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People Counting in Greece

Με ισχυρούς κλάδους του τουρισμού και της εμπορικής ναυτιλίας, τα ελληνικά καταστήματα λιανικής, τα εμπορικά κέντρα, τα λεωφορεία, τα πλοία, τα τουριστικά αξιοθέατα και οι δημόσιοι χώροι χρησιμοποιούν αισθητήρες καταμέτρησης ατόμων για τη μέτρηση της συμπεριφοράς των επισκεπτών. Οι συνεργάτες μας σε Αθήνα, Θεσσαλονίκη, Πάτρα, Πειραιά και Ηράκλειο δεσμεύονται να βοηθήσουν τις επιχειρήσεις σας να επιτύχουν τις απαιτούμενες επιχειρηματικές αξίες στην πιο ανταγωνιστική τιμή

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    The largest research center in Greece, CERTH, has installed a people counter in its laboratories to acquire live occupancy data. By montoring the crowdedness of the space accurately, CERTH can plan suitable routing for visitors, effectively minimizing the risk of spreading airborne diseases.


    The prominent British energy company, Elpedison, has entrusted FootfallCam system for its reliability in providing accurate real-time occupancy data for its stores across the region. This solution equips decision-makers with critical insights to optimise store operations.


    Pepco, a leading clothing store with over 2,000 stores spread across Europe, has partnered with FootfallCam for their high-accuracy and reliability people counters. This enables to enhance its store management and customer experience strategies.


    Protergia, the leading production and supply of electricity and natural gas in Greece, has incorporated FootfallCam's people counting technology into its entrances. This allows for improvement in customer experience by tracking customer traffic and behaviour.


    Through our local reseller, BinaryTree has deployed FootfallCam 3D Pro2 at the entrances of 90+ Kotsovolos stores in Greece and Cyprus, aiming to provide Kotsovolos with insights into visitor traffic and peak hours, enabling them to optimise staffing levels accordingly.


    Alpan Electroline Ltd., a renowned electronics retailer, has installed people counters at the entrances of its stores in cities across Cyprus. This enables the collection of crucial customer movement data and generates heatmaps for store performance evaluation.


    The British pet merchandise company, Pet City, has implement FootfallCam people counting system for 43 of its stores to gather insightful retail analytic data and monitor store performance across the region.


    Media Strom, the homegrown mattress store, has installed a people counter in its outlets in Chalandri and Florina. This footfall data allows Media Strom to evaluate how well the current design attracts and retains customers, facilitating informed decisions on enhancing displays strategies.


    The esteemed Greek fashion brand, Axel, has deployed a foot traffic monitoring system to enhance decision-making. Utilising FootfallCam technology, the brand effectively observes customer behaviours in stores, gaining insights to optimise layout and operations.


    Celestino, a leading fashion clothing and accessories in Greece, chooses the FootfallCam technology to aid in decision-making. This technology enables tracking of customer behaviours, offering vital insights for refining store layout and operations.


    Simple Caracters, a distinguished Athens-based fashion brand, has chosen FootfallCam people counters for strategic decision-making. This solution provides insights into visitor trends and peak hours, enabling optimal staff allocation and exceptional shopping experiences.


    The leading Greek telecom provider, Cosmote, has deployed FootfallCam for 117 stores across the major cities in the region. It includes Athens, Nafplio, Ioannina, and Sparti.


    Mind Matter, a popular fashion retailer, has implemented the FootfallCam people counter to monitor customer demographics, movements, and patterns. This helps to identify the customer preferences for different types of clothing.


    Attica Zoological Park in Greece has integrated FootfallCam people counters and a centroid system throughout its premises. This setup utilises AI analytics with existing CCTV cameras to provide enhanced visibility into visitor trends, demographics, and popular attractions.


    Dotsoft, a Greek SME ICT services provider, optimises its office efficiency using people counters. These counters provide real-time and holistic data on occupancy, usage rates, and safety protocols of different workspaces, enhancing security and boosting employee work rate.


    The well-known smartphone and electronics brand, Xiaomi, has implemented the FootfallCam system as part of its expansion into Greece. This system serves as a crucial tool for monitoring store performance in the region, providing valuable insights to support Xiaomi's operations and growth in Greece.

  • ITEQ

    Being a leading pharmaceutical company, ensuring office security is paramount. Therefore, iTeQ has chosen FootfallCam technology for its office space, leveraging its capabilities to accurately monitor occupancy and identify any irregular activity to enhance security measures.


    One of the most famous casinos in Greece, Regency Casino, has equipped its outlets’ entrances with the FootfallCam people counters to track visitor traffic and peak hours, allowing for staffing optimisation, and ultimately enhancing the operational efficiency, visitor experience and maximising revenue potential.

  • VOI & NOI

    The shoes and accessories brand, Voi & Noi, has installed FootfallCam solutions at its store entrances to gather real-time data on store occupancy. This enables the management to gain a comprehensive view of store performance across the region.


    As a premium Apple reseller in Greece, tracking customer patterns and behaviours is vital. iStorm has partnered with FootfallCam to enhance foot traffic monitoring, enabling valuable insights and data-driven decisions to enhance overall operational efficiency.


    The leading homegrown retail chain, Kotsovolos, has implemented FootfallCam solutions in its stores. This strategic deployment grants access to comprehensive business insights from traffic patterns, helping them to further solidifying its prominent position in the retail industry.


    With outlets in malls and airports across Greece, Public recognises the importance of understanding customer behaviours. They have utilised FootfallCam to gain insights into customer patterns and visit duration, optimising staffing and layout for a better shopping experience.


    The homegrown leading telecommunications and electronics retail company, Germanos, has installed people counting systems for 199 stores across the major cities including Athens, Kifisia, Veroia, and Perama.

  • ΔΕΗ

    The leading electricity generation and distribution company, ΔΕΗ, has implemented a people counting solution at its store entrances. This key deployment reflects ΔΕΗ's commitment to understanding customer behaviour and providing a seamless customer experience.

  • WIND

    Wind, a leading international telecommunications company, has utilised the FootfallCam people counting system to track visitor counts, visit duration, and outside traffic across their stores in Greece, gaining a better understanding of customer behaviour and patterns.


    A global energy provider has partnered with FootfallCam to enhance its store operations. The FootfallCam 3D Plus has helped Watt+Volt to track customer foot traffic and behaviour, enabling better resource allocation, and enhancing the overall customer experience.


    The prominent energy company, Watt + Volt, has implemented a people counting system at its store entrances to monitor real-time store occupancy. This strategic deployment allows Watt + Volt to gain valuable insights into customer traffic and enhance the overall shopping experience.


    Pyletech is enhancing its office efficiency and overall employee experience by implementing people counters. This decision provides real-time insights into workspace occupancy and detects any unusual patterns, enabling better space planning and security measures implementation.


    One of the leading electronic and appliance retailers in Greece, Media Markt, has implemented the FootfallCam system in its stores across the region. This installation aims to comprehend consumer behaviour and patterns, thereby providing valuable retail insights to the management.

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