FootfallCam Reseller Program

As one of the leading supplier of people counting solutions, FootfallCam is aiming to be the sole people counting supplier in each region. To achieve this, we take a team approach to winning business, working not only internally with our employees, but alongside our resellers throughout the entire business cycle. You can rely on our extensive support team, all of whom are knowledgeable professionals eager to assist you. Our mission is strengthen FootfallCam resellers and grow their businesses.

The FootfallCam dealer reseller program was developed for our resellers to have success and grow as steadily while adding value upon itself as their business grow up in the value chain. The program offers additional resources for resellers to promote business growth through knowledge, training, and marketing support. FootfallCam is committed to creating and growing business values for our resellers.

FootfallCam invests heavily in research and development, with hundreds of millions of dollars per year, to supply the market with reliable, secure, and innovative technology with uncompromising value. We believe the winning template for all businesses is to provide all of our resellers with a competitive advantage out in the market.

System Integrators

Accelerate solutions sales, system integrator is the preferred choice of partnership consultants and installers.

How will we help?

Fast delivery

Full support from FootfallCam

Volume pricing available

Marketing material available

Training material available

Floor plan design (Free)

Maintenance support (Free)

24/7 standby support for your onsite team (Free)

Contact us if you are bidding on projects, talk to our experienced engineer who can guide you step by step.

Authorised Reseller

We are actively recruiting companies who would like to add our solution to their portfolio.


Resources to do marketing and sales to fulfill the demand in the local market

What does it involves?

Provided with the entire sales and technical template

Offered volume pricing to earn higher margin.

Marketing training like website building, SEO optimising, Google Ads publishing

Sales and operation training like building outbound mailing lists and solutions offering

Technical training - Installation, integration, IT maintenance training

Performance evaluation - constantly review the marketing feedback and the product offering

Support from FootfallCam to You

As the leading supplier of people counter, FootfallCam can provide the full value chain and support for resellers. While we understand that not all resellers would have the resources to support their customers, we are here to support the area you are lacking in. Full suite of support services are available to all resellers at no cost; while guaranteeing quality and satisfaction to your customers.

Support from FootfallCam to You

All resellers will have access to FootfallCam standard templates in commercial aspect. You will be able to utilise the marketing materials and sales documentation used by FootfallCam representative. You may set up meetings and invite FootfallCam to join to understand the needs and requirements of the customer, all to optimise a solution to meet the customer’s demand. In the event of request for proposals, FootfallCam can draft the proposal in collaboration with you. Resellers with no commercial expertise may let FootfallCam handle the commercial aspect and earn margin based on the people counters sold to the customer.

The delivery of goods is imperative to provide a satisfactory experience for all customers. FootfallCam will ensure that goods are delivered quickly to meet project timeline. You may choose to deliver the goods to your customers from your own office, or from the headquarters of FootfallCam directly. With experience in dealing with custom regulations and custom clearance, FootfallCam can provide all necessary and relevant shipping documentations to minimise hassle and delays; so you can meet your project delivery deadline. With discounted bulk order and complimentary units, you can be sure that you will have adequate stock level to meet the demands of your customers.

FootfallCam can work as technical consultants for resellers that do not possess technical expertise. Any enquiries you receive from your customers can be directly forwarded to FootfallCam, FootfallCam can respond and assist the customer directly, reinforcing the credibility of your sales pitch. FootfallCam can also provide support for specific technical requests from clients in order to secure the customer. You will also have access to FootfallCam’s growing library of webinars and training materials. FootfallCam also conduct training regularly for all resellers to update on the latest features and developments, so you will be equipped to propose a suitable solution to your clients.

Each project roll out is unique, with experience in managing over 10,000 people counters globally, FootfallCam can collaborate with you in bringing the complete valued solution to your customer. FootfallCam can work alongside you to determine the most optimal location for a trial project, planning the project deployment, and reviewing the roll out afterwards. With a proposed plan drafted out, FootfallCam can work with you to present the proposal to the end client and clear any doubts your clients may have. All of these services is backed up by years and years of experience in dealing with large scale roll out to stores such as L’Occitane, A.S Watsons, Joules, and One Utama.

Prior to the scheduled installation, FootfallCam will guide you on how the installation process will go. Though each installation site is unique, FootfallCam experts will guide you on where to install the people counter in their environment, along with how many counters will be needed to fully cover the entrance. FootfallCam personnel will be on standby during the installation process to remotely assist with any and all issues encountered through calls and messages to solve all problems on the spot. For resellers with their own contractors, FootfallCam can work with the contractor and train the installer at no additional cost to ensure they have the full capacity to install the people counter.

Once the physical installation of the counter is completed, the people counter will be configured by FootfallCam verification specialists via remote login. FootfallCam will complete the accuracy configuration for each counter free of charge, to ensure that the device meet a minimum of 95% accuracy. Resellers that are not confident in the accuracy of the counter may opt to schedule video recordings to affirm the accuracy level of the people counter to compare the systematic count against manual counts of visitors. Additional configurations conducted by FootfallCam include customisations for heat map planning for in store analytics, queue counting calibrations, and customised reporting solutions.

The FootfallCam reseller portal provides a knowledge centre for all resellers to understand the functions and usage of the FootfallCam Analytic Manager. All resellers may access the reseller portal for training guides on how to support their customers and how to troubleshoot common issues. FootfallCam can also provide software support in place of the reseller, you can forward all software support enquiries to FootfallCam and our team of engineers can assist the customer directly. If you would like to support your own clients, training are provided so you will be able to deliver the full solution service to your clients.

Successful Reseller’s Stories


Channel integrity

We will never compete with resellers. We are committed to driving business by forwarding sales lead to resellers.

Innovative leadership

FootfallCam is the market leader in people counting technology, business enablement, and system designs.

Network of opportunities

resellers will have access to the industry’s largest knowledge database of hardware and software solutions.

Professional certification

We continually update our reseller portal with the latest development features and marketing materials.

Loyalty program

FootfallCam offers all resellers with discounted pricing based on volume purchases, and promotional units.

Global recognition

By partnering with FootfallCam, you are connected to a global organisation with a strong reputation in the market.

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