FootfallCam for Individual Stores

Empowering Small Retailers

Small Retailers has many advantages such as agile, being close to customers, specialised in local need, narrow market focus and etc. However, small scale business still faced a huge challenges by having less bargaining power with suppliers and doesn't have specialist tools that the big boys have such as ePos, CRM system, and people counting system.

People Counting Solution for Small Retailers

Affordable Price

Small retailers are an integral part of the retail industries. Footfallcam is committed to support all small business by offering a full function people counting system (both hardware and software) at an affordable price.

Full Functionalities
10x Reports designed for individual store and a deeper understanding of your visitor with footfall trendline with the following metrics:
Visitor Count - Measure the number of people enter your store. Able to measure in hourly, daily and weekly trend
Outside Traffic - Visualise how many people passed by your store. This allow the retailer to grab the business opportunity, for example distribute flyer at the most peak hour time, or make operation decision like store opening and closing time based on the outside traffic of your store.
Visit Duration -Measure how long your customer tend to stay in your shop. Retailer is able to measure the customer engagement or efficiency of store staff serving the customer by the figure of how long they stayed.
Returning Customer - Understand your customer visit behavior by measure the frequent visitor and new visitor to make an adaptable valuable marketing decision
Easy to Install

Designed to install buy your own personnel or our authorised reseller can organised an installation specialist for you. Plug-and-play device with only one cable installation connect to your router. Everyone can install without technical knowledge required.

Full Support

Full technical support via email with no maintenance contract required.

Report Gallery

Small Business Suite

Door Counter

3D video counter

Count visitor in and out to the shop

Retail specific metrics: outside traffic, turn in rate, visit duration, returning customer

Easily plug and play

One cable installation

Accuracy certified

Full technical support

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Software Suite

10+ ready made reports designed for Small business

Integrate with EPOS to obtain sales conversion figures

System Health Check Report

Account access control

Analytics workspace

Lifetime Software License

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Deployment and Implementation

Individual Store, Deployment, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

Install at the door entrance. Once installed, it would run itself with full analysis with no maintenance cost

Plug and Play

No training required

No software installation required

Access data through online account

No monthly fee

Import Data, people counting, people counter, footfall counter

All traffics analytics in one counter at a price that every small shop can afford

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