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People Counting in Ireland

Ireland, with its population of 5 million, is a technologically advanced nation harnessing the power of IoT and AI to help businesses remain competitive through automation and process optimization. The extensive deployment of FootfallCam solutions spans various sectors, including retail establishments, shopping centres, museums, universities, and tourist attractions, facilitated by our reputable partners. These partners maintain offices in key Irish cities such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Derry.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    Carlow's leading contemporary art space, Visual, embraces data-driven decisions with people counting. Tracking visitor trends, they gain valuable insights for resource allocation and program planning.


    WIT Arena, the largest sports and events centre in the South East of Ireland, has been equipped with a people counter. It offers the management with an overview of the facility's utilisation rate for the effective resources allocation to ensure that the centre meets the needs of its users.


    Midway Service Station, a gas station, has been equipped with a footfall counter. By integrating the footfall data with the store's sales data, it provides the manager with key metrics to comprehensively assess store performance, including conversion rate and footfall traffic.


    Rathwood, an Irish outdoor furniture retailer, has implemented a people counter for its restaurants and play centre in Carlow. This innovative technology provides real-time occupancy levels, enabling management to dynamically adjust staff levels to meet customer needs.


    Walkers Global, a leading international law firm, has deployed a people counter for the canteen in its Ireland office. It tracks the flow of people into the dining area, enabling the optimisation of staffing, seating arrangements, and food service schedules to effectively meet demand.


    Hometime, a specialist in sofas and beds, has deployed 3D footfall counters in its Dreams showrooms across Ireland and the UK. The technology monitors customer shopping journeys within the store, providing decision-makers with invaluable insights, aiding in the optimisation of store layouts.


    The leading DIY and building material retailer, Topline Group, relies on people counters to gauge the success of their marketing initiatives. This system precisely monitors customer footfall, enabling management to assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies based on customer traffic trends.


    Ardee Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy located in Ardee, has deployed a footfall counter. The innovative system provides footfall insights that enable management to effectively plan staffing levels. This ensures prompt customer service, particularly during peak times, thereby maximising customer satisfaction.


    The largest home and garden centre in Cork has been equipped with a people counting system. This technology provides insights into visitor traffic trends on different days, aiding the centre in planning staff levels to ensure prompt customer service and enhance the visit experience.


    The shopping destination located in County Meath, Navan Shopping Centre, has implemented people counting system at its mall entrance. The system tracks the visitor shopping pattern in the mall, provide insights into mall peak hours to optimise mall operation for enhanced overall visitor experience.


    Photo Museum Ireland, the national centre for contemporary photography in Ireland, has utilised the FootfallCam solution. This enables decision-makers to comprehend visitor preferences across various gallery spaces and facilities, thereby enhancing the visitor experience within the building.


    The renowned fashion brand Diesel has implemented footfall counters in its stores in Cork and Athlone. The system offers key metrics for each individual store, including conversion rate, customer traffic, and turn-in rate, enabling manager to comprehensively assess store performance


    Great Outdoors, a domestically established outdoor gear shop, has installed people counters at its store entrance. This technology, featuring WiFi and entrance counting, provides key metrics such as turn-in rate, outside traffic numbers, and conversion rate.


    Partnering with FootfallCam, CMG Property has delivered a footfall counting system to its clients, including SuperValu and Riverview Shopping Centre in Bandon. This system accurately measures visitor flow, providing valuable insights that aid in strategic decision-making.

  • EIR

    Eir, the leading telecommunications company in Ireland, has installed footfall counters in its outlets across major towns including Dublin, Sligo, Kildare, and Galway. The technology serves as a complementary tool for staff planning, thereby enhancing the customer experience.


    Showgrounds Shopping Centre, a prominent shopping destination in Clonmel, has been equipped with footfall counters. By measuring visitor flows, the management can identify the mall's peak hours to optimise mall operations, ensuring the mall is efficiently management.


    As Dublin's favourite off-license, Baggot Street Wines and Spirits has installed people counters in its outlets. This technology provides insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling decision-makers to tailor store operations to meet customer needs more effectively.


    One of the largest retailers in Ireland, Dunnes Stores, has introduced footfall counters in its stores. These devices have been installed on various store floors, providing insights into the traffic flow for each floor and assisting the store manager in the optimization of store layouts.


    The renowned shopping destination in Stillorgan, Dublin, has installed footfall counters on its premises. This technology offers detailed insights into customer traffic, ensuring that Stillorgan Village continues to be a preferred location for shopping and leisure pursuits.


    The indigenous Irish fashion retailer, Carraig Donn, has equipped its stores with people counters. This allows the management to accurately gauge customer traffic, enabling them to assess whether increases in footfall are translating into enhanced sales and revenue for the company.


    Northside Shopping Centre in Coolock, Ireland, utilises FootfallCam 3D people counters at key locations to gauge the traffic levels in specific zones. This information helps justify rental rates to tenants.


    Clonmel Credit Union has implemented a people counting system in its premises to measure visitor traffic. By accessing live occupancy data, management can effectively manage people flow, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for its visitors.


    An Bhialann, the largest restaurant in the University of Galway, has introduced a people counter. The solution offers insights into traffic trends, enabling them to align staffing levels with patrons' demand to ensure prompt and effective service, especially during peak hours.


    House of Ireland, once a renowned Irish gift store, has deployed people counters. The system monitors the store's occupancy level to maintain safety compliance, ensuring a safe shopping environment for both customers and staff by adhering to occupancy regulations.


    Right Style Furniture is a home accessories and furniture retailer in Ireland. They have installed FootfallCam people counters in their branch in Belgard and Fonthill to track their customer footfall pattern to aid in making data-driven decisions on promotional campaigns and operations.


    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.


    The renowned British fashion brand, Oasis, has equipped its stores in St Albans and St Stephen's Green with footfall counters. This system delivers insights into customer behaviour and purchasing patterns, playing a crucial role in supporting the brand's expansion strategy.


    Meadows and Byrne, a leading homeware and lifestyle store in Ireland, has implemented a people counting system in its outlets. This system enables management to tailor their offerings and store layout by gaining insights into customer shopping patterns within the store.


    Dundalk Retail Park, a shopping centre in County Louth, has been equipped with FootfallCam people counters. The system conducts traffic analysis to offer visitor traffic trends, allowing the management to align mall operations with visitor trend for effective resource allocation.


    The Mill Shopping Centre in Clondalkin has been outfitted with a people counter. This technology provides management with insights into visitor behaviour and shopping journeys, enabling them to tailor mall operations and tenant mix to enhance the shopping experience.


    Millfield Shopping Centre has been equipped with the FootfallCam system to measure shopper traffic. This installation enables management to track the footfall uplift during exhibitions and events, providing a clear measure of how effectively their marketing initiatives attract shoppers.


    The international beverage corporation, Diageo, has implemented FootfallCam technology in its outlets throughout the region. This system includes features such as entrance counting, heat mapping, tracking queue lengths, and measuring customer dwell time within the stores.


    Pair Mobile is a phone repair service center, locating in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick, Ireland. FootfalCam people-counting system is installed in these stores for them to analyse cross-site footfall data, determining popular areas and hence aids in decisions making.


    The kitchen and interior design specialist, Kube Kitchens, has installed footfall counters in its showrooms in Dublin and Cork. By obtaining real-time customer footfall, the system aids in evaluating the store performance via key metrics such as conversion rate and dwell-time


    The Arabian fragrance retailer, Dubai Perfume, deployed a people counter in its Dublin store to gauge market response. This system delivers metrics such as conversion rate, customer traffic trend, and dwell time, offering solid data to support its expansion strategy across the region.


    The British fashion brand, Joules, has implemented a people counting system in its outlets across the UK and Ireland. The technology serves as a crucial tool for monitoring the regional store performance, enabling the brand to make informed decisions to optimise operations.


    AppleGreen, a leading petrol forecourt retailer, has implemented FootfallCam in its petrol stations and convenience stores. The strategic deployment is integral to its expansion strategy, aimed at enhancing the customer experience by reducing the waiting time.


    Shaws, Ireland's leading department store, has deployed a people counter in its outlet. The system enables manager to evaluate how different store layout combinations contribute to enhancing customer repeat visits, thereby providing insights to make informed adjustments to its design and layout.


    Situated at the core of Charleville, the shopping centre has chosen FootfallCam people counter for its accuracy and reliability. This system offers valuable insights into visitor trends, enabling the management to devise strategies aimed at boosting mall foot traffic and reducing the vacancy rate of retail spaces.


    Murphy's Ice Cream, an Irish handmade ice cream store, has equipped its Galway store with a footfall counter. By analysing customer dwell time, it offers insights into customer behaviour by identifying the proportion of customers who dine in the store versus those who prefer grab-and-go to improve the store operation


    The horse racing venue in Tramore, County Waterford, has installed a people counting system for its entrance building. The system measures the number of visitors, providing the management with a comprehensive visitor traffic trend for operation optimisation.


    The distinguished retailer specialising in Irish craftsmanship and design, Kilkenny Design, has incorporated traffic counters in its stores. The technology offers vital insights into customer preferences, reinforcing the company's leading status in the market for design-led and artisanal products.


    The Irish furniture brand, EZ Living Furniture, has chosen FootfallCam for its high accuracy and reliability. This technology monitors visitor numbers and customer engagement with furniture, providing insights into store performance and customer preferences for their products.


    The International Rugby Experience, an experience centre dedicated to rugby sports, has installed footfall counters at its entrance. This system enables management to understand key metrics, such as customer dwell time and visiting patterns within the centre.


    Patrick Bourke Premium Menswear, a prominent menswear store in Ireland, has deployed footfall counters in its stores. The device monitors customer traffic, allowing management to assess the effectiveness of current marketing initiatives to improve overall customer attraction and retention.


    FootfallCam, in collaboration with its local partner in Ireland, Interleaf Technology, has supplied footfall counting technology to various libraries and museums across the region. This includes Boyle Public Library, County Galway Library, Castlerea Library, and Carlow Museum.


    Greenes Shoes, an Irish homegrown shoe distributor, has leveraged FootfallCam technology to optimise store operations. This system enables management to effectively plan staff allocation based on predicted footfall trends, ensuring prompt customer service during peak hours.


    Evolve Clothing, a specialist in men's fashion, has installed a people counter in its outlet. By analysing the store's traffic trends, management can evaluate how marketing initiatives impact store footfall. The analysis enables them to refine their marketing strategies to optimise store performance.


    The British luxury clothing brand, Holland Cooper, has utilised FootfallCam analytics to gain an understanding of customer preferences. This technology provides invaluable insights that enable the brand to tailor its offerings and store layout to meet evolving customer needs.


    Virgin Media, a leading telecommunications provider in Ireland, has implemented footfall counters in its outlets. This strategic move enables management to gain insights into consumer behaviour, thus facilitating the development of innovative solutions and packages tailored to the dynamic needs of their customers.


    The globally renowned knitwear brand, Benetton, has introduced footfall counters in its Ireland outlets. The devices offers valuable insights into customer preferences and shopping behaviour, enabling managers to tailor their offerings and operations to meet customer needs.


    Easons, the leading book and stationery retailer in Ireland, has deployed a footfall counter at its store entrance to monitor customer flow. This enables management to gauge customer response and assess the effectiveness of promotional events, providing valuable insights for future planning.


    The leading pottery shop in Ireland, Louis Mulcahy, relies on people counters to understand the daily traffic trend to its shop. It enables decision-makers to align staff levels and business operations with actual customer traffic to offer attentive service and a pleasant experience.


    SeaGreen, a luxury fashion retailer in Ireland, leverages FootfallCam analytics to aid in strategic decision-making. It monitors customers flow and shopping patterns in the store, enabling the manager to grasp customer preferences and ensure the brand consistently aligns with current trends.


    The only theme park and zoo in Ireland, Emarald Park, has been equipped with footfall counting system. Leveraging the traffic trend insights, enabling the management to plan the staffing level efficiently and align the theme park operation and resources to the customer traffic.


    TRM Clothing, a locally established clothing store, has introduced a traffic counter in its outlet. Leveraging FootfallCam analytics, the manager can now assess the individual store performance more comprehensively, enableing a detailed understanding of customer patterns


    The esteemed British outdoor and leisure clothing brand, Regatta, has employed the FootfallCam system to monitor its store performance and operations throughout America and Europe, encompassing Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy.


    Trinity College has installed FootfallCam for its gallery located within the campus. The installation monitors the visitor traffic and the average dwell time across various areas, including the exhibition area, the Long Room, the gift shop and the gallery.


    The locally established bathroom supply retailer, Versatile Bathrooms + Tiles, has opted for FootfallCam due to its accuracy and reliability. The system precisely monitors customer traffic in its showrooms, offering valuable retail insights that assist in strategic decision-making.


    CHQ Dublin, the prominent retail complex in Docklands, has employed traffic counters to monitor the traffic flow across different areas within the complex. The system offers insights into visitor shopping patterns, facilitating informed decisions to enhance visitor experience.


    The Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland's most famous visitor attractions, has installed footfall counters at the visitor centre. It offers insights into the daily visitor trends, aiding the authorities in managing the visitor flow effectively for seamless visitor experience.


    Home Store + More, Ireland's leading independent homeware retailer, has installed a footfall counter in its Carlow store. This system gauges store-wide traffic, enabling management to assess the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.


    FBD Insurance, an Irish insurance company, has installed people counters in its sales offices. Leveraging FootfallCam's traffic insights, it aids the offices in staff allocation and operation optimisation, ensuring an excellent customer experience, especially during peak hours.


    Fáilte Ireland, Ireland's National Tourism Development Authority, has implemented FootfallCam in the Tourist Information Centres. It monitors visitor numbers at the centres, revealing insights like tourism density in specific areas, which in turn facilitates planning and development of the tourism industry.


    The esteemed Irish merchandise retailer, Carrolls Irish Gifts, has deployed a people counting solution across its regional stores. This tool is pivotal in providing a comprehensive overview of store performance, aiding in strategic decision-making to enhance revenue growth.


    The DLR's Youth Arts Facility at the Grainstore, Cabinteely, has been equipped with a footfall counting system. The system provides authorities with data on the utilisation rate of the facilities and studios, allowing for efficient space management and future programs planning.


    Galvin Tullamore, an luxury menswear store in Ireland, has deployed a people counter for its outlet. The system allows the evaluation of how different storefront displays contribute to attracting customers, thereby tailoring the visual merchandising strategies to enhance store footfall.

  • FIX MY I

    Fix My i, an independent electronics retail and phone repair shop, has leveraged the FootfallCam solution to measure customer traffic. By aligning store operations with actual demand, Fix My i can optimize its service offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.


    The Westbury Mall, a notable shopping destination in Dublin, has implemented people counters at its entrances. This system monitors visitor flow at different entrance, enabling the management to gain a clear understanding of the occupancy levels in various areas for effective rental management.


    The Model, a dynamic and innovative contemporary art centre in Sligo, Ireland, has fitted the 3D people counters at its entrance. This measures the occupancy levels of visitors within the building, enabling decision-makers to understand visitor preferences and behaviour.


    Portwest an Irish company specialising in workwear and safety wear has installed FootfallCam people counters in their stores for inventory management. Footfall data aids in alignong stock levels with customer demand, ensuring that popular products are adequately stocked.


    The Danish jewellery brand, Pandora, has adopted FootfallCam's technology, replacing its outdated legacy counters in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This strategic decision has enabled management to fully utilise data analytics capabilities.


    Vaughan Shoes, a homegrown Irish shoe retailer, has installed people counters across its stores. This strategic deployment is crucial in their business strategy, enabling dynamic adjustment of staffing levels and business operations to ensure an excellent customer experience.


    Davy Group, a premier wealth management company, has implemented a footfall counting system in its office. It aids management in optimising operations by providing insights into traffic trends at various times and on different days, allowing for better resource allocation.


    Glencolumbkille Folk Village, a living history museum in Donegal, Ireland, ha deployed a footfall counter. It measures the occupancy level of the premises, enabling management to ensure compliance with safety regulations. maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all guess.


    Featuring a wide range of grocery and retail outlets, the shopping mall in Carlow has equipped itself with people counters. The technologies offer critical insights to the management to fine-tune mall operations, which ultimately positioning the mall as the town's preferred shopping destination.

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