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People Counting in France

Les entreprises françaises utilisent de plus en plus l’IA et l’IoT pour automatiser leurs opérations commerciales et augmenter leurs revenus sur un marché de plus en plus concurrentiel. Grâce à nos partenaires de confiance à Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice et Nantes, les appareils FootfallCam sont largement déployés dans les magasins de détail, les cafétérias, les attractions touristiques, les musées, les usines et les immeubles de bureaux. Nos partenaires s'engagent à fournir un haut niveau de support et personnaliseraient une solution qui répond aux valeurs commerciales que vous attendez.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    The renowned homegrown eyewear brand, Izipizi, has fitted its stores with FootfallCam people counters. These provide occupancy insights that help management understand peak store hours, assisting in the adjustment of the staff-to-footfall ratio to enhance customer experience.


    The homegrown French perfumes and beauty retail giant, Marionnaud, has implemented FootfallCam for effective queue management. This strategic deployment grants the management team insights into in-store traffic, enabling them to fine-tune operations and minimise the lost sales opportunities.

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    The Afflelou Group, Europe's foremost retailer in optical and hearing aids, has equipped its French outlets with traffic counting technology. This system accurately gauges real-time store occupancy, enabling management to assess the impact of marketing initiatives on customer footfall in their stores.


    Domaine Clarence Dillon, a distinguished family-owned wine company, has installed traffic counters at its reception centre, Pavillon Catelan. These counters monitor visitor flows within the reception rooms, providing insights into visitor preferences. This data is instrumental in ensuring a fully immersive visitor experience.


    The multinational company specializing in digital infrastructure solutions has implemented FootfallCam in its data centres. This technology provides metrics such as visitor numbers, occupancy levels in different areas, and queue lengths, providing insights into the busyness of the data centres.


    Syngenta Group, the leading company in agricultural innovation and technology, has implemented traffic counter in its corporate dining area in France. This technology offers insights into the occupancy levels of the restaurant, enabling building occupants to plan their lunch hours effectively to prevent overcrowding.


    The global renowned company famed for its Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox, has implemented FootfallCam in its stores across Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic, France and Hong Kong, serving as a critical tool to monitor regional operational performance.


    Ubaldi, a prominent retailer of home and electronic appliances, has employed FootfallCam's retail analytics to acquire essential insights into its store operations. This solution plays a crucial role in their expansion strategy, aiding management in making strategic decisions.


    MoveWORK, a homegrown company specialising in facility management and operating data collection, has installed footfall counters in its office. This technology tracks the number of visitors within the building, offering valuable insights into the building's occupancy levels.


    The homegrown perfume and beauty retailer, Nocibé, has installed people counters in its stores. These devices offer insights into customer footfall, serving as a vital tool for understanding customer preferences and catering to their evolving needs.


    The British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company has entrusted FootfallCam system to oversee store operation across Spain, France and the United Kingdom, serving as a critical analytic tool to provide profound insights into consumer behaviour.

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    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.


    Magnanni, a homegrown luxury footwear brand, has implemented FootfallCam 3D Pro2 across its stores to accurately tracks the foot traffic drawn by its exhibitions. This move underscores Magnanni's commitment to enhancing customer engagement and understanding visitor trends in its retail spaces.


    Honda has deployed FootfallCam systems in its European showrooms, covering Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Portugal, Spain, and extending to Nepal. These solutions track visitor metrics like dwell time, heat maps, and space utilisation, enhancing the showroom experience.


    FootfallCam systems are installed in Energy Store, a dynamic clothing retailer known for its vibrant collections. This system provides insights into customer traffic, visit duration, outside traffic, and turn-in rate, enabling the evaluation of its marketing effectiveness.


    The homegrown perfume and beauty retailer, Nocibé, has installed people counters in its stores. These devices offer insights into customer footfall, serving as a vital tool for understanding customer preferences and catering to their evolving needs.


    The prominent French toy retailer, JouéClub, has utilised FootfallCam Analytic Manager to gain insights into its store operations. This solution offers a comprehensive view of store traffic trends, providing complete visibility into the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.


    Ubigreen aims to maximise workplace efficiency by integrating FootfallCam 3D Pro2 in its office. With real-time data on workspace occupancy and utilisation rate, the management can make informed decisions on resource allocation and optimise operational effectiveness.


    RATP Dev partnered with FootfallCam to deliver smart bus solution to its clients. By tracking the buses occupancy rate and counts passengers boarding and alighting at each stop, it allows the prediction of passenger numbers, enabling the optimisation of bus schedules.


    Sézane has integrated FootfallCam's people counting solution to leverage retail analytics. This system delivers in-depth insights into customer flow and behaviours, helping to improve the overall shopping experience.


    The municipal council of Venelles, Mairie Venelles, has installed people counters at the public library, Médiathèque de l'Étincelle. This initiative highlights the council's commitment to improving the visitor experience at the library, thereby better serving the local community.


    Through precise foot traffic analytics provided by FootfallCam, Suncoo can accurately gauge visitor counts, peak hours, and dwell times. This data empowers the brand to optimise staffing levels, ensure efficient store layouts, and enhance customer service and satisfaction.


    A well-known UK sports brand has used FootfallCam for the last 8 years to gain insights into the shopper behaviours in their shops.

    Read the case study

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