscores its commitment to understanding customer behaviour and patterns, aiming to provide an enhanced customer experience.


    Sedicisei, the owner of the Italian handbag brand, Save My Bag, has utilised FootfallCam software for informed decision-making. By gaining insights into customer shopping patterns, the brand is able to optimise its store layout and marketing efforts to better meet customer needs.


    Megatel Srl, a channel partner of Windtre, has equipped its store with people counters. This innovative technology delivers invaluable business insights, enabling management to optimise store operations for improved efficiency.


    PerDormire, an Italian mattress brand, has installed footfall counters in its showrooms in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Umbria. It offers insights into customer behaviour and shopping patterns, enabling managers to tailor the store layout and staffing levels according to customer needs.


    FootfallCam people counters have been installed within Informa Sistemi office space. By gaining insights into workspace occupancy and utilisation rates, the company can allocate resources efficiently, enhancing the overall operational efficiency and workplace experience.


    FootfallCam has collaborated with Dallmeier to provide a comprehensive people counting solution for its clients. The system measures the inflow and outflow of shoppers at shopping mall entrances, allowing management to predict the mall's traffic flow.


    FootfallCam, in collaboration with its local partner, Linknet Italia, has supplied Federici Sofà with cutting-edge footfall counter across Italy and Switzerland. This system has been strategically positioned at store entrances across the region, offering a comprehensive analysis of store performance.


    IdeaPM, our trusted people counter reseller, installed FootfallCam 3D Max in their showroom to enhance customer tracking. This deployment provides insights into visitor traffic and serves as a live demonstration for customers to experience how the counters operate.


    Renowned leather footwear brand, Pikolinos, has deployed people counting technology across its stores in Belgium, Italy, and Spain. The system provides insights into customer preferences, empowering the brand to adapt its business strategies and cater to evolving customer needs.


    The distinguished Italian insurance company, UnipolSai, has implemented the FootfallCam people counting system to monitor the occupancy of its office buildings across the region for optimisation of operations and occupancy management.


    Gruppo Magni is a home and furniture retailer in Italy. It has installed Footfallcam people counting system to understand the customer behaviour and engagement with its furniture, enabling the management to make strategic decisions for store operation optimization.


    Momonittu, a kidswear brand, has installed a people counting system in its outlet. The innovative technology provides management with insightful business metrics that assist in evaluating store performance, including conversion rate, outside traffic, turn-in rate, and traffic trends.


    Hype Clothinga, a specialist in selling limited edition products, has installed FootfallCam people counters in its boutique. The technology unveils insights into customer behaviour patterns, ensuring the boutique to always remain aligned with the latest trends.


    Tboxchain, the system integrator of FootfallCam in Italy, has deployed a people counter at DOK Supermercati’s main entrance for real-time occupancy tracking. It alerts the staff if the store's capacity is exceeded, ensuring the store complies with occupancy regulations.


    Vision Ottica boosted efficiency with footfall counters in their optical center. Through analysing the weekly customer traffic data provided by the counter, the store is able to predict busy periods, adjusting staff levels for smoother service.


    Sayu Milano has installed people counters in its Japanese Concept Stores, Tenoha Milano. The system tracks customer traffic, providing insights into the customer preferences and shopping patterns. It allows the store to adjust the layout and offerings according to customer needs.

  • NEXT14

    Next14, a leading marketing agency in Milan, enhances its security measures and optimises office efficiency by utilising data collected from the FootfallCam people counters, which track individuals entering and exiting their premises as well as monitoring workspace occupancy.


    Unieuro, a leading distributor of electronic appliances in Italy, has installed people counters in its stores in Como. By tracking the customer footfalls, the manager can assess the effectiveness of current marketing efforts, allowing for adjustments to enhance marketing impact.


    Bagatt, an Italian luxury footwear brand, has deployed a footfall counter in its Novara store. With FootfallCam analytics, the management can gain insights into customer behaviour patterns and responses, enhancing the brand's responsiveness to market changes and customer needs.


    Cast Informatica, a local computer services provider, uses FootfallCam people counters to track foot traffic, dwell time, and returning customers. Understanding customer behaviour helps the owner tailor services to meet clients' needs, thus boosting satisfaction and loyalty.


    Farmacia Ferrari, a locally established pharmacy, has installed traffic counters at its Mazzano outlet. This technology provides insights into customer traffic trends, empowering the store to plan staffing levels more effectively, especially during peak hours.


    Oriental Tronic Srl, a service provider in the electronics and telecommunications sector, has installed people counters in its stores across Sicily. The system allows manager to comprehensively assess the performance of each individual store, facilitating informed decision-making.


    Save The Duck, a fashion brand known for its commitment to animal-free and cruelty-free products, has deployed people counters in its stores. It provides insights into customer shopping patterns, enabling the brand to tailor its offerings, and store layout to customer preferences.


    Riva Del Garda Fierecongressi, the exhibition venues provider in Riva del Garda, has equipped its spaces with people counters. The system tracks visitor flows, forming an integral part of its customer value proposition by offering insights into the impact and reach of each event.

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