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In this competitive retail industry, business managers do not know how to increase their profit margins, or at least they do not have sufficient data to justify their plans. The key to increase profit margins is to optimise all of your resources and generate as much opportunities as you can. With just an increase of a percent or two of sales conversion from visitors to customers, it can lead to increment of thousands of sales volume. FootfallCam has been providing meaningful analytics that helped even large retail chains suchs as Watsons, L’Occitane and Bonmarché to boost their sales conversion rate and increase traffic flow.

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How Retailers Use Footfall Data?

Sales Conversion

The revenue generated from your store does not accurately reflect the stores’ performance. To have a more accurate insight of the performance, its best to look at the ratio of traffic count to number of sales. Then, you will be able to tell that the stores that serves their customer better will have higher conversion than those that don’t, regardless whether their number of sales is higher or lower. Common questions asked by C-level executives of retail chains and answered by the sales conversion report are:

  1. What are my missed opportunity?
  2. Which is the best performing store?
  3. Which store have the highest traffic but underperforms?

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Marketing Effectiveness

With FootfallCam Analytics, you’ll be able to evaluate and quantify the impact of marketing campaign more specifically based on store footfall, number of new customers created, visit frequency of customers, and sales conversion rate. Using the marketing effectiveness report, users will be able to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign from three different time frames, being able to have quantifiable performance and effectively allocate budget on each campaign with expectation management. Executives use this report to answer the follow:

  1. Was my advertisement enticing to attract passers-by in my area to my store?
  2. Was there return on investment from the campaign that was held based on sales?
  3. Did my campaign have a lasting impact and boost my brand image post campaign?

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Staff Planning

Staff optimisation allows users to forecast the gains and loss of operating at different hours and determine whether to extend or shorten operating hours. FootfallCam users will be able to optimise the practices of daily operations by identifying the best operating hours to maximise sales opportunity, allocate the right number of staff to serve the incoming traffic, and provide better services to customers. Store level managers utilise the staff planning report by answering the following questions:

  1. Do I have a shortage of staff personnel on the sales floor during peak hours?
  2. Are my human resources allocated efficiently during non-peak hours?
  3. How many staff should I allocate on upcoming holidays to serve my customers?

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Accuracy Audit with Video Proof

FootfallCam is able to provide a justification on the accuracy level of each counter. Our team will perform auditing on each and every installed counter, by recording a short video and compare the difference between the system count and actual manual counter.


We are able to handle worldwide installation by working your contractor to ensure the installation is smooth. We will provide sufficient training to your installer and ensure that every unit is mounted at its correct and optimal position. FootfallCam will support your contractor also during their site visit, this is to make sure every unit is connected to the network and up and running before the engineer leaves the store.

IT Support

Our IT consultants will listen to your requirements and work with your IT Team to provide world-class service. Some of the service are :

  • Sales Data Integration
  • Data Export via API
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance
  • Counter Offline and Monitoring
Project Management

FootfallCam will Project Manage your entire rollout, the key served includes :

  • Provide timely Installation Progress Update
  • Data Availability
  • Data Issue Alert
  • Counter Configurations on Software
  • Handover Deliverables

Retail Enterprise Suite

Door Counter

3D video counter

Count visitor in and out to the shop

Retail specific metrics: outside traffic, turn in rate, visit duration, returning customer and cross shopping rate

Easily plug and play

One cable installation

Accuracy certified

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Software Suite

35+ ready made reports designed for Retail Chains

Integrate with EPOS to obtain sales conversion figures

Integrate with Staff Management Software, for staff planning

System Health Check Report

Account access control

Analytics workspace

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How to buy from us?

FootfallCam work with a global network of reseller to offer local services to our customers, as well as support from us. We are more than happy to work with appointed contractors from retailers and guiding you on the dimensioning and commissioning of the system, and supporting your installation of the system.

Appointing your own contractor

End users can appoint their own contractor to deal with FootfallCam directly. FootfallCam can work alongside the contractor in designing and planning the installations, and supporting the installation remotely.

How to buy from us?

Buying from FootfallCam Authorised Reseller

End users may also purchase directly from FootfallCam authorised reseller for local support, alternatively you may contact FootfallCam directly and we will forward you to one of our trusted reseller in your area.

How to buy from us?

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