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General Questions

How many people counters would I need for my retail store?

The number of people counting sensors required is dependent on the height of the ceiling and the width of the entrance. One device is sufficient in most cases.  This calculator will help you to determine the number of cameras.

Will installation of the FootfallCam Analytic Manager™ be required during the trial or demo period?

No, for the trial, we are using FootfallCam cloud server. After the trial, if you would like to have the software in your own server, we can help you to do the installation during the rollout. At that time, you just need to give us any of your server access, then we will help you to install it. All the data will be centralised in the server, therefore you can access all the data for all your stores via the web link.

For a demo unit or a trial project with FootfallCam, how will the data be retrieved and reviewed?

During the trial, we will prepare an account for the user within our FootfallCam Analytic Manager and provide the web link for the user to access their data.

Do the same software support multiple counters?

Our software will support multiple counters and the counts from different counters can be combined in our web-based reporting software. You can combine the counts of the 2 counters and view the total traffic IN and OUT or you can view the total IN and OUT individually.

Is it possible to access the raw data from each individual camera?

Yes, you can setup a FTP location for the raw data to send to the dedicated location every day. The user also can choose to look at the branch by different time period and look at each individual camera separately. Using our API, we can query the data directly from the counter.

How do I stay up to date with the latest Footfallcam development news?

You may subscribe to our newsletter through the bottom of the webpage.

What languages is the control panel available in?

The Footfallcam control panel is available in 9 different languages and we are constantly expanding. The languages availabled are English, Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, and Persian.

Is the counting program and the reporting feature done on the device?

The counting program is run on the device. The device is merely a data collector, all calculations and aggregation of the data collected is done via our software.

Does FootfallCam comply with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

We are compliant with the current privacy regulations and work towards further compliance and upholding of the privacy of individuals. Under the GDPR regulations introduced in 2016 and implemented on May of 2018, there are several exceptions that applies to responsible manner of handling the data, such as anonymisation.

  • Recital 26 of the GDRP dictates that the regulation applies to information concerning an identifiable person. Information that is rendered anonymous and untraceable through irreversible pseudonymisation and unidentifiable to the person are not covered by this regulation. Furthermore, anonymous information processing such as for statistical purpose are too not liable for regulation by GDPR, which is the usage of FootfallCam.
  • In Chapter 2, Article 6, Clause 4-e; Chapter 4, Article 25; and Chapter 4, Article 32, Clause 1-a highlights the compliance with the regulation through irreversible pseudonymisation and encryption of the data, such as through data minimisation.

Has the system being tested in a crowded event or store?

Footfallcam People Counter have been successfully installed in various crowded spaces such as retail stores, shopping malls and art centres with proven customers' satisfaction and records of good counting system.

Click here to watch the demo video from FootfallCam YouTube Channel.

What can I find out from the heatmap solution you are providing?

The heatmap will be able to show different colour tones of the area. Area which has highest foot traffic may have warmer colour tones while areas which has lower foot traffic tend to have cooler colour tones.

How about future charging from you and also what would happen if your company went into liquidation?

We understand your concern about if the company went into liquidation, our source code is store in Escrow service, our software will continue to run under any circumstances and the source code will also available from Escrow service.

What happens if your company stops trading - will the system still work independently?

Yes, the server of the system will still continue to work. We could port the software to your local server.

I’m looking for people counting via facial recognition for a retail store.

Footfallcam would not be capturing the people’s face. Therefore, it would not count via facial recognition. The counting would be based on the people’s body shape. In compliance with the GDPR policy released in May of 2018, we cannot provide demographic details such as age, or gender.

Can your counter installed at pop-up store?

FootfallCam is not suitable for the installation at pop-up stores or within kiosks in shopping malls. This is due to the kiosk having no clear definite entrance. There will be no indication on when a customer enters the "store" or leaves the "store" as there is no one way entrance, and visitors are allow to enter and leave from all different directions.

Could your counting system count people in the car?

Currently, it is not feasible yet.

Is it possible for FootfallCam to collect demographic data such as age and gender of the visitors?

Yes, FootfallCam is able to capture demographic data by using our AI video analysis system. This system reuses your existing CCTV cameras in the store (please note that the CCTV cameras have to be installed front-facing to customers’ face to determine their gender, age) and connects to FootfallCam Centroid at your back office. 

Does FootfallCam provide a sign/notice in the store which tells the customers what the camera does?

This is not needed as we do not collect any personal data or any personally identifying data of any specific visitor, we merely collect the counting data in counts along with hashed MAC addresses.

How does FootfallCam protect consumer privacy while collecting insightful counting data to be stored in the server?

For 3D counting, we only need to determine the amount of traffic that come into the store. Video recordings are not taken for this purpose. The 3D image processing is done within the device, where it then produces a count. The counts are only in text format that is being recorded and transmitted to the server to produce footfall reports.

For the Wi-Fi counting, all data are processed instantaneously from within the FootfallCam people counter prior to being sent to the FootfallCam server. On the device, all personal data collected are hashed on the counter level and the only result that is sent to the FootfallCam server are hashed MAC addresses (not the real MAC addresses).

Regarding washroom management, have you ever had any concerns from the public, the facilities management team or the security department of the building to install counter at the washroom door?

Our counter is not located inside the washroom and it will only allocated at the top of the washroom’s entrance to track the people counting so the privacy of others is protected. So far, we have not received any security issues raised by our clients who are using the washroom management solution.

For restroom management solution, what information does the cleaner receive through Telegram app when a facility usage reaches a predefined threshold?

You may customise the information that you want to send to the cleaner for their action. An example of the message sent to the cleaner is “Toilet touchup required at Floor3ZoneAF 50 people visited in last 5 hours”.

Is there a mobile application for users to login and access all data?

FootfallCam Analytics Manager is a web-based control panel. So, any device with access to a web browser will be able to login and access the data.

Can you share with me the background of your company?

Established in 2002, FootfallCam is a privately held company and leading global provider of people counting solutions. We have been offering our footfall solutions to many organisations all over the world in sectors varying from retail, fast food restaurants, and museums to smart buildings and airports.

Click here for more information regarding on History of FootfallCam.

Can view data through smart phone?

Yes, the data from the Analytics Manager can be viewed with any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phone.

Can the ESL tag be customisable?

Yes, the ESL tag is customisable. We do have a standard set of format which you can refer to over in this link.

What is the wireless coverage range from the FootfallCam 3D Mini™ to the FootfallCam 3D MAX™?

The FootfallCam 3D Mini™ can connect up to 50m with a clear line-of-sight; and it can cover 20-30m in a noisy office environment.

Does the 3D Mini require a wall bracket to install it from the wall?

The FootfallCam 3D Mini™ can be mounted either on a wall or a ceiling, so it does not require any wall brackets.

Can the 3D Mini display the total occupancy of the room onto a display?

It will work in the same way as the 3D Max, whereby it will upload the data to the software in real-time, and then update the live occupancy display.

For 5 min of footfall count, how much data is generated by the FootfallCam 3D Mini™?

The average data transfer rate for each FootfallCam 3D Mini™ (to the FootfallCam 3D MAX™) is 5 kilobytes per hour, given that there is a pre-defined a sample size of 20 requests per hour.

How does Time-of-Flight work?

The time-of-flight principle is based on measuring the time it takes for a wave to travel from a source (a time-of-flight sensor) to an object and back. Based on that data – as well as some knowledge of maths and physics (such as wave propagation) – you can establish the distance of that object from the source.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Time-of-Flight counting technology?

FootfallCam 3D Mini is using Time-of-Flight counting technology and it’s suitable for indoor environments which are not subjected to strong sunlight. It comes with the following pros and cons:

  1. Pros:
    • Can work in complete darkness without any further assistance from IR LED.
    • Requires less CPU processing power since it does not have AI Video Analytics, thus this can reduce the cost of the device.
  2. Cons:
    • Strong Sunlight may flood the 850-950nm light measurement spectrum of the ToF sensor;


    • Black hair or black clothing may not produce a good depth map for optimal detection; e.g.:

Where will a user go to access their data captured by the FootfallCam?

It is web-based, you can access anytime at any PC/ mobile device with the given username and password. Of course the default password can be change for the security purpose.

Can I install the basis package in my building first, then choose to add more features on a later date?

Yes, our products are scalable and future-proofed. You can install our counters at the entrance for SafeOccupancy™ for the first stage, then choose to scale up your people counting solutions later.

Can I choose which specific features I’d like to have, instead of opting for either of the packages mentioned?

Yes, our in-house system analyst is more than happy to work with you to decide which type of counters best suit your requirement, and where they should be installed. Feel free to contact [email protected] for more info.

Can the software be installed on my on-premise server?

Yes, you may choose to view your reports and generated data on your own corporate server. For more info, please contact us at [email protected].

How can I ensure that my visitor/employees’ privacy is protected?

Our counters are installed facing downwards -- which means they can’t pick up facial features. Also, videos are taken in low resolution for verification purposes, which will be deleted after it is completed. FootfallCam also uses 3D depth map technology instead of video images for counting purposes.

How many people in a company will be able to access the reports at any given time?

Head office or headquarters have the option to create as many users account as possible to delegate access to reporting features to other personnels within the business.

Can I retrieve data statistics on visitor’s dwelling time in each zone?

Yes, based on our zone counter, the reports generated will be able to determine the average dwell time of each visitor in that area. A sample report may be found here.

How many devices will we need per shop for counting?

The number of devices required is dependent on the height of the ceiling and the width of the entrance. You may key in the data over

What is the accuracy level of Footfall data generated?

FootfallCam ensures that the accuracy level of our counter are at least 90% with video proof provided that the user applied for the verification service by FootfallCam.

Can I work with my appointed installers/contractors instead of FootfallCam technicians?

Yes, our counters can be installed quickly and easily by anyone, even if they don’t have any technical knowledge. We will also handle all the verification works required, so that you can be assured that your counters are optimally tuned for the best accuracy.

What is WiFi counting?

Each mobile device sends a WiFi signal every 2-8 seconds, even if it is not in use. FootfallCam collects all these signals within 100 metres. It detects all smartphones that are not connected to the store's WiFi network. Each smartphone has a unique identification number. FootfallCam WiFi Counting will then be able to provide the following statistics:

- How many visitors have already visited?

- How long do they stayed in the store?

- How many passed by without entering your store?

How does mmWave device GDPR-compliant?

The Millimetre Wave radar technology is incapable of capturing any personally identifiable information (PII). FootfallCam 3D ProWave™ is anonymous by design, it helps FootfallCam people counting systems to identify the usage of open areas without any camera and behaviour tracking.

Can FootfallCam 3D ProWave™ work in complete darkness?

Yes. The rada wave technology is not affected by any light illumination or reflection, it would work in inconsistent lighting conditions as well as complete darkness.

What are the usage environments that can integrate FootfallCam Space Sense™ occupancy counting?

  • Hotdesk occupancy of a office tower 
  • Meeting room booking of office workspace
  • Desk and seat booking for library
  • Washroom cubicle in a shopping mall
  • Auditorium usage of a university
  • Row-based seat occupancy of Airport or buses
  • Desk usage of fast food restaurant

What type of battery is required for maintaining FootfallCam Space Sense™?

FootfallCam will provide two CR2450 batteries for every single purchase of Space Sense™. The CR2450 is a Lithium 3V coin battery having the capacity of 550mAh. You are only required to change and supply two CR2450 batteries for each Space Sense™ every 4 years. If you would prefer a wiring setup instead of batteries, you can have the Space Sense with 12v wired supply.

How does FootfallCam Space Sense™ GDPR-compliant?

The PIR technology is incapable of capturing any personally identifiable information (PII). FootfallCam Space Sense™ is anonymous by design, it helps FootfallCam people counting systems to identify the usage of seats, desk, meeting room and washroom cubicle without any camera and behaviour tracking.

Can FootfallCam Space Sense™ work in complete darkness?

Yes. The PIR technology is not affected by any light illumination or reflection, it would work in inconsistent lighting conditions as well as complete darkness. PIR technology is commonly being used in security alarm systems to detach motion during night time.

Can the FootfallCam Space Sense™ easily be relocated after installed?

Yes, the sensors can be easily relocated with ‘peel -and-stick’. You will need to amend the position on your floor plan. The binding via RF transmission needs to be redo/configure if relocated to another master device that was far from the original coverage distance.

What device does FootfallCam Centroid Outdoor™ support?

FootfallCam Centroid supports both FootfallCam People Counter and generic IP CCTV. Each Centroid Outdoor can connect up to 4 devices at the same time for 1 functional feature.

What are the technical specification requirements for CCTV?

To connect with FootfallCam Centroid Outdoor™, CCTV must satisfy the following baseline requirements:

Other functional features may impose further environmental and performance constraints.

Does Centroid Outdoor require POE?

No, Centroid does not draw power from the RJ45 cable, it connects Universal AC 110-240V for power, and connects 4G for internet connectivity.

Can Centroid Outdoor work with DVR or NVR?

Centroid Outdoor works with connected cameras. If you already have an existing DVR and NVR that connect all cameras, Centroid would work. As long as the DVR is configured to channel each CCTV footage via individual RTSP streams. Centroid may work with NVR if NVR can also be configured in a similar fashion. Read more about FootfallCam Centroid™

How long does Centroid Outdoor store its data?

Centroid will send all data immediately to FootfallCam server. A local copy will also be saved on device for 14 days.

How to connect a Desk Tag™ with Analytics Manager V9™?

You just need to power up the Desk Tag™ with one FootfallCam Master Device (such as MeshHub and 3D Max2), the Master Device will act as the data transmitter in between Analytics Manager V9™ and the Desk Tag™. 

What is the set up cost required to have 500 Desk Tag™ in my office?

You are required to install two FootfallCam Master Devices to connect 500 tags. The master device needs PoE wiring connection, while the 1000 batteries of Desk Tag™ will be provided by FootfallCam. Once the connection is done, you just need to configure the setting in FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9™, our customer support team will be more than happy to go through this process based on your requirement. After that, your SpaceBooker™ is now live, you can monitor live data and generate reports whenever needed.

What is the maintenance required to have 500 Desk Tag™ in my office?

Maintaining SpaceBooker™ with 500 Desk Tag™ is easy, all you need to do are: (1) let the office cleaner to clean the dust on the Desk Tag™ when needed; (2) maintain the network connection for the two Master Devices that connecting with all tags; (3) change two coin cell battery (3V CR2450) for each Desk Tag™ if it gone low battery after 4 years.

How to book a Desk if I have integrated the FootfallCam SpaceBooker™?

You can book a desk remotely or on-site, both using the FootfallCam booking mobile app.

How to connect a Room Tag™ with Analytics Manager V9™?

You just need to power up the Room Tag™ with one FootfallCam Master Device (such as MeshHub and 3D Max2), the Master Device will act as the data transmitter in between Analytics Manager V9™ and the Room Tag™.

What is the set up cost required to have 500 Room Tag™ in my office?

You are required to install two or more FootfallCam Master Devices to connect 500 tags. The master device needs PoE wiring connection, each Master Device can connect up to 20 metre. The 4x batteries of each Room Tag™ will be provided by FootfallCam. Once the connection is done, you just need to configure the setting in FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9™, our customer support team will be more than happy to go through this process based on your requirement. After that, your SpaceBooker™ is now live, you can monitor live data and generate reports whenever needed.

What is the maintenance required to have 500 Room Tag™ in my office?

Maintaining SpaceBooker™ with 500 Room Tag™ is easy, all you need to do are: (1) let the office cleaner to clean the dust on the Room Tag™ when needed; (2) maintain the network connection for the Master Devices that connecting with all tags; (3) change four coin cell battery (3V CR2450) for each Room Tag™ if it gone low battery after 4 years.

How to book a room if I have integrated the FootfallCam SpaceBooker™?

You can book a room remotely or on-site, both using the FootfallCam booking mobile app.

Is it possible for the footfall counter to exclude staff/employees from the counting?

Yes, we offer several staff exclusion options as part of our footfall counting technology to provide more accurate counting data. Please refer to the options below,

  1. Using AI Tags
  2. Dwell Time Exclusion
  3. Staff Exclusion Wall Button
  4. Staff Exclusion Zone/Line
  5. Discreet Fabric Tags

 You can refer to our Staff Exclusion Methods video here. For more detailed information and pricing, please contact [email protected].

Will the counter data be easily hacked by accessing to Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi SSID from devices can be hide and changed centrally for all devices in the V8 Control panel and store managers cannot change it at the device level.

Please kindly refer to the link below for more detailed information on Password Management for Device Level.

Chapter 2: Setting up Account - FootfallCam

The Wi-Fi can be accessed only through Wi-Fi with WPA2 encryption. Device will not have access to the store's network even if the user connects to the device Wi-Fi with correct passcode. Furthermore, admin has the option to centrally disable the entire Wi-Fi analytic in V8 Control panel for all devices.

Can we have free shipping?

Effective from 1st January 2022, we will no longer offer the free delivery service for bulk purchases for purchases over 12 units.

Is the system able to omit the trolley count?

Yes, we are able to differentiate and omit the trolley count because the height of trolley is below 1.3 meters.

How to log into FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9?

To access the login page for Analytics Manager V9, please visit https://portal.footfallcam.com/Account/Login.

Enter your credentials (your email and password), and click on the login button. If the entered credentials are correct, you will be able to successfully log in to the Analytics Manager V9.

How to upgrade FootfallCam portal from FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8 to FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9

To upgrade your FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8 account to Analytics Manager V9 account, please go to https://portal.footfallcam.com/Account/Login and enter your V8 credentials to log in.

Once you have successfully logged in, the system will prompt you to upgrade to Analytics Manager V9, where you will be required to change your username to your email address for login purposes. While creating a new account, please ensure that you use a valid email address and refrain from using the same email for multiple accounts.

If you require further assistance, kindly send an email to [email protected].

Where is the FootfallCam data stored, and how can we access it?

The FootfallCam data is stored on the FootfallCam Cloud Server. To access the data, you need to log in to the FootfallCam Analytics Manager V9 portal using your registered email and password. Once logged in, you will be able to view the data and reports.

Is the counting done on the actual device or does the hardware send simple data to a server?

We have a mini-computer on the actual device itself which performs the visitor counting in real time. only the counting data is sent to the server.

Do you need a local machine to upload the data in the cloud or can the cameras load the data themselves?

Local machine is needed to upload the data, just a connection to your local network.

How can we upgrade to more features? Will we need additional cameras or equipment after the basic installation?

All features outlined (3D Video and WI-FI) will be included in the hardware package. If you would like to add in store analytics/ heatmapping then there will of course be a requirement for additional cameras to cover these areas.

Can the system integrate with our current POS system (We use Counterpoint)?

Yes, we do have API function that can integrate with your POS system. Users may refer to our API Documentation (Chapter 13: API Documentation- Data Export and Import - FootfallCam) for more detailed usage of API.

Can we adjust the heights of the people in the cameras?

The minimum couting height will be 1.3 meters by default, however, we can lower it down to 1.1 at request.

Can the platform scale if our locations doubled or tripled?

Yes, our software can handle up to 5000 stores per account.

Can the wifi network be hidden for wifi counting or will it always be visible?

The wifi counting can remain when the wifi network is hidden but we do not recommend doing this because it will cause difficulties for technical support in the future.

Do you have options for stores with a wide average entrance of 4 and 5 meters?

Yes, our counter has a very wide-angle coverage and in situations where the entrance is even wider, we can install 2 cameras to work in synergy.

Is it possible for emails to be sent from their email domain, such as automated emails sent to customers, if they use our server but have their branding on the software instead of using @footfallcam.com?

Branding on their software is possible, they can upload their logo on the top left corner but our trademark at the bottom of the page cannot be removed

Yes, they can set SMTP setting to use their own email service even if they are using our cloud solution, but only for issue tickets, we will send a notification with our own postmaster"

How many people counters are required for a typical retail store?

Typically, a single people counter can effectively cover a standard entrance width. For instance, when mounted at a height of 3.5m, our people counter has a coverage range of up to 5.25m in entrance width.

How do I connect up the people counter?

Connecting the people counter is a straightforward process. You simply need to run a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable from the people counter to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector located in your back office. The PoE injector, in turn, will be connected to your router. This setup enables both power supply and data transmission through a single cable, eliminating the need for additional power sources. Our installation guide provides detailed instructions to ensure a seamless connection setup.

We need to make sure we don't break any privacy law because we are on multiple islands. Are there other solutions?

Our solution counts anonymously and does not store any personal data, so is GDPR exempt in Europe.

How many cameras are needed per store?

For entrance counting, 1 camera per entrance. For heatmapping, this will depend on the size of the store and the ceiling height.

Privacy concerns

Many of our customers have had similar concerns over customer privacy. To ensure data protection we have designed our counters to be GDPR exempt.
FootfallCam does not collect, store, or use any personal data. Our system is designed by default to use only anonymised data.
Please see below on how we anonymise the data:
1. Video - FootfallCam does not use video images (which are 2D) to count. Instead, we use the 3D depth map generated from its stereoscopic lens to count with high accuracy. The 3D depth map is comprised of grey pixels and contains information relating to the distance of the surfaces of scene objects from a viewpoint. There are only two instances where low-resolution videos are used – the live view page for checking the camera angle and videos recorded for verification. The videos used here are designed to be at a very low resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. This low resolution is exempt from the GDPR because it is not possible to recognise an individual from it.

2. Wi-Fi Tracking - FootfallCam detects the MAC address of a Wi-Fi enabled device, but it immediately hashes the original MAC address with a one-way hashing algorithm (PBKDF2WithHmacSHA256), turning it into anonymised data straight away.

3. Risk of Anonymised Data Being Identified Is Remote - The one-way hashing algorithm that FootfallCam uses is irreversible. The only way to guess the original MAC address from its anonymised counterpart is to find a match by brute force. There are 281 trillion combinations of MAC addresses to try. Even if one knows the exact hashing algorithm and SALT key used, this will take 10-20 centuries to find a match. It is therefore reasonable to say that the possibility of identification is remote.

Additionally, to this we have designed various privacy modes. Please see the link below to see a short video displaying what the counter will see depending on the selected privacy mode: 

Do you support Microsoft Edge browser to access the cloud application? On your website this is not listed.

Yes, we support Microsoft Edge browser. However, best view with Google Chrome.

How will the support team be able to remote in for support?

The customer will need to provide remote access, so that the support team is able to remote support.

How will the equipment be kept secure?

The FootfallCam 3D Pro 2 will be installed on the ceiling where no one will be able to touch in without any obvious behaviour of vandalism.

Can this be customised for ESHT? If not, what is the current password policy?

Cannot customize. Current password policy Password must be at least 8 characters, should contain at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter, at least one number, and at least one of the following symbols: @$!%*?&#.

Is there any other staff exclusion method that doesn't require any additional accessories?

Yes, there are two more staff exclusion methods available that don't require any extra accessories:

  • Dwell time exclusion: Suitable for security personnel or any meet-and-greet staff who will be wandering around the entrance.
  • Counting line exclusion: Suitable for stores with wide entrances.

For more information, please contact our sales consultants at [email protected].

Which FootfallCam product can I use with these staff exclusion accessories?

All the staff exclusion accessories are compatible with FootfallCam 3D people counters, specifically FootfallCam 3D Pro2 and FootfallCam 5D Pro People Counter.

What is the ideal operating height for the staff exclusion accessories?

Each accessory may have their specific operating requirements, please refer to the Datasheet for more information,

How do I activate the staff exclusion function after my purchase?

The staff exclusion licensing can be activated upon the completion of device installation and accuracy tuning process.

Is there any limitations to consider before using Staff Exclusion function?

There are environmental constraints to consider that could limit the accuracy of staff detection:

  • Obstructed view of staff exclusion accessories from the device’s live view
  • Operating heights that are not ideal: Mounting heights that are either too low or too high can render the staff tag invisible to the device
  • Inadequate lighting conditions: Lighting that is either too dim or overly bright can also impede staff tag visibility and accuracy


I am ready to install the device and how can I get the support for the installation?

Please contact the FootfallCam Support Team to pre-book an installation support date. Please note that installation support must be pre-booked with us at least 48 hours in advance. The FootfallCam Support Team will standby to provide full installation support. If there is any urgent support, such as onsite installation assistance, please connect with FootfallCam Support Team through the FootfallCam Support Chat app.

How to set up and log into FootfallCam Support Chat App?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you in setting up an account.

How can we install the people counter if the installation site only has power supply available and no network or internet connection?

You can source a wireless router or broadband with a sim card slot that can insert a 4G mobile sim card to provide network and an internet connection to the counter. 

Please refer to the connectivity diagram below to have a better understanding.