FootfallCam for Retail Chains

Retail Intelligence at your fingertips

People Counting System helps retailers to provide consistent services across all of their stores. It also helps retailer to gain actionable insights into the customer behaviours.

People counting solution for Retail Chain

Sales Conversion

Sales figures alone don’t tell the full story. By looking at the ratio of traffic to sales, retailers can fairly and accurately compare stores with low volume to stores with high volume. Stores that serve the customer well will have higher conversion than those that don’t.

Store Operations

Merchandising uses traffic and dwell time analytics to measure the performance of displays and end caps. Knowing how many people entered into the store, how many people passed by the store, how long they stayed and are they a frequent visitor are all vital analytics for understanding and improving store operations.


Marketing uses traffic analytics to measure the performance of campaigns and advertising.

Staff Planning

Operations can use traffic analytics to plan staffing for the store. Having more data to drive decision about labor allocation in the store can help maximize sales conversion and minimize labor costs.

Report Gallery

Multinational Deployment

Using our network of resellers, Footfallcam helped retail chain to deploy footfall counters in multiple countries

Onsite Field Support

Footfallcam can optionally provide maintenance contract which included site visit, telephone technical support and extended hardware warranty

Flexible Payment Terms

One off payment or monthly payment over multiple years are available

IT System Support

Our in-house IT expert can help you to set up, customise and migrate datas

Retail Enterprise Suite

Door Counter

3D video counter

Count visitor in and out to the shop

Retail specific metrics: outside traffic, turn in rate, visit duration, returning customer and cross shopping rate

Easily plug and play

One cable installation

Accuracy certified

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Software Suite

35+ ready made reports designed for Retail Chains

Integrate with EPOS to obtain sales conversion figures

Integrate with Staff Management Software, for staff planning

System Health Check Report

Account access control

Analytics workspace

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Deployment and Implementation

Single Entrance

Only one counter required for a singledoor, installed perpendicular down on the ceiling

Wide Entrance

Two counters is required to cover full width. Counting data in the report portal will be combined and would avoid duplicate count of the visitor with the same mac address.

Multiple Entrances

One counter is required for each entrance to accurately count number of visitor in the store. Counting data in the report portal will be combined and would avoid duplicate count of the visitor with the same mac address.

Pilot Project

If you’re still unsure about installing your own system, whether you operate a single location or a worldwide network, FootfallCam can work with your local reseller to start a pilot study so you can build your confidence with our technology and see the benefits for yourself.

We can show you a working example of a people counting system, demonstrating what can be achieved and giving you a real-time showcase of the possibilities.

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