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People Counting in Australia

With high wages and operational costs, people counting devices are widely deployed in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide to optimise costs and maximise revenue. FootfallCam deployed its first unit in Australia in 2004, and since then, through our local partners, FootfallCam has established itself as the major supplier of people counting devices in Australia. Our products are known for their cost-effectiveness and reliability, and our local services are one of the key factors why Australian businesses choose us.

Local Case Studies

Some of our local deployments across multiple industries.


    BLA Locksmiths in Brisbane enhances its store efficiency and customer experience with FootfallCam people counters. Real-time foot traffic data provided by the counters allows BLA Locksmiths to make informed decisions regarding staffing optimisations.


    The leading Australian arts and crafts retailer, Kaisercraft, has selected the FootfallCam 3D people counter for its stores to monitor occupancy levels and customer interaction with products. This serves as an essential tool in managing its operations throughout Australia.


    Liberated Brands, an innovative retail solutions provider, has helped Volcom to gain valuable insights into customer foot traffic and behaviour, empowering them to optimise staffing, store layout, and overall operational efficiency with FootfallCam people counting technology.


    Verkada has implemented FootfallCam Centroid in its office building. This system integrates with existing CCTV cameras to perform people counting, measuring occupancy rates in office workspaces.


    Oz Hair and Beauty, a homegrown salon chain in Australia, has implemented the FootfallCam people counting system to monitor storewide foot traffic trends. This enables managers to gauge the success of marketing initiatives effectively.


    Goodbyes, a fashion boutique nestled in Brunswick, Australia, seeks to enhance its visual merchandising strategy and customer engagement by monitoring the turn-in rate of its display products using FootfallCam people counting technology.


    Valiram Group, the leading luxury retailer in Southeast Asia, has implemented FootfallCam solutions in its stores across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. This allows access to comprehensive business insights, solidifying its leading position in the retail industry.


    Living Unlimited, the furniture specialist and retailer, has installed FootfallCam system in its stores across major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The system features an email scheduler to automatically send daily reports to the stakeholders.


    Holy Mary Cellars, a winery in Swan Settlers Market, enhances its customer analysis with FootfallCam people counters. The in-out counting features have helped the management gauge peak hours accurately, enabling them to optimize their operations effectively.


    Mantra, a prominent hotel in Melbourne, prioritises guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. With our systems, the management gains insights into guest traffic flow, enabling strategic resource allocation and personalised service for exceptional guest experience.


    Decorug has installed FootfallCam Systems within its stores spanning major cities in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. Integrated with sales and marketing data, the system yields key insights into metrics like return on investment (ROI) and conversion rates.


    The fashion and accessories distributor, A. Royale & Co, has implemented people counter in its Globite outlets across major cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, and Auckland. It monitors the footfall trends of the stores, enabling decision-makers to assess the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.


    Koorong, a premier bookstore specialising in Bibles and Christian resources, has installed FootfallCam system to monitor in-store footfall. This aids in optimising store operations and acts as an instrument to improve the shopping experience for Christians and those exploring the faith.


    Digital Living aims to enhance operational efficiency and workspace security. FootfallCam technology provides real-time data on the number of individuals entering and exiting a space, identifying unusual patterns and unauthorised entries for prompt response to security threats.


    StreetX, a leading streetwear brand in Perth, implemented precise people counting and analytics. Data obtained from the counters regarding visitor traffic, dwell time, and popular areas within its stores have helped the management understand how their store is performing.


    In collaboration with FootfallCam, NostraData has introduced retail solutions to AMCAL+ Pharmacy. By gaining real-time retail insights, AMCAL+ Pharmacy can optimise staffing and improve store layout, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.


    Priceline Pharmacy, a premier domestic pharmacy chain, has implemented FootfallCam at its entrance to track customer entries and exits. This provides detailed business analytics, reinforcing its top status in the health retail sector.


    With the aim of enhancing security measures and providing a better work environment for employees, Element Security has implemented our smart office solution, which includes tracking the movements of individuals entering and exiting the premises and monitoring occupancy space.


    The Australian Lismore City Council have installed FootfallCam people counters in their public libraries to track engagement rate, while they want to optimise resource allocation, including inventory management. This helps in ensuring that the libraries is fully utilised.

  • LA-Z-BOY

    La-Z-Boy, a well-known global furniture manufacturer have installed FootfallCam people counters across their Australian stores in Cannington, Midland, Mandurah and Bunbury. Footfall data help optimise staffing levels based on peak visitor times, ensuring that there is adequate staff to provide assistance and maintain a positive shopping experience.


    The National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo in Australia has enhanced its visitor management by installing the FootfallCam counting system at its entrance. This initiative is designed to accurately measure the foot traffic at the exhibition, offering the organisers valuable insights into the event's impact and reach.


    Metro Victoria has collaborated with FootfallCam to provide advanced mobility solutions for their customers. The collaboration ensures a smooth integration with the train operation system, delivering essential information like train estimated arrival time and up-to-the-minute details on passenger occupancy.


    By tracking visitor traffic, demographics and behaviour through FootfallCam 3D Pro2 and Centroid systems, Snowys Outdoor, a leading outdoor equipment retailer, can better understand their customer base, facilitating store optimisation for enhanced shopping experience.


    Cicada Innovations, renowned as a leading business incubator, has chosen FootfallCam to monitor foot traffic within its Sydney office building. This equips management with vital insights to refine office operations and improve the environment for entrepreneurs and ventures.


    Bedworks tracks customer traffic, peak hours, and dwell time through the FootfalCam people counting technology. With this, it helps Bedworks in optimising staffing levels, store layout, scheduling, and overall store management for an enhanced customer experience.


    Woodbury Furniture, an Australian retailer that specializes in selling high-quality furniture, has implemented the FootfallCam people counting system across the cities in Sydney, including Castle Hill and Caringbah. This helps to acquire detailed insights into the foot traffic patterns in the store.


    Speers Point Swim Centre, operated by Lake Macquarie City Council, employs FootfallCam people counters to monitor visitor traffic and trends accurately, gaining insights into occupancy levels. This facilitates effective operational planning for an enhanced visitor experience.


    Sydney Tools, a leading Australian tool manufacturer, has implemented the FootfallCam system across its stores to garner valuable insights by tracking customer inflow and outflow, aiding managerial strategic decision-making.


    Addicted to Audio partners with FootfallCam to enhance retail operations. Installing people counting solutions at store entrances provides valuable insights into customer foot traffic, and optimising staffing levels, improving the shopping experience for audio enthusiasts.


    Full Brow Cosmetics, under the umbrella of Vear Solutions Pty Ltd, has integrated FootfallCam technology into its cosmetic stores across Melbourne, Victoria. Foot traffic and customer behaviour data facilitates efficient staff allocation and enhances overall store performance.


    Dealio, a leading Australian furniture retailer, has recently integrated FootfallCam people counters into its Auburn Showroom. This strategic implementation is geared towards precisely monitoring visitor traffic patterns and assessing the effectiveness of marketing strategies.


    The Lake Macquarie City Council has implemented a footfall counting system at the Lake Mac Swim Centres in West Wallsend. This system tracks the number of visitors, providing valuable insights for decision-makers to effectively plan programs and classes at the swim centres.


    Morgan Retail has selected the FootfallCam people counting system for its Australian stores, such as La-Z-Boy and Hunter Furniture. This technology uncovers crucial business insights which foot traffic pattern to the store, enabling management to make informed strategic decisions.


    The renowned shopping centre, Kardinya Park, located in Kardinya, Australia, has installed FootfallCam people counters at its mall entrances. These devices monitor visitor numbers, allowing management to evaluate the success of marketing events in attracting foot traffic.


    Old Perth Port, a popular tourist destination in Perth, Western Australia, has been outfitted with the FootfallCam people counting system. This system enables decision-makers to monitor visitor traffic trends effectively through an advanced analytics dashboard.


    Direct Pool Supplies, an Australian provider of pool and spa equipment, has implemented the FootfallCam system in its stores to acquire detailed insights into storewide foot traffic trends.


    As the part of The Hills Shire Library Service, Castle Hill Library has introduced a people counting system to track the number of visitors entering and leaving the premises. This initiative demonstrates the library's commitment to improving the experience for the local community.


    Liberty Healthcare monitors visitor traffic in Brisbane and Gold Coast stores with FootfallCam 3D Pro2. This initiative aims to enhance operational efficiency and ensure optimal staffing levels to cater to the needs of visitors effectively.


    With the help of Accenture, FootfallCam has rolled out across all 500+ The Body Shop stores across Europe. The HQ, franchisee and regional management has access to their stores' live data, to make operational adjustments.

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