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FootFallCam Since 2002

FootfallCam is a British company, started by a team of experienced engineers with the vision of creating the most advanced people counting system in the market. Through many years of research and development, FootfallCam has developed into a technologically sophisticated system with many world-first innovations.

Continual Innovation and Development

Our core values are our dedication to engineering excellence and to delivering business values to our customers. With a team of 50 innovative and dynamic individuals, we strive to improve our system in every aspect, both hardware and software, through thousands of research and development hours. We constantly survey the market, introduce new technologies and enhance functionalities, to help our customers getting further business insights and benefit most out of the system. Continuous development of the product allows FootfallCam to stay at the forefront in the people counting industry.

Business Intelligence Through Advanced Technology

Coupled with our innovative approach to product development, we have successfully developed our flagship product, FootfallCam 3D Max. It is currently the

  • Most accurate 3D counting technology
  • Most feature-rich Wi-Fi tracking, video counting, zone analytics
  • Most powerful hardware With quad-core 1GHz processor and built-in graphics card
  • Most comprehensive software suite 60+ reports, health check, user/counter hierarchy, integration

We are the first in the world that combine people counting and Wi-Fi analytics into a single device. We are committed to continually maintain our market leading position, bringing a great deal of strategic foresight that our customers require.

Global Reach. Customer Service.Leverage the Power of Data

We have worked with many companies in different industries across the world, from independent stores to multi-national retail chains, and from shopping malls to public venues and institutions. In order to translate technological excellence into real business values, we have worked closely with our customers and we will continue to do so.

Every customer is different and has different strategic goals. We assign designated engineer to work closely with each customer, helping them to understand the metrics, interpret and translate them into actionable insights. Our software suite is powerful and flexible. It allows us to customize our reports to meet each customer’s needs, turning it into a simple business intelligence tool for everyone from C-level executives to assistants at the store level.

Research & Development

We have combined over 100 years industry experiences in developing hardware and software of people counting solution. Having accumulated over 30, 000 research hours and evolved through many generations, we have created an aesthetic hardware and a powerful software platform.

Today, we have a team of over 50 engineers dedicated to the research and development of both hardware and software of FootfallCam. It has established itself as the global leader in people counting industry and it is our commitment to continuously invest and maintain our position in the industry.

people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Videos for Hardware & Software Development

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