RMA Terms and Conditions

This is a LEGAL AGREEMENT between customer (referred as “You”) and FootfallCam. The following are terms and conditions for FootfallCam Return Material Authorizations (RMA Terms) and incorporate the Warranty Terms and Conditions (Warranty Terms). In particular, any repair or replacement for FootfallCam product (referred as “Product”) is subject to RMA Terms and Warranty Terms.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Returns for repair or replacement are NOT applicable under the following conditions:
    1. Any artificial damage e.g. misuse, abuse or negligence
    2. Any other forms of damage including self-attempted repair or unauthorized alterations
    3. Modified software or, and any part of product’s hardware.
  • You MUST submit an RMA request on Footfallcam Analytics Manager V8™ to obtain an RMA number.
  • Product return will subject to inspection and evaluation by FootfallCam.
  • Product return MUST be packed in sturdy, hard-covered box and accompanied by documents needed. Refer to Packaging Requirements below.
  • You MUST bear the risks and shipping charges to FootfallCam. Refer to Shipping to FootfallCam below.
  • FootfallCam will bear the return shipping charges to customer. Refer to Return Shipping to Customer below.
  • You are responsible to save or backup data contained in the product return to respective server before return to FootfallCam.

Refund Policy

  • Refund for product ONLY applicable for cancellation of purchase before products are dispatched.
  • Refund for services ONLY applicable if the cancellation (e.g. installation, engineer callout) is made seven (7) days prior to the actual service day.
  • If the refund is approved, FootfallCam will issue refunds in the same payment method as purchaser’s original payment for the products.
  • For cash payment, FootfallCam will transfer the money to your bank account within 7-10 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY Product purchased directly from FootfallCam is refundable.

Update on FootfallCam Analytics Manager V8™

  • You MUST remove the counter from your site / branch in section Counter Management. Refer to User Guide section 6.2.
  • You MUST allocate the new counter at your site / branch in section Counter Management. Refer to User Guide section 6.2.

Packaging Requirements

  • Product return MUST be properly packaged in original box or hard-covered box with bubble wrapped to avoid external damage before or during transit.
  • Prepare documents needed (Commercial Invoice and Packing List) as attached in the Waiting for RMA Unit Return email.

Shipping to FootfallCam

  • You MUST bear the risks and shipping charges, including duties and taxes if applicable.
  • Shipping method with shipment tracking status is advisable.
  • Pay-On-Delivery is strictly NOT acceptable.
  • Follow the shipping address stated in the Waiting for RMA Unit Return email.

PLEASE NOTE: Commercial Invoice and Packing List MUST PASTED ON THE PARCEL.

Return Shipping to Customer

  • Original product will NOT be returned and replacement product is factory certified product.
  • Replacement product carries the greater of: original warranty balance or 30 days.
  • Delivery is during normal business hours to the address that is provided by customer.
  • Replacement product included FootfallCam 3D Plus with Wi-Fi Dongle and Screw Kits.
  • All data in the original product return will be lost.

Additional Information

People counter MUST have network access to integrate with cloud-based software for data storage purpose. Therefore, returns are NOT applicable under the following conditions if:

  • Advanced Firewall Setting blocks the port.
  • Customer’s company executes close network policy.
  • Installation site is having network issue.
  • Installation site has no network access.
  • Router has insufficient port for people counter.
  • Unplugged Wi-Fi Dongle of people counter.
  • Any other factors cause FootfallCam server unable to grab data.

Questions and Contact Information

For further inquiries, please contact us via [email protected]