Monitor the Occupancy in Real Time

Monitor the Occupancy in Real Time

Keeping track of the vehicle’s capacity, 3D Max Transport™ identify the current occupancy level in bus in real time, and sends alert once it is overcrowded on driver’s dashboard. Identify trends and patterns across different levels of bus.

Bus Passenger Information System

FootfallCam Bus Passenger Information System enables users to identify which vehicle is over-utilised and plan their journey. Reports allow operations team to plan allocation of passengers and bus schedules.

User will be able to plan their journey based on the information displayed, such as:

Occupancy level

ETA time

Current location

Nearby bus stop

Bus Passenger Information System

Bus Counting Application Diagram

Bus Counting Application Diagram

3D Max Transport™ utilise 3D stereoscopic vision to track the current occupancy level of each bus. This data is post processed to management reports that can be used for predictions planning in FootfallCam Analytics Manager v8. If the current occupancy level in the bus reaches a maximum threshold, it sends an alert to the bus driver. At the same time, the occupancy information is uploaded to the server and transferred to Bus ETA App so that passengers have the visibility of the occupancy level in upcoming buses, improving their traveling experience.

Key Metrics:

Current Occupancy

Average Hourly Occupancy

Average Daily Occupancy

Utilisation Rate (%)

No. of Wi-Fi User

How It Works

Smart Bus Diagram
Smart Bus Wiring Diagram