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Partnering with FootfallCam offers many benefits, including access to our knowledgeable support team and comprehensive marketing strategies. We're fully committed to being the sole provider of people counting technology in each region and will achieve this through a collaborative team approach. By joining forces with us, you'll have access to a team of experts, exclusive tech and resources, effective marketing tactics, improved incentives, and comprehensive support. Our ultimate goal is to help you unlock the full potential of your business and achieve great success together.

Breaking Growth Records: Our Winning Value Proposition and Partnerships Drove 69% Increase in 2021.

FootfallCam invests heavily in research and development, with hundreds of millions of dollars per year, to supply the market with reliable, secure, and innovative technology with uncompromising value. We believe the winning template for all businesses is to provide all of our partners with a competitive advantage out in the market.

FootfallCam People Counting System - Breaking Growth Records

FootfallCam Partner Program Advantage

As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to access:

Go-To-Market Plan

Collaborate with FootfallCam to define targets and access resources for success.

Marketing Strategy

Win more bids with a partner profile, AdWords campaign, outbound email strategy, and elevator pitch.

Initial Enquiries

Explore materials and tools like market planning, document sharing, and support resources through our partner portal.


Utilise FootfallCam's proposal template and receive support for system design, deployment, and technical helpdesk.

Project Deployment

Manage customer and installation projects, receive technical support, and optimise device performance with our support portal.

Support & Maintenance

Access recurring revenue streams through support contracts and receive technical helpdesk, field services, RMA handling, customer training, and a knowledge platform.

Partnerships that Drive Success, Together

Our partnership program at FootfallCam prioritises expertise, scale, and impactful benefits to simplify working together. To achieve success, become proficient in our technology, bring validated solutions to the market, drive sales, and grow quickly. We're here to help with insider access to our resources, support, and expert team.

Types of Partners

Authorised Resellers

Partner authorised to sell FootfallCam products and support end-users.

Technology Partners

Integrate our people counting solution with your systems via API and OEM agreements.


Leverage the consulting service for project planning, design, installation and ongoing supports.

Multi-Party Project Deployments

Collaborates with company and other partners for the project deliveries.

Field Service Contractors

Provides on-site installation, deployment, maintenance and callout services.


Stock up and distribute company products/services, supporting other local partners/customers.

Our Partners

Our success heavily relies on having exceptional partners in important regions, and our value proposition, which includes superior hardware, robust enterprise-grade software, a wide range of products, helpful services, and competitive pricing.

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“FootfallCam's partnership has enabled us to offer accurate people counting solutions and become a leading reseller in South Africa.”

A FootfallCam’s Partner in South Africa

FootfallCam People Counting System - Partner in South Africa

FootfallCam Wins National Portrait Gallery Bid: Enhancing Visitor Experience with People Counting Solutions.

FootfallCam, a leading provider of footfall counting technology, has recently won a prestigious bid to provide its services to the National Portrait Gallery.

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FootfallCam Unveils 11 New Features in a Webinar, Empowering Partners to Meet Market Demands & Boost Sales

Discover the latest enhancements to the 3D Pro2 people counter (2023 series) - the 11 new features. Our partners can leverage these improvements to better meet market demands and drive sales growth.

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FootfallCam Ecosystem: Discover The Global Network Delivering Superior Software and Services

Through our global network of resellers, system integrators, and other strategic local partners, FootfallCam delivers exceptional software and services to our customers worldwide.

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